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Google Chrome For Android Will Soon Support Interactions With Bluetooth Beacons

Google announced today that it has begun to support physical beacons in its Chrome browser for Android.

The feature, which has been tested in the iOS app… 316 more words


Which food has influence on our well-being?

Food: broccoli, grapes and potatoes.
Effects: chrome makes serotonin, norepinephrine and melatonin. This affects your mood and promotes your balance.

Food: cashew nuts, roasted pumpkin and pork. 92 more words


TechTip: How to reopen your last closed tabs in your browser on your computer

We’ve all been there. We have a few tabs open and are trying to close one but the cursor rebels and ends up closing another tab. 354 more words

Guest Browsing With Chrome: Let Your Friends Browse Without it Impacting Your Account

When a friend asks you if they can borrow your computer to browse the web, it’s usually not an issue. But sometimes it leaves you with search suggestions, and ads for products, that you’re not interested in. 318 more words


Chrome Browser | Disable Adobe Flash

Steps to disable adobe flash plug in inside chrome browser:

Step 1: Click and Open Chrome Browser

Step 2: Type in chrome://plugins/

Step 3: Find Adobe Flash in the list of plugins… 10 more words

Patch Tuesday Recaps

Patch Tuesday arrived yesterday and several important updates were released:

Microsoft has released multiple critical updates spanning all operating systems –



Adobe has also released several updates and patches this month – 28 more words

Security News

Fighting Advertisers: Tools to Keep your Browsing Private and Ad Free

Blocking internet ads, I know, controversial.  Some say ads are literally Hitler, others say that if you use ad blocker you are literally Hitler and are embarking on a transfer of wealth by stealing from the great websites of the world. 914 more words