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Reflection: The Dark Knight Rises

*Note: The following was written four years ago but for some reason I never posted it… most of this is probably said and done already but… after a little polish… here it is now.* 6,295 more words


Inception (2010)

A thief, who steals corporate secrets through use of dream-sharing technology, is given the inverse task of planting an idea into the mind of a CEO. 67 more words

The test of tone

Note: I’m on vacation this week, so I’ll be republishing a few of my favorite posts from earlier in this blog’s run. This post originally appeared, in a slightly different form, on April 22, 2014. 928 more words


The Dark Knight.

All praise to Frank Miller and Christopher Nolan for revealing Batman to be the aristocratic and capitalist reactionary he is.

Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a unique, messy, but poor imitation of Frank Miller and Christopher Nolan

Rating: 2.5/5

In Histories, Herodotus wrote that the Persians would debate over major decisions twice: once sober, and once inebriated. Considered an important work of Western literature and in the field of history, it contains one of the first accounts of the war between the Persian Empire and the Greek city-states, during which the Battle of Thermopylae was fought. 5,696 more words


Danny Devito reveals what advice he gave to One Direction

Danny Devito has revealed some advice that he gave the One Direction boys recently.

During an interview with New York Daily News, DeVito said: “The big thing I told One Direction when they were breaking up was that they should take all their money and get some acting lessons.” 84 more words

Must See

Meet the Artistic Genius Behind Interstellar, Dark Knight, and Inception

Christopher Nolan’s achievements in filmmaking rest on his ability to compliment a story with bleeding-edge visual effects. From his grounded approach to the critically-acclaimed Dark Knight trilogy to his vision of a dystopian… 2,601 more words