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Simply Sensational Truffles, by Kraft's Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Originally saved this truffle candy recipe from the inside of a Philadelphia Cream Cheese box, but it is now readily available at Kraft’s site: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/simply-sensational-truffles-107529.aspx# 279 more words



When I write about an issue that I feel particularly strongly about, my natural inclination is to use words as rocks that I would hurl at the imaginary glass pane between myself and the reader and render it into shards. 755 more words

South Africa

The running man

Hi again! Now, for some reason my camera is full of people running along the beach while the sunset is slowly disappearing in the background. Weird, you say? 95 more words


The More the Merrier

Things that come in pairs….


Animals on the ark.



My babies.

How bout that we are expecting twin girls!

This past fall we shared with our families that we were starting IVF  since the traditional way of getting pregnant was proving ineffective. 398 more words


Pecan Shortbread Biscotti

The word “biscotti” literally means twice baked in Italian.  The fact that we are baking something twice might make this recipe sound complicated, but it’s really not!   369 more words

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A Bit of Romance


In my room. On Tinder. A match! Jackie. Her photos look as though they were taken by a professional backstage at some glamorous event. A beautiful face framed by a huge afro. 832 more words

42/366 Where Everyday is Christmas

A friend and I went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant  for lunch today. I love this place-the food is terrific, the owner and help are wonderful and they definitely move to a different beat. 45 more words