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Trampoline Gymnastics: The Elements That Make A Difference

Faster, higher, stronger, but especially higher: The Olympic motto is particularly applicable in Trampoline Gymnastics, where athletes soar up to eight meters in the air while executing jaw-dropping aerial acrobatics. 576 more words


Luc Besson Q&A: His Wildly Ambitious 'Valerian' & Why EuropaCorp's RED Launch Isn't Harmed By Relativity Woes

EXCLUSIVE: Luc Besson has long held a comfortable identity as France’s answer to Spielberg, an idea generator who hatches commercial hits. From Paris, he and EuropaCorp partner Christophe Lambert built a powerhouse company on Besson’s imagination that has fueled a long string of moderately budgeted Euro-flavored thrillers that do big global business. 3,215 more words


EuropaCorp Seeing Red; Bolsters Film Slate, Ups Lisa Ellzey To Film Prexy

EXCLUSIVE: As EuropaCorp’s Luc Besson and Christophe Lambert keep building toward the opening of their Red distribution pipeline, they’ve added a new film to the slate and promoted Lisa Ellzey to be president of their U.S. 345 more words


White Material

Elliptical, convulsive, poetic, and mournful, White Material is a haunting, poignant study of well-intentioned folly, embodied by a doomed heroine whose bravery renders her blind to the world that is crumbling around her. 487 more words


Luc Besson Has Some Words For The Haters Of Bad Science In 'Lucy' (And Three Clips)

Lucy hits theaters today, starring Scarlett Johansson as the titular Lucy, a regular woman who is unwittingly used as a drug mule then develops superpowers when the experimental drugs leak into her system. 800 more words


Scarlett Johansson Steals Cars And Walks Through Explosions In Two 'Lucy' Clips

We’re finally starting to get more footage from Luc Besson’s Lucy, starring Scarlett Johansson as the titular Lucy, dealing with newly-acquired superpowers when a bag of experimental drugs breaks in her stomach. 205 more words


OFFICIAL Sophie Marceau and Christophe Lambert separate "A friendly separation"

Sophie Marceau and Christophe Lambert, it’s over. The two movie stars have announced the end of their love story on Friday.They were one of the most famous couples of France, but now Sophie Marceau and Christophe Lambert are no longer together. 11 more words