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This is the sequence of degrees of primitive groups which don’t synchronize a map of rank 3, equivalently graphs with clique number and chromatic number 3 having primitive automorphism groups. 72 more words

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An Experiment with Property-derived Invariants

We’ve coded a number of graph invariants and properties. One easy way to get more invariants is to use the characteristic functions of the properties we’ve already coded. 396 more words


Chromatic Number Upper Bound Conjectures

In our continued testing of the program we generated some conjectures for upper bounds for the chromatic number. We told the program the upper bounds due to… 138 more words


Chromatic Numbers and Distances in Finite Fields

graph is a set of vertices and a set of edges so that some vertices are connected by edges.  If a graph is simple… 515 more words

Chromatic Number

Lecture 6: Borsuk-Ulam and some combinatorial applications

Now we’ll move away from spectral methods, and into a few lectures on topological methods.  Today we’ll look at the Borsuk-Ulam theorem, and see a stunning application to combinatorics, given by… 1,341 more words