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Boyhood (2014) en existentiële vragen

Toen Christopher Nolan werd gevraagd wat zijn favoriete film was van 2014 afgezien van zijn eigen Interstellar, antwoordde hij:

“I will say that Boyhood, Linklater’s film is an extraordinary movie, I mean, there’s no question.”

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Indie Intros: Christopher Nolan's Doodlebug

I guess I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for black and white film. It was what we used when I went to film school and it always brings back a little nostalgia when I see it used. 313 more words


'Mad Max: Fury Road'

George Miller (again!) to the action film genre and its audience:

Just my two cents, but ‘Fury Road’ is the best kick in the ass to the genre since the first ‘Bourne’ film (i.e., ‘the rest of you have gotten lazy and keep falling on the same cliches, this is how you keep the audience fired up and engaged for 2 hours.) 283 more words



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“Do not go gentle into that goodnight. Rage, rage against the dying of light”.
– Prof. Brand, Interstellar.
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Everything You Need To Know About The Making Of 'Interstellar'

After his success with The Dark Knight trilogy, director Christopher Nolan went to explore space and beyond with his next film, Interstellar. Continuing his dedication to realism, Nolan created worlds that are some of the most scientifically accurate depictions of space that have been seen on screen. 410 more words


Interstellar (2014) - Review

Cooper: We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt. 525 more words


Interstellar: Squirming Through the Wormhole


Nope, they’re not in it.

You know you are facing a daunting “important” movie when it clocks in at nearly three hours in a snail’s pace. 293 more words