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I get it. Your researching, lesson planning, entering grades, watching Youtube videos, entering Schoology Assignments, checking email, checking vacation destinations… So you have A LOT of tabs open. 298 more words

Google、「Google Chrome 55」を正式公開。36件の脆弱性を修正 [ #cloud ]

米Google Inc.は1日(現地時間)、Webブラウザー「Google Chrome」の最新安定版v55.0.2883.75を公開した。「Google Chrome 55」では36件の脆弱性が修正されている。本バージョンで修正された脆弱性の深刻度の内訳は、同社の基準で4段階中上から2番目の“High”が12件、上から3番目の“Medium”が9件、最低の“Low”が5件など。



Blog #1164: Toy Review: Transformers: Legends Deluxe Chromedome & Chrome

Transformers: Legends Deluxe Chromedome & Chrome

Legends Deluxe Chromedome is repainted from Transformers: Generations Deluxe Chromedome.  Chrome is repainted and remolded from Stylor.  His head sculpt is based on the Japanese Headmasters cartoon.  104 more words


A great tool for student reflection!

As a classroom teacher, I always tried to incorporate some form of student reflection into my activities with my classes. When I began to rely more on reflection in the classroom, my role as teacher quickly melded into more of a facilitator role. 80 more words


Chrome 55 Is Now Available

Chrome 55 is now available. “For those that may not have realized, Google released the latest version of its Chrome browser into the mainstream earlier this week which brought the popular browser up to version 55. 48 more words

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Angular2: Using Speech Recognition of Web Speech API in Angular2

Speech Recognition functionality of the Web Speech API in Angular2 application

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition involves receiving speech through a device’s microphone, which is then checked by a speech recognition service against a list of grammar (basically, the vocabulary you want to have recognised in a particular app.) When a word or phrase is successfully recognised, it is returned as a result (or list of results) as a text string, and further actions can be initiated as a result. 815 more words