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Nick of Time (1995)

“Who are you?”

“I’m the guy who’s gonna kill you’re daughter if you don’t get moving.”

That’s a strong argument to do as Christopher Walken says. 562 more words

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Prague Towers - St Vitus's Cathedral

Prague Castle occupies 70,000 m². For those antiquated imperialists who can’t envisage metric areas that’s 17 acres, and to any old imperialist that makes it the largest ancient castle in the entire world. 261 more words


The '80s Pin Project: Brainstorm

For an explanation of what the Pin Project is, go here.

Despite the idea that punning is the lowest form of wit (attributable to every author ever… 305 more words

Ex Machina is a Smart, Realistic Sci-Fi Thriller... and the Deus is Silent

Movie Review: Ex Machina

Director: Alex Garland

Writer: Alex Garland

Stars: Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac

by Jason Koenigsberg

Ex Machina, the intelligent new sci-fi thriller from director Alex Garland gets its title from the Greek term “deus ex machina” where a character or item suddenly appears in a story to solve a seemingly impossible problem. 689 more words

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Bachelor Trip (2011)

Bachelor Trip – rated ‘R’ / one hour and 27 minutes / directed and written by Tony Vitale / actors: Robert Wagner, Rutger Hauer, Christopher Walken, Morgan Fairchild, Christine Lakin… 350 more words

Poolhall Junkies

Year: 2002
Directed By: Mars Callahan
Written By: Mars Callahan and Chris Corso


Movies about hustlers are always fun. It’s interesting to see what new and interesting ways that they will con people out of their money. 1,006 more words