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The Jungle Book Review

Do you remember Christopher Walken’s watch-up-his-ass monologue in Pulp Fiction? How about when he diced with death playing Russian Roulette in The Deer Hunter? And of course, how can we forget his gravity defying dancing in Fatboy Slim’s… 833 more words

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"The Jungle Book"



“The Jungle Book” is a film that’s the very definition of a conceptual failure. It tries far too hard to be a real crowd pleaser, adding a little bit of this and a little dash of that in a desperate attempt to have something for everyone. 1,096 more words

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Review: ‘The Jungle Book’

Grade: B

Re-watching Disney’s 1967 animated adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” on DVD the other night, I was disappointed that it didn’t, as films rarely do, live up to my lofty childhood memories. 785 more words


Film Rewind: The Jungle Book - 1967 vs 2016

“The Jungle Book”, the last film produced by Walt Disney himself, remains an iconic standard of animated film-making. Both a critical success and it remains as one of the top 10 Disney box office films ( 1,829 more words

The Jungle Book (2016) Film Review

Like most individuals my age, when I first heard about them doing a new The Jungle Book film, I had many parts of my childhood flash before my eyes.   528 more words


Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can is a very interesting movie with a great cast. Three of my favourite actors play the leads; Leonardo DiCaprio, Christopher Walken, and Tom Hanks. 156 more words