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Up (2009)

This is the best Pixar movie that I’ve ever—SQUIRREL!!!

Squirrels aside, I really do think Up is the best Pixar film ever made. (Unless of course you count… 491 more words

Up (2009)

The first ever animated feature film to inaugurate the Cannes Film Festival & one of the only three works of animation to have been nominated for Best Picture Oscar, Pixar’s Up is a profoundly intimate human drama, a rollicking adventure, a heartwarming romance, a joyous coming-of-age tale & a rib-tickling comedy, all extraordinarily blended into one gorgeously rendered masterpiece that not only succeeds as one of the best works of Pixar Animation Studios but deserves to be ranked amongst the greatest films ever made. 800 more words

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S Is For (The) Sound Of Music #atozchallenge

S is for (The) Sound Of Music

Okay, this is going to be a feel good post with a few videos and gifs.


Because I said so (lol) and this is the best musical ever! 261 more words


Danny Collins

New from The Movie Snob.

Danny Collins  (B+).  I am afraid my critical apparatus may be showing some signs of age.  Sappy, sentimental movies like last year’s… 194 more words

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"Danny Collins"

What an incredibly well-acted “slice of life” drama awaits in the film “Danny Collins”! Al Pacino’s charm and depth captivated me. I was ready for a has-been debauched old stoner, not for a self-deprecating and self-reflective “heart-of-golder”. 649 more words

Danny Collins

Based loosely on a true story, an aging 70’s rocker Danny Collins (Al Pacino) continues to live the fast life of an entertainer, but when his manager presents him with a Birthday gift that is an undelivered hand-written letter from John Lennon, after reading the letter Danny decides to clean up his act and chart a new course by attempting to mend some fences related to his estranged son and find a new love. 61 more words

Dramatic Comedy

Aces High

Before watching the movie:

World War I doesn’t get nearly as much attention as any other major war of the 20th century (that registers in American history education). 641 more words