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East Tyrone In Mourning As Clubland's Pink Pussycat Closes Its Doors

Thousands of middle-aged former disco-goers will wake with a heavy heart tomorrow morning after Cookstown’s premier ballroom of romance, Clubland, permanently closed its doors on Friday night. 270 more words


5 play - for an Irish Spring on a Good Friday

When you marry into an Irish family – they take you whole heartily without asking for references or identification.

I am forever grateful for that. 420 more words

Rock Music

A not-so-bad week.

Monday: Cressida is an amazing wrapper of gifts. <3

This is what I was doing on Tuesday when I should have been looking up corporate governance. 183 more words

You never feel more Irish than after a Christy Moore gig

I stand waiting for my lift, the lobby and car park dúbh le daoine (packed, for those of you not gealicly inclined) at the close of Christy Moore’s concert. 288 more words


Thatcher In Song: Part 3

No other U.K. leader and Prime Minister has influenced songwriters either before, or since Margaret Thatcher. Here’s a continuing saga of some of the more notable songs that reference her reign in power. 23 more words


Christy Moore - Burning Times - Lyrics about Religious fanaticism, the old religion and love of nature.

The persecution of people who followed the old religion, herbalists and healers, and anyone who did not fit into the norm created a maelstrom that shook Europe with an unleashed horror. 363 more words