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Google Chrome Dethrones Internet Explorer To Become Most Popular Browser

If the technology world was a high school hallway, Google Chrome would be shoving past former prom queen Internet Explorer while wrinkling its nose like it smells something particularly offensive. 229 more words

ES6 & ES7 in the chrome browser

Google’s engineers announced they added support for almost all ES6 (ECMAScript) features in Google Chrome Canary and basic support for ES7, the upcoming iteration of the JavaScript language. 209 more words

Chrome and Firefox, The Best Browsers for Blogging

If you are using Internet Explorer or its predecessor then you aren’t experiencing the blogosphere at its best. For years Microsoft dominated the desktop/laptop but not any more. 124 more words

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Presenting RetroTxt, the ASCII art & NFO browser for Chrome

RetroTxt available on the Chrome Web Store.

Last month I wrote a long post titledĀ ASCII, NFO Art & Text Encodings. That covered the complications and technical difficulties involved in accurately rendering ASCII art and NFO text in modern browsers. 472 more words


Top-Down Roguelike Neon Chrome Blasts Onto Heavy steam

Neon Chrome is a video game that’s sure of 2 things: just what it is and that it intends to captivate. It’s a top-down roguelike shooter, you see, that asks you to run hysterically around procedurally generated battlefields, blast waves of baddies till they stop moving/explode/both,… 8 more words


Free Virtual Private Network Extension for Chrome

ZDNet has a writeup on a free VPN extension for Google Chrome. “Hotspot Shield have an extension for Google Chrome that’s not only free to use, but is ad-free and totally unlimited. 31 more words

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