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Time Warped Christopher Nolan

Warning: spoilers for several Christopher Nolan films 

I took a whole class on Christopher Nolan’s films and I learned many basic things about his film: they are usually almost three hours long, they are sometimes more than three hours long, Michael Cain makes an appearance, and he works with his brother a lot. 592 more words


Sony Pictures Announce Their Venom Lead & Director, as Well as a Spider-Man Universe...Without the Web-Head.

Image copyright Tom Hardy 2017

Ahead of July’s Spider-Man: Homecoming Marvel reboot, Sony Pictures announced the actor set to take on the role of Venom in their upcoming solo outing for the Symbiote supervillain/part-time anti-hero, as well as announcing the movie’s director. 246 more words


The 20 best films on Amazon Prime Video UK: New and old movies to watch right now

Who has time to scroll through hundreds of movie titles these days?

No one. That’s who. We do enough scrolling all day on our smartphones, so when it comes to watching films at home after a hard day’s scrolling on our smartphones, the less time we spend picking one the better. 1,382 more words


10 Netflix Movies Worth Your Time

I’m leaving tomorrow to go to camping in Maryland for 2.5 weeks, and even though I know no one really relies on my content here or is even expecting it, I felt like I had to make up for that absence of articles in some way.   1,549 more words


DUNKIRK - New poster

This is the best among the Dunkirk posters so far. Out on July 21.


DUNKIRK - New banners

Here are some very nice banners for Dunkirk. Comes out on July 21.