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Das Eiserne Königreich

Wie bereits vor kurzem angekündigt folgt hier ein Text zu Christopher Clarks Buch über die preußische Geschichte. Es ist das Buch, mit dem Clark einer größeren Öffentlichkeit in Deutschland bekannt wurde, ehe er mit seiner großen Studie zum Ausbruch des 1. 2,948 more words


Christopher Clark impressionist painting with light class

I enjoyed this class. I learned a lot, had fun, & didn’t spend a lot of time. I enrolled in another one of his classes. 6 more words

Oil Painting

Annika Mombauer, Die Julikrise. Europas Weg in den Ersten Weltkrieg (München: C. H. Beck, 2015).

von Riccardo Altieri

Seit „Die Julikrise“ von Annika Mombauer (Senior Lecturer an der Open University in Milton Keynes, UK) im Jahr 2014 erschien, wurde eine stattliche Anzahl an Rezensionen… 1,307 more words

Neueste Geschichte

The great powers slid into WWI. Martin van Creveld asks if we might do so again.

Summary:  Talk of another Cold War fills our news, with some forecasting a hot war with Russia — perhaps even WWIII. Today Martin van Creveld looks at the last great power rivalry that drifted into war, and explains why it’s not likely to happen again.  1,807 more words


Paul Krugman: That 1914 Feeling

New York Times — U.S. officials are generally cautious about intervening in European policy debates. The European Union is, after all, an economic superpower in its own right — far too big and rich for America to have much direct influence — led by sophisticated people who should be able to manage their own affairs. 105 more words


Don't call your loved one SUGAR

Christopher Clark makes a strong case as to why people should not call their significant other using words like “Sugar”, “Honey”, Cupcake” or “Sweetie”.  These terms of endearment are partly to be blamed for the sickness epidemic we are experiences over the past 50 to 60 years.  Fascinating talk.   Watch and Share.

TUYS Forum

The Sleepwalkers; how Europe went to war in 1914 by Christopher Clark

This is a complex and highly detailed account of the events leading to the outbreak of the First World War. As we approach the centenary of this event, it is a timely book, and I hope that the popular accounts of the events of 1914 that we are going to see in the next twelve months base their analysis in a large part on this book. 687 more words