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Let's Continue to Celebrate Columbus

Let’s Continue to Celebrate Columbus
by JBS President Emeritus John F. McManus

More than 50 of our nation’s local governments cancelled Columbus Day celebrations. This is obviously part of the ongoing war against our nation’s culture, an insult directed at the memory of Christopher Columbus that strongly indicates which side is winning this war. 618 more words

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The Devil's Triangle

                                        The Bermuda Triangle, (aka ‘Devil’s Triangle‘, ‘Hodoo Sea‘, ‘Limbo of the Lost‘ and other headline-friendly monikers) is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean… 489 more words

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus opened up America to the world – and the world to America.

In today’s world he would be a supporter of globalization and free trade.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight


The Truth About Christopher Columbus

The Truth About Christopher Columbus
by Michael Romani

It was another time, back in 1492
It was a different place with another view
When Columbus sailed that ocean's blue
I wonder if he would have if he had had a clue

A moment of history seen through lying eyes
Not close enough to truth to even recognize
Judging historical man through a modern lens
And casting arguments he isn't around to defend

He stands accused of savage brutality
But the historical record shows this is surreality
Despite all that is currently being protested
Governor Columbus had ordered the natives unmolested

History made in the name of the misinformed is a disaster
Those who pretend expertise show their true character
Columbus believed he sailed toward souls to redeem
Gold and profit were a far distant minor part of the dream

Rumors spread and blaze across the modern story
With little no regard for any semblance of history
For if they had any, they would know his motivation
Had less to do with greed than divine inspiration

Despite his mistakes, Columbus was a brilliant navigator
And a believer in doing his part toward the will of the Creator
This then is the real truth needed Mr. 20 more words
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Columbus Day revisionism is about bringing Western civilisation down

Please note — sensitive subject matter below.

On Monday, October 9, 2017, the United States celebrated Columbus Day.

The actual day is October 12, but the second Monday is chosen to give Americans a three-day holiday where it is observed. 1,078 more words


Blacktip Celebrates Columbus’ Landing With Paintball Shootout

Some of Blacktip Island’s paintball guns, collected by Island Police Constable Rafe Marquette, after Thursday’s annual Columbus’ Arrival Expat Derby. (photo courtesy of Timothy Hale) 473 more words