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Missions Verses for "Come Thou Fount"

Come, Messiah, King of glory,
Tune this world to sing Thy praise.
Ancient mercies, new each morning,
Call all nations to Thy grace.
May each culture and each language… 76 more words

Dostoevsky, Suicide & Supernal Conscious-ness as 'Grounding' Fabric

It became clear to me that life and the world, as it were, depended upon me. I might even say that the world had existed for me alone. 564 more words

Biblical Criticism

Great Condescension

“Why did the divine being descend to such humiliation? Our faith staggers at the thought that God, the infinite, inconceivable and ineffable reality, who transcends all glory and majesty, should be clothed with the defiled nature of man, so that his sublime activities are based through being United with what is so degraded.”

~ Gregory of Nyssa

J.C. Ryle on Christ in the Psalms

“We have probably little idea how much deep truth is contained in the book of Psalms. No part of the Bible perhaps is better known in the letter, and none so little understood in the spirit. 159 more words

The Bible


Christ, having a complete human nature, experienced human emotions. He marveled at the faith of a centurion (Mt 8:10), He exhibited zeal in cleansing the Temple (Jn 2:17), He wept over Jerusalem (Lk 19:41) and over the death of Lazarus (Jn 11:35), He rejoiced when His disciples grew in faith (Jn 11:15) and when they returned from a successful mission (Lk 10:21), He felt agonizing sorrow in Gethsemane as He contemplated His impending death (Mt 26:38), and He felt abandoned on the Cross (Mt 27:46). 112 more words


The world needs a Trinitarian hope

As a Postmillennial, my hope is not entirely on what will be, but also in what was and is. My hope is not only rooted in the return of Christ but also in the resurrection and ruling of Christ as King of the world now through the spirit of God, working in the people of God to accomplish what Adam and Israel could not. 587 more words