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There is more going on in the world than we see. We all know that. But we struggle to accept that. Think about that, we struggle to accept what we know. 898 more words

Life's Lessons

Chillies Arrive in the Land of Pepper

COLUMBUS FIRST encountered the chilli in 1492. Less than 20 years after its discovery in America, the frisson of chillies spread from one Indian kitchen to the next like hot gossip. 652 more words

Time to Confess Crimes Against Indigenous Peoples

In response to my urging white people to publicly share the slogan, “Black Lives Matter,” my friend Julie challenged me to also focus on the wrongs done to native, or indigenous, people in this country. 747 more words

Peace & Justice

Catedral de Sevilla

The Cathedral of Sevilla is massive. Third largest church in the world and the largest of all cathedrals, the feeling of the space is nearly impossible to capture in a photograph. 167 more words

Spain 2015

Goon Squad: A belated review of The Goonies

It took me a while, and a lot of encouragement from my girlfriend and Mum, but I finally watched The Goonies. It’s always been one of those films on my list that I just had to watch, now after all these years, I’ve nailed it down. 215 more words

¡Hola, América Latina!

Latin America – beautiful and lovely ….. Latin America – ancient and mysterious ….. Latin America – exotic and passionate ….. Was this description enough?! ….. 522 more words

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