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Sometimes, You Need to Learn how to RUN Before You Can Walk.

When I turned 40, it wasn’t a big deal. I felt good, younger than my calendar age. Sure I had some arthritis in my knee. Yes, I had problems with swelling in my wrists, the start of carpal tunnel syndrome, but I learned to adapt to the changes in my body. 818 more words

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Born to Run or The Practical Application of Endurance Running in Agriculture.

What do Grey Wolves, African Wild Dogs, Spotted Hyenas, Lungless Spiders and Homo Sapiens have in common? According to Wikipedia we all evolved through a technique of hunting faster prey to a point of exhaustion leaving us standing over our withered and bewildered quarry before delivering the coup de grâce. 700 more words


Vibrams Run #2

Continuing on from last week’s Wednesday run, I took the Vibrams FiveFingers out for another spin. One thing seems consistent: when I wear these shoes, it pisses rain. 855 more words



*B’oni ti ri, ola o ri be, ni ng mu babalawo d’ifa oroorun.

I was at an official retreat recently, and one word has refused to leave me since then – change. 818 more words

1001 TALKS

The gravitational pull of a unique personality

We all discovered Paddy by different routes, but if one follows the thread of certain ideas, one can often find it leads to Patrick Leigh Fermor. 1,340 more words

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On the Way to Grand Raid des Pyrénées

This post signals the beginning of my journey towards the 80km Grand Raid des Pyrénées – Le Tour des Lacs. On the way, I’ll have another 50km and a 50 miler under my belt in preparation for this August as well as many more miles with friends who share similar running goals. 1,006 more words


Best Books About Running

If you have been reading my posts lately, you know that I love running. However, it wasn’t always like this. It was my boyfriend who first inspired me to take up running. 663 more words

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