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Ultimate 90's Blogathon: Batman Returns (1992) by DB Movies Blog

Next up is DB from DB Movies Blog with a sequel of the 1989 Batman by Tim Burton, Batman Returns! One of my personal faves because it has the fantastic Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman. 1,246 more words


The Messed-Up Alien Visitation Scene From Communion

I am the dreamer…you are the dream.
—Whitley Strieber, “Communion”

The person who uploaded the video I’m going to show you entitled it “Christopher Walken Knows How To Party”—and describes the 1989 movie the clip is from, …

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- Christopher Walken

At its best, life is completely unpredictable.


Blast From the Past

Seeing puffy, let-himself-go Brendan Fraser on the most recent season of The Affair has reminded me how much I missed this 90’s beefcake. One of my favorite films in the Fraser canon is this week’s Cinema Sips pick, Blast From the Past ( 286 more words


A Perfect Valentine's Evening At Barre

I give you
A sketch of a perfect
Valentine’s evening:

Right hip at the barre,
Heels together, feet in a V,
Up on tiptoe, perched like a… 167 more words


Mystery Thriller Week Guest Post: The Secret Novel-Writing Formula (Maybe)... by Colin Garrow

Writing a book series can feel as if you’re recreating the same thing over and over. And if the series is successful, maybe that’s exactly what’s going on – that, to some extent, the author is dipping into a kind of formula as a basis for each new volume. 922 more words

Mystery Thriller Week

What Won TV? – February 5-February 11, 2017

In this feature, I look back at each day of the past week and determine what shows “won TV” for the night. That is, I consider every episode of television I watched that aired on a particular day and declare which was the best. 44 more words