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Reflection | BATMAN BEGINS (2005 Film)

How I once introduced myself to a friend of a friend:

Her: Hi, I’m Rachel.
Her: Do you like that name?
Me: That’s… 845 more words



The most cathartic moment in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar takes place during its final thirty seconds. Brand (Anne Hathaway) stares at the wreckage of Wolf Edmunds space ship, seconds before removing her helmet and placing it on the ground. 167 more words


Memento Film Review

Momento being defined as something to serve as a reminder or warning can be a beginning of how to look at the Christopher Nolan Film. One reminder can easily trigger a set of events or cause the mind to believe in something related to a momento. 726 more words

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Iowa Comic Book Club Members Discuss Comic Book Films and TV

The Iowa Comic Book Club

We sat down with members of the Iowa Comic Book Club, Trevor Coberly and John Gregory, to discuss the rise of comic books as inspiration for film and the future of Marvel’s films.  374 more words

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Top Ten Films (6-10)

Ranking your favourite films may seem like an impossible task. Over recent years my definitive list of my favourite films has evolved into multiple lists of films; you have your favourite animated films, favourite genre films, films to watch when in need of cheering up, films to watch when you’re feeling pensive etc. 815 more words

The Girl on the Train Review

Cinema rarely paints train travel to be the unreliable and tedious slog that it really is. Strangers on a Train, The Great Train Robbery, Murder on the Orient… 876 more words

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Olivier Assayas: "Kristen Stewart's approach to acting is very honest, very human and very pure"

French director Olivier Assayas (b. 1955) and his muze, American actress and “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart, recently made a wonderful piece of art called “Personal Shopper,” their second collaboration after his previous film “Clouds of Sils Maria,” which co-starred Juliette Binoche, hit the screens two years ago. 4,494 more words

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