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Christmas with Kefka

Here’s a Final Fantasy VI secret for all you gamers out there.

It turns out that if you fight Kefka on Christmas Eve, you get the soundtrack of the above Youtube clip as the special, seasonal boss music. 474 more words



Day 9: Hidden Valley, Laguna. 12.27.15

Today’s adventure features one I have never done before. We went to another roadtrip to the hot springs of Laguna! 531 more words


excerpt from Love Lost, Love Found

    Dane dreamed he was kissing Sayer, body warm against his and mouth soft and pliable. He woke to his alarm beeping. Reluctantly, he threw back the covers and got out of bed, wishing he could go back to the dream, which seemed so real, he could still feel the phantom of Sayer’s lips on his. 573 more words

Change & Looking Forward

So. There’s a lot to talk about since last blog. I wrote a string of them around New Year, and then went absent. I’ve considered writing one a lot recently but haven’t really been bothered until now. 907 more words

A Toast To The Little Things In Life...

Dearest Readers:

I suppose today is a day to reminisce, in hopes I might convince myself it is time to break away from social media, interruptions, along with the intense doubts I have about the ability to write. 1,916 more words

Recipe: Cranberry Brie Bites

This past Christmas, I hosted what I dubbed “Gourmet Christmas 2k15.” (It could’ve alternately been titled “Every Pinterest Recipe Ever Involving Pecans, Cranberries, or Orange Zest.”) Let me tell you, it was such a success that already I’m planning for “Gourmet Christmas 2k16.” Only, to be quite honest, everyone loved Gourmet Christmas 2k15 so much that I think I can now call it “The Gourmet Christmas,” and they’ll all immediately know what I’m talking about / have flashbacks to the deliciousness of the inaugural event. 1,001 more words

Brie Bites