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Was the Accelerating European Arms Race Responsible for the Outbreak of the First World War?

The European arms races which characterised military life after the turn of the century could certainly be stated to have increased tension, fed into a culture of militarisation, and provided impetus for the increasingly aggressive actions of national governments in the run up for the war. 980 more words

International Affairs

Some books I took time for in the 2nd half of 2015

Douglas Coupland: Generation A (parts)

Christopher Clark: The Sleepwalkers (parts)

Jacques Rivière: L’Allemand

Wolfgang Leonhard: Die Revolution entlässt ihre Kinder

Jean de La Fontaine: Fables choisies

Arthur Kroker: Spasm (parts)


Did the System of European Alliances Cause the First World War?

The tangled web of European agreements and alliances has proven a permanent feature of the literature which has sprung up around debating the causes of the First World War. 1,093 more words

International Affairs

What Are a Historian’s Most Important Skills?

The purpose of history (at least according to Leopold von Ranke) is ‘to show how things actually were’. There is much debate about the exact meaning of this phrase – does it provide a warrant only for literalism and the stating of fact, or does it give license, for example, for historians to write about how the past was in essence? 1,055 more words


The Sleepwalkers

Six down, 24,994 to go.

That, way back in 1991, was the number of articles and books on the origins of World War One. As Christopher Clark says, there is no way even an omnilingual historian can read all the secondary works on the subject. 1,128 more words

Book Review

Stealing Other People's Homework: Just Drop the Last Chapter

Since I’m in the middle of reading Christopher Clark’s thick The Sleepwalkers, you again don’t get anything new.

However, rather than give you another retro review, you get somebody else’s look at three new books on… 12 more words

Stealing Other People's Homework

Das Eiserne Königreich

Wie bereits vor kurzem angekündigt folgt hier ein Text zu Christopher Clarks Buch über die preußische Geschichte. Es ist das Buch, mit dem Clark einer größeren Öffentlichkeit in Deutschland bekannt wurde, ehe er mit seiner großen Studie zum Ausbruch des 1. 2,948 more words