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The Formula for CX Success

Before we start, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but there is no silver bullet or magic CX pill which will transform a business overnight from having a poor customer experience to a great one. 426 more words


Cult Movie Essentials: Space Is The Place (1974)

Just before we move into the film it is important to establish that Sun Ra was a real person. He was born Herman Poole Blount in Birmingham, Alabama on May 22nd 1914. 375 more words


Money Transfers should be easy right?

You might think there is nothing more commoditised than transferring money internationally.

It’s as easy as 1) You want to send money 2) You send it 3) It’s received. 992 more words


Beware of the vanity trap of customer experience - part 1

I’ve always felt the Greek tragedy of Narcissus would make an excellent addition to the national curriculum. I think the story of the hunter known for his beauty who was trapped into worshipping his own reflection in the river until he died, would be a helpful reminder to those making choices based on looks rather than learning.  795 more words


Breaking News!!: Needles, CA: Miranda’s Car Wash is reopening on Tuesday.

Breaking News!!: Needles, CA: Miranda’s Car Wash is reopening on Tuesday.

ZachNews has been informed that the Miranda’s Car Wash, located at 1644 Needles Highway in Needles, California, will be reopening the business at 8:00am PT on Tuesday, January 19th, 2016. 91 more words

3 in 1 Brand Experience - Lego Hotel

Few brands own a shape as well as Lego. The coloured brick has become synonymous with Lego, and vice versa. I have been familiar with its association with play, from my own childhood through to the present where we have a healthy deposit in the children’s toy room, plus it often makes an entry during customer journey mapping and value proposition workshops for Lexden. 530 more words


Driving Cultural Change to Improve CX Performance

The Financial Services Forum recognise the growing importance of customer experience for financial services companies. So we were delighted to speak earlier in the year on the topic of branded customer experience. 210 more words