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A list of every single Chromebook that'll support Android apps this fall

Chromebooks are already growing more popular with each passing quarter, having recently surpassed MacBook sales for the first time ever. These Chrome OS powered machines are already likely far more capable than you think, but their utility is about to increase exponentially. 274 more words


Android Apps Coming To Chromebooks

Tablets are something that many of us have thought of and would like to own or maybe you do own one.  The point of contention with me is that I generally look at purchasing one, and then slowly back away until a new one comes out.  540 more words


CYOA Geometry Style

Choose Your Own Adventure was such a success in Algebra that we wanted to try it in Geometry. This served as our unit 7 assessment. We followed the same process that we did… 192 more words


Android Apps for Chrome

Chrome is arguably the most popular web browser in the world today. One of the main reason for the same is its natural cohesiveness with Google. 270 more words

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