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The Director of the Next James Bond Movie Should be...

by Jason Koenigsberg

Now that Spectre has been released, Albert R. Broccoli’s Eon productions is always thinking forward about the next James Bond movie and so are we here at Pan and Slam. 1,163 more words


Starry Knight by Vartan Garnikyan

We were so blown away when we originally saw this via our Instagram timeline! This masterpiece blends Vincent Van Gogh‘s classic “The Starry Night… 76 more words


Scurte #423

a apărut primul episod al seriei The Expanse, dar el nu poate fi văzut în România. Ce cretinătate!

AMBI Pictures intenţionează să realizeze un remake pentru… 116 more words


Dark Knight Legacy

Christopher Nolan may have bowed out of directing a 4th installment in his Dark Knight movie saga, but he definitely left room open for a potential sequel at the end of Dark Knight Rises. 47 more words

Movie Podcast

NOIRVEMBER 025 ~ Memento

Noir isn’t about the bleak ending, it’s about every single direct step to that final crash onto your knees.

So MEMENTO, from Christopher Nolan, took that concept up a level by giving you that final fall straight up, it’s the very start, but you don’t quite get it, and you certainly don’t feel it, so then you get the journey in reverse and everything slowly clicks into place and it breaks you up in different ways because it makes you confused and uncertain and it really puts you into the mind of our lead, Leonard, played with noir lead aplomb by Guy Pearce. 862 more words


The Intersection of Comedy & Drama

Christopher Nolan is now a verb.

The director of gritty, epic dramas that are grounded in realism and groundbreaking science-fiction, yet elevated with labyrinths of mind-bending plot twists, has carved out a space of his own in the cinematic world. 97 more words

The Fall of The False Gods: Part One (What The Dark Knight Movie Really Is About)

When the director of Memento undertook the trying task of redefining The Caped Crusader, people were naturally skeptical if one could improve upon Tim Burton’s version. 3,206 more words