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Were the crew of the Mary Celeste swallowed by the Bermuda Triangle?

The vanishing crew of the Mary Celeste is one of the biggest maritime mysteries in history. The Bermuda Triangle’s been blamed before, but is usually dismissed because the ship’s route didn’t pass anywhere near it. 957 more words

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Barcelona's Famous Christopher Columbus Statue Is Under Attack

A group of city council members in Barcelona wants to take down the famous statue of Christopher Columbus in the town center, arguing that it inappropriately celebrates the explorer’s colonial history. 158 more words

Columbus Day Lesson

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Scientists de-planetized Pluto for money!

What an amazing discovery!  That Pluto is suddenly not big enough to be a planet.  Or is this just another scam perpetuated by scientists, like dinosaurs, to create more revenue for their clique?   89 more words


Christopher Columbus described papaya as ‘the fruit of angels ‘.This tropical fruits is native to Southen Mexico and the neighbouring South America but is now found in India ,the Philippines and parts of Africa .It is believed the Portuguese explorers introduced to all these regions. 158 more words