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"Worth" A Thought

An ethical challenge for all, but particularly to the Christian. The theological premise is that Jesus came for judgment; as in taking it away. See whether or not that view explains for you in a new way why Christ treated others the way he did. 411 more words


A Response to “Unsettled Christianity” and “with Bishops abandoning the Discipline, are we a church?”

Please read the above article here before reading my response. Thanks!!

Joel Watts, once more you have given us a well written, concise article. You have given me much to think about and I believe, with a lot of hope and prayer, that we share more common ground than we do disagreements. 743 more words

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Ascended on High! (2)

This is that festival which confirms the grace of all the festivals together, without which the profitableness of every festival would have perished. For unless the Savior had ascended into heaven, His nativity would have come to nothing… and His passion would have borne no fruit for us, and His most holy Resurrection would have been useless.



When Religious Pluralism gets Silly

Interfaith Dialogue is a bizarre phenomenon; I never know exactly what the point is. Is it just to find one what various traditions agree on? If so what’s the point? 1,471 more words



Part three of a series on reasons to care for creation.

Since early childhood I have had a particular fascination with the cat family, or Felidae. 689 more words


Picture Jesus: What do you see?

When I close my eyes and focus on Jesus, my mind often reveals the Christ Pantocrator icon at St. Catherine’s monastery. I encourage anyone who has never seen the icon to take a closer look at the image that I provided here. 706 more words

Ascended on High! (1)

The ascended Christ is pictured in the epistles of the New Testament as constantly praying for the world. Christ by his ascension has not withdrawn from involvement in our experiences, but he has discarded the limitations of human existence. 39 more words