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Flashback Review: Click

What happens if a businessman uses a universal remote to control aspects of his life to make certain things easier in his life both professionally and personally. 783 more words


Movie Review: A View to a Kill

The last one in the Roger Moore Bonds and well it wasn’t exactly his best work. This is not one of the best reviewed or even liked Bond films for a majority of reasons, however it does have one of the best villain and henchman in the entire Bond franchises. 528 more words


Jan. 21, 2018 — 'True Romance'

Ahh. Coming off one of the worst on the 365 list so far — “Mascots” — it was nice to get back on track with the 1993 classic “True Romance.” 313 more words


Vintage Cable Box: "Brainstorm, 1983"

“Why do you have to die to let go?”

Brainstorm, 1983 (Christopher Walken), MGM/UA

Where does our yearning for technology originate? Is it the most foolish form of narcissism; the desire to create “artificial” life to earn god-like stature in the pantheon of universal nature? 840 more words


Batman Returns (1992)

Plot: A ruthless business named Max (Christopher Walken) seeks to take control of Gotham City, but he wants to do so in a subtle way, so that he doesn’t look bad in the process. 672 more words

Flash Movie Review: Father Figures

I WAS SYMPATHITIC TO the sisters’ plight. Each from the same mother had been adopted at birth; raised by their adoptive parents in the same home and yet they were nothing alike, except in appearance. 572 more words


Suicide Kings (1994) Score: 7/10

Suicide Kings (1999)

Director: Peter O’Fallon

Writers: Josh McKinney, Gina Goldman, Wayne Allan Rice, and Don Stanford

Cast: Christopher Walken…Carlo Bartolucci

Denis Leary…Lono Veccio

Nina Siemaszko…Jennifer… 488 more words

Movie Review