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Ketti + Gabe

It was a blast capturing Ketti + Gabe! They are so fun and laid back, their wedding party was nothing but laughs and good times. This is a couple who truly enjoyed their wedding day. 85 more words

Cassie + Justin

Cassie + Justin were married on May 10th, 2014. They have been together since high school and have a love that resembles The Notebook.  Justin is in the army and left for Afghanistan directly after their honeymoon, in some of the photos you can see a bittersweet-ness to them because they know the time for them to part is near. 41 more words


I’ve been knitting obsessively on my February Lady Sweater and I’ve got the progress to show for it.

It’s my first time working with a gradient yarn like… 104 more words


Records, taxes and tenants, oh my!

The past month has flown by, as usual! April has been a month of landlord duties, sorting and moving our record collection, and of course, the dreaded April 15th deadline for filing taxes! 683 more words


SPRING CIRCLE - An entirely new kind of flatweave rug

I’m so excited to be able to share a sneak preview of an entirely new rug.

In fact, I’m not sure I have EVER seen a circular flatweave rug. 194 more words


Lessons From a Walk

Last summer, while out for my usual early morning walk, I noticed this big foliage mass of a tree which hangs over our road. The thing that struck me about it was that it perfectly demonstrated a couple of points that come up when painting trees, and really anything in Nature. 484 more words

The Landscape Atelier


One of my absolute all-time favourite knitting books is Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitter’s Almanac. I’ve had it for years and I can just pick it up, open it to a random page, and start reading. 223 more words