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The Beginning of the Christian Colonial Terrorism after the Fall of Islamic Spain

The Spaniards achieved their own crowning glory when Christopher Columbus, the  so-called first European to ‘discover’ America, set out from Spain to find an alternate route to India at the behest of Queen Isabella of Spain, (although Columbus himself was Portuguese), reached the shores of Cuba and began what would be a series of events that would catapult Spain from being a regional power to a superpower, (which would eventually rival the Uthmanis for a period). 7,833 more words


Sailing to the edge of the world

The names of important explorers are common to us: Columbus, Magellan, Hudson, Cartier, de Gama. We learn this names beginning in the early days of grade school. 761 more words


Meet The Alt.Historians -- Artie Cabrera

Yesterday was the official launch day for Alt.History 102, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Alt.Historian Artie Cabrera got in touch with me with his answers to my questions, and in an another reality, he would have met the deadline, so we were just in the wrong continuum…and that’s okay. 379 more words

Science Fiction

So who really discovered the great land that is now America? There are several different contenders who claim this marvelous feat of exploration. Among these are the Chinese, the Welsh, and the Polynesians.

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Early American History

Thug Life!

Christopher Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue and found America in 1492.

Nephi's Prophecy Is Not About Christopher Columbus

Sunday school for this year is studying the Book of Mormon, and today we hit 1 Nephi 13, which recounts a big vision that Nephi saw. 709 more words