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Chaos Continued

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” — Christopher Columbus

I mourn another man.  I know I let Ford (don’t fret, I’ve given him a pseudonym) down and I do feel sad.  

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May 3rd in history:

May 3rd, 1494, was the day Christopher Columbus sighted Jamaica for the first time.

The tallest building you can see in Chicago… 114 more words

Today In History

Mermaid Sightings Over the Years

I had stumbled across a website called The Epoch Times they have a list of 10 mermaid sightings with the first one being the most recent and the longest ago was the sailing of the world Christopher Columbus here is exactly what The Epoch Times had found found on Mermaids: 1,264 more words


April 27@Job 33-34

Job 33-34 (NLT) 

Discover His heart: Whether instructing or disciplining, He always does what’s best for us

The early earth dwellers believed the world was flat. 603 more words

Daily Devotions

Critique of Keith Ellis’ “Decolonizing the Discovery”

Keith Ellis in the essay named “Decolonizing the Discovery” discussed the development of appreciation for the indigenous peoples of the Western hemisphere and the need for a full assessment of Columbus’ so called ‘Discovery of the New World’. 1,264 more words

. Laurence Laughlin

Startling Poetry: Voyage

Voyage by Carmen Tafolla

I was the fourth ship.

          Behind Niña, Pinta, Santa María,

          Lost at sea while watching a seagull,

          Following the wind and sunset skies, 65 more words


The Record-Setting Row2Rio Team: Following in the Footsteps (Sea legs?) of Christopher Columbus

Two men and two women are currently rowing their way from Portugal to Brazil. Susannah Cass, Jake Heath, Mel Parker and Luke Richmond have been rowing over six-weeks to shine the spotlight on the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, as well as raise funds to fight cancer. 684 more words