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Tulip Fever 『チューリップ・フィーバー(原題)』オフィシャルUSトレイラー





Inglourious Basterds Review

Over the years he has been active, Quentin Tarantino has carved quite a niche for himself among the cinematic audience. These group of Tarantino lovers are unperturbed by the unbridled amount of gore or profanity in his movies, instead they seem to enjoy it like he does. 789 more words

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The Legend of Tarzan (2016)

2017 #56
David Yates | 110 mins | streaming (HD) | 2.35:1 | UK, USA & Canada / English* | 12 / PG-13

Reviving or continuing well-known IPs as action-packed summer extravaganzas is the order of the day in modern blockbuster cinema — witness the likes of the… 851 more words


Festival de Cannes 70: Christoph Waltz, 2009

A sunny shout-out to 70 winners at the Cannes Film Festival to celebrate the 70th event which is just around the corner – in no particular order. 174 more words


Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)

If Horrible Bosses didn’t offend you the first time around, fear not – there’s so much more in store. When we last left our sad sack employees Nick (Jason Bateman), Kurt (Jason Sudeikis), and Dale (Charlie Day), they had just claimed victory over their decidedly horrible bosses, sadists and criminals all. 611 more words

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Big Eyes (2014)

A good bio-pic tells more than just the story of an interesting person. It portrays them in the broader context of their era in ways that offer insight into human nature. 602 more words


Big Eyes (2014)

Big Eyes (2014)

written by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski

directed by Tim Burton

Rating: Good

Big Eyes is one of those rare anomalies in Tim Burton’s filmography: It doesn’t feature comic book characters (1989’s… 245 more words