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Annie Hall

On its 40th anniversary, I had lots of conflicting thoughts about Woody Allen’s iconic romantic comedy.

“Sun is bad for you. Everything our parents said was good is bad.

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Walken on Sunshine

You don’t have to like this.

Call it the Dali effect? Now at the top of my lottery-winning list: buy a little property in the desert where I could construct stuff, deconstruct stuff, re-construct stuff and paint on everything without fear of reprisal. 80 more words

THE JUNGLE BOOK (2016): So Much To Love...

Many people probably love Jon Favreau because of what he’s done with Iron Man. But my appreciation of the actor/ writer/ director/ producer, etc. first began when he played Monica’s billionaire Ultimate Fighting Champion boyfriend in Friends. 223 more words

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Photo: Christopher Walken Gets A Pat-Down

Christopher Walken got a pat-down at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

Stars are just like us… They too have to go through airport security. Here’s Christopher Walken getting a pat-down at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport yesterday morning. 7 more words


Man Makes Bizarre Hotel Request, Hotel Delivers

Some of us have special requests when booking hotels and that’s not really uncommon. Perhaps you want an extra bucket for ice, room service or a soap. 123 more words


This Hotel Fulfilled The Strangest Christopher Walken-Themed Request For a Customer

A hotel in Kilkenny, Ireland took its hospitality services to the next level when it fulfilled a guest’s bizarre request to have a framed portrait of… 196 more words

Nine Lives (2016)

A purrfect film, or smelly kitty litter?

The first question that came to mind after seeing this was why it was so bad. It was clearly never going to be a classic, and no one would have expected that or intended for it to be so. 735 more words