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Chrome will finally let you mute autoplaying videos

Autoplay videos are the new pop-ups of the internet: ugly, irritating, and completely useless for selling things. But that hasn’t stopped them from popping up on websites big and small. 264 more words

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Unplugging and it feels so good

About two weeks ago I was moving around and deleting some apps on my phone and I accidentally deleted the Facebook app, and I was like, meh, and didn’t immediately download it again. 368 more words

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The release of Chrome 64 will make downloads faster

Although most of the use of a web browser is surfing the web, but will inevitably come a time you will need to download something from the Internet, and although most downloads will be just some photos or PDF files, but will also come a time you will have to download something size Larger, so you’ll probably need the next 64-bit version of Chrome to make these downloads faster by using a parallel download built into your browser. 241 more words