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Ode to Amuse

It settled like a butterfly
that took off when it caught my eye.
I almost missed it, sunk in gloom,
but caught its shadow in the room.
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Learn How To Use The Speech Recognition Features On Your Chromebook

Speech recognition on Chromebook enables you to use ‘speech-to-text’ dictation in programs where you would normally type, such as Google Docs and Gmail as well as allowing you to carry out web searches by asking questions straight into the browser. 10 more words

How To

Chromebook Trades Camera for WiFi Freedom

There are a number of companies now providing turn-key computers that meet the Free Software Foundation’s criteria for their “Respects Your Freedom” certification. This means, in a general sense, that the computer is guaranteed not to spy on you or otherwise do anything else you didn’t explicitly ask it to. 338 more words

Peripherals Hacks

The Google Pixelbook power button is now a 2FA token

If you own a Google Pixelbook, intriguing news –  it appears the power button can now double as an alternative to using U2F (Universal 2nd Factor) tokens for two-factor authentication (2FA). 612 more words


ASUS X207NA と CloudReady (ChromeOS)

前の Post に書いたラップトップに CloudReady をインストールした。Fedora と Gnome の環境だと起動後にブラウザ (Firefox) とターミナルを開いた状態で 1GB くらいメモリを使っていたが、CloudReady にしたら同じ状況で 550MB くらいしか使わなかった。Windows の時どうだったかは見てなかったが、他のマシンの Windows 10 では起動後にブラウザを開いた状態で (タスクトレイに入っている余分なアプリを終了させて)、2GB くらい使用していた。

CloudReady はインストール直後から Developer Mode になっていて、特別なことをしなくても shell が起動できるし、Chromebrew をインストールして node.js やら何やらを使うことができた。 6 more words


CHROMEBOOK: "Planned Obsolescence" or "End Of Life"

One of my beloved Chromebooks — ET101 Samsung — updated the Chrome OS and popped up an “End Of Life” message.


It’s EOL when it dies. 233 more words


Chromebook Next Level, Linux Applications Have Arrived for Some

Chromebooks are very popular devices in education, especially elementary, middle, and high schools. These devices are cost effective, fast, relatively easy to manage, and provide high quality experience using Google’s G Suite for Education applications. 245 more words