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There are other ways of establishing authority

Trump = Hitler? Nah.

Trump = Kaiser Wilhelm II? Hmmm. . . .


From Christopher Clark, The Sleepwalkers:

Like Nicholas II, Wilhelm frequently—especially in the early years of his reign—bypassed his responsible ministers by consulting with ‘favourites’, encouraged factional strife in order to undermine the unity of government, and expounded views that had not been cleared with the relevant ministers or were at odds with prevailing policy.

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Nane tsoxa - I've no skirt

The French group “Bratsch” has played quite a few Romani songs during decades. Soon, next December they will give up performance.
I want to share a favourite old standard of our traditional folk music as a memory of them and a farewell to them: … 548 more words


Review: Sleepwalkers by Christopher Clark

I read this because it’s coming up on the anniversary of the First World War, and I wanted to know how it all got started. 50 more words


Die Nicht-Schlafwandler

Vor längerer Zeit hatte ich angekündigt, dass ich mich mit dem stark diskutierten Buch „Die Schlafwandler“ von Christopher Clark befassen wollte. In der Tat hat es etwas länger gedauert, die Diskussion in der Fachwelt scheint sich etwas beruhigt zu haben und das große Augenmerk auf den Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkriegs hat sich auf andere historische Jahrestage verlagert. 5,391 more words


Millennium Falcon in Hyperspace by Christopher Clark

Millennium Falcon in Hyperspace” is an officially licenced artwork by American Artist Christopher Clark. This painting really gives the sensation of speed and i love the lighting on the Hyperspace effect, something i imagine would be difficult to pull off. 243 more words

Things That I Don't Have Yet...

Thursday, 6/23/16

Daily Fishing News:
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Surf Fishing Report:
A few Sea Mullet and Croakers were caught up and down the beaches. 136 more words

Fishing Reports

June, 6/20/16

Daily Fishing News:
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Surf Fishing Report:
Rough surf kept the fishing at a standstill this weekend.  A few people fishing further south did catch. 133 more words

Fishing Reports