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Co-creation Or How We Prevented World War I

The myth by Christopher Clark that England “sleepwalked” into WW I [1] is put to rest by Helmut Roewer, who has analyzed the pre-war diaries and letters of war instigators Herbert Asquith and Lloyd George (PM and FinMin in 1914) [2]. 202 more words


"Everything Tends Toward Catastrophe and Collapse..." The Trumpian World Order

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

On the night of July 28th 1914, as Europe slipped into the embrace of war, Winston Churchill, in one of his less statesmanlike moments wrote his wife: “Everything tends towards catastrophe, & collapse… I am interested, geared-up and happy.” 920 more words


ALUMNI FOCUS: Alisa, Christopher, Jen, Missy, & Lauren

Alisa Bishop Bradley

Alisa says, “If you’re into anime, specifically of the Trigger variety, I contributed to a fanzine! I illustrated two characters from Little Witch Academia, one of my favorites.” 229 more words


Iron Kingdom by Christopher Clark

I picked this up from my local library recently for a holiday to Berlin.  As it turns out, there’s maybe not a whole lot of relevancy for such a city break – Berlin has been so rebuilt from the time of old Prussia in both physical form and outlook; and, in any case, the history of Prussia was always dominated by the fringes.   217 more words

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