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Ground Nuts, Goober Peas and Peanut Butter: A History of our Favourite Spread

Aah peanut butter.  Where would we be without you?  From peanut butter on toast for breakfast, to peanut butter sandwiches for lunch to ants-on-a-log for snack, we are a generation raised on the gooey, nutty spread.   797 more words

The History of Pineapples

It is not a pine nor an apple, and it is not native to Hawaii. However, since it was first canned and became a major crop there, we associate pineapple with Hawaii and the tastes of the islands. 307 more words

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Columbus' Landing - A Turning Point

The year 1492 marked the beginning of Italian explorer Christopher Columbus’ voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. Similar to the patronage of Renaissance artists, early European explorers found funding from wealthy figures and royal families who wished to discover vast wealth without risking their own lives. 305 more words

New World

Christopher Columbus (1493)

“Letter to Lord Raphael Sanchez” Columbus’s letter to the treasurer for Ferdinand and Isabella, the Spanish monarchs who had sponsored his voyage of westward exploration, was widely published and circulated throughout Europe. 29 more words


America - Land of Promise: Why I Believe the GOP Won in 2016

From the diary of Christopher Columbus:

“From my first youth onward, I was a seaman and have so continued until this day…Wherever on the earth a ship has been, I have been.   922 more words


Bullshit: (n) stupid or untrue talk

Not everything is bullshit.

Matter of fact, one great step toward maturity is realizing that many of the things we believe today will change in the future, and maybe even… 254 more words

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Brave New World - Cover Story for n by Norwegian

Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the New World: however radical the consequences, it is not necessarily an event which can be celebrated without slight unease at the devastating effect it had on the indigenous populations. 171 more words