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Google Assistant Is Coming to Chromebooks, Google Reveals Ahead of Wednesday Launch

Highlights Google might be incorporating Google Assistant on Chromebooks New Chromebook is expected to launch on Wednesday, October 4 the Pixelbook will be a high-end product in the category… 291 more words


Acer's new Chromebooks are the cheap MacBook alternative we've all been waiting for

Chromebooks have a bad stigma of being super-cheap laptops for students, useful for pounding out documents or surviving in a classroom, but not for “real” work. 261 more words


Episode 154 - Poop on the Desk

Tony and Patrick are back and what an episode! Check out the talking points below and be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or on your favorite podcasting app. 101 more words


Let's Get Digital: A Social Science DIB Tutorial.

Okay enough theory, let’s get creating!  Below is the link to a “How to make a DIB” video tutorial.  I chose a social science topic as this is an area that lends itself to broad use of physical artifacts, multimedia resources, textual information, primary sources, and 101 other learning components that just beg for coallation, intentional presentation, and 24-7 accessibility. 277 more words

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