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Power On A Stubborn Chromebook

Sometimes you run into a Chromebook that will not turn on no matter how many times you try. Here’s are a few things you can try before you send it in for repair. 169 more words


That's All, Folks...

The #30DayChromeBookChallenge is over. Have I succeeded? Perhaps. But much like @MrFiliplic’s journey, mine was filled with fits and starts.

Everything big has already been posted elsewhere, but there’s one thing that I need to follow up on: screen recording and creation of videos. 396 more words

Out with the old. In with the new.

So the day arrived and I had to say goodbye to my Pixel LS. My son, who is at University, needed and upgrade to his Toshiba 2 laptop, and as his need was greater than mine so off he went with it. 619 more words


Google invests in a company to convert old computers to ChromeBook

When your computer is old, it is often sold cheaply or thrown away because it can no longer serve you properly. But Neverware offers you a way to convert it to an effective ChromeBook because Chrome is lighter than Windows and brings life back to your computer. 190 more words



Dear Tiger Tech,

It's so annoying that a Chromebook doesn't have a caps lock key and I always forget that shortcut!



130 more words
Dear Tiger Tech

I made my move

I got to work. I saw the principal sitting in its office. I went there, asked the principal if it had time. I said what I felt and that I was at that point of quitting and giving up. 395 more words


Block it or Improve Classroom Management?

On a weekly basis, I get an email that says something like, “Can you please block Minecraft, because my students are playing it instead of doing their work.”  I want to be helpful and support our teachers, but I always have the question of should I block or do we need new strategies for classroom management in a 1:1 learning environment? 546 more words