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一個Apple MacBook Pro用家看Chromebook Acer C720

先簡單說一下, 我原本使用的是Macbook Pro Mid-2011 , 已擴展至16gb記憶體。

而就在兩個星期前我就買了我人生中的第一部Google筆電, Chromebook Acer C720 4gb 的版本。


MBP不是不能勝任,而是和Chromebook 的定位是不同的。


對比於全金屬做的MBP而言,拿著它出街首先要有強勁的臂彎!第一次拿上手雖然不算是十分輕, 但總叫比MBP來得輕。

當然你(甚至於我個人而言)會抱怨做功不是太好, 我絕對是一個被金屬的蘋果寵壞了的用家。

第二是系統 Chrome OS, (什麼?不知道Chrome OS, 看一看這個短片 … 72 more words

Acer unveils a new 15-inch Chromebook, Iconia One 8 tablet and gaming-centric Predator tablet

At a press event held in New York earlier today, Acer announced a slew of new products that will all be available sometime this year. The company announced a very budget-friendly Chromebook and tablet, another tablet meant for the education market and has plans to bring a higher-end gaming-centric tablet to market as well. 483 more words


Google has bumped the Chrome OS beta channel to version 43 this afternoon, and it’s actually a pretty substantial update. Among other features, the new version includes credit card autofill from Google Wallet, always-on “OK Google” on the new Chromebook Pixel, a new Material Design overhaul for the virtual keyboard user interface and more. 53 more words


Acer takes the wraps off new CB3-531 Chromebook

Earlier today, Acer took the wraps off the fourth variant of its 15.6-inch Chromebook, the CB3-531. This model packs similar internals to all the previous generation of the device, but now features a 11.5 hour battery, which the company claims is the longest any Chromebook currently on the market has to offer. 133 more words



Being the best Chromebook is easy. Being a great flagship is harder, but the Pixel’s advanced features make it just as premium and desirable as any other.

The Nightcap - April 21

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