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Does the system of Reformed Theology lead to Apollinarianism?

A problem with a form of Protestant Reformed theology that understands the condition of humanity post-fall as being so utterly corrupted in our thinking that we cannot fathom how reality was perceived for Adam pre-fall is that it is a manifestation of Apollinarianism. 503 more words

God Was In Christ: Karl Barth on the Significance of God's Being in his Act of Reconciliation

While explaining, in a recent post, why T.F. Torrance considered the traditional Calvinist doctrine of limited atonement to involve an implicit heretical Christology (Nestorianism, to be precise), I touched on the critical importance of Scripture’s affirmation that “God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself” (2 Cor. 1,649 more words

Reformed Theology

Apollonarianism: The First Christology

I am reading through the Russian Orthodox theologian Sergius Bulgakov’s seminal work The Lamb of God. And I decided that I would (try to, at least) blog through this work.  1,419 more words


The Cross

Above the hills of time the cross is gleaming,
Fair as the sun when night has turned to day;
And from it love’s pure light is richly streaming, 124 more words


Last Words

On an American news program earlier this week, I listened to a chaplain at a hospice speak about ‘Last Words.’ In conversations with strangers, family and friends she related the questions which arise about the ‘last words’ spoken by those who are dieing. 602 more words

2 Timothy

Jesus, Humanity, and the Trinity // Kathryn Tanner.

The year just started but I am bold enough to say that this particular book will be one of the best reads of my 2017. 187 more words

Book Review

Is John 1:1 Referring To Christ As The "Word"?

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1
St. John begins his Gospel with a theological formulation pointing to the identity and nature of the “Word”. 419 more words