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Thank You Strange Influences, Part 1

I wanted to take an opportunity to list out my 2016 gaming goals and also thank those who have acted as psychedelic mushrooms for my gaming habits, propelling me to do the fun and impossible for the year. 285 more words

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The D&D 30 Day Challenge | Day 11: Adventure

Day 11: Favorite Adventure

Sorry for the day mix-up. We will be back on track tomorrow!

I have always respected and envied Kevin “Piratecat” Kulp… 130 more words

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The D&D 30 Day Challenge | Day 9: ???

Day 9: Favorite PC You’d Like to Play

I am actually not too sure what this day was asking. Is it someone else’s character that I want to play? 189 more words

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New to D&D? | Community Responsibility

Despite the title, this small series of posts will be about how to help introduce gamers to D&D, not specifically for a newcomer to learn D&D on their own. 599 more words

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Lack of Content

Do you remember Chris Perkins’ The Dungeon Master Experience articles on the D&D site? That was the best web content they ever produced. I would wait impatiently for Fridays to roll around in order to read Perkins’ next article about his campaign and game advice. 183 more words

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U.S. Marshals search for not one, not two... but five missing sex offenders

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — U.S. Marshals are looking for five sex offenders who continue to elude authorities.

These offenders either have felony warrants for their arrest, absconded from their community supervision, or have failed to appear in court. 423 more words

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Playing Robin Hood a globetrotting gig for 21-year-old Ontario man who just set new world record in archery

Christopher Perkins is not bragging, he is just telling it like it is, telling me if you happen to be a deer, leaping about his parents’ 234-acre farm on the outskirts of Athens, Ont, you would be wise to be wary. 852 more words