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The best Chromebooks of 2017

Chromebooks are a refreshing take for someone looking for an alternative to Windows and Mac laptops. Very different from the conventional laptops, Chromebooks are made to work on the cloud with not much interaction done offline. 389 more words

Keeping Accounts Safe by Using a Chromebook

An option for keeping your online accounts safe is to only access them on a Chromebook.  Chromebooks are very secure since they are a browser based operating system.   15 more words

The Gallery Walk in a Chromebook Classroom

While I love getting kids out of their seats and moving around the classroom, I wanted to experiment this week with what a gallery walk might look like in a Chromebook classroom. 547 more words

Grades 6-8

Best Chromebooks you can buy today [October 2017]

(Source: 9to5google.com)

Chrome OS used to be the laughingstock of the OS wars, but today it holds a strong place in the market. Thanks to Android apps, the OS is only becoming more and more useful too. 1,547 more words


The Pixelbook is Google’s first real attempt at a mainstream laptop

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Google used its annual hardware event to announce the Pixelbook. This is essentially the third iteration of the company’s Chromebook Pixel laptop, though with the… 722 more words


Here's Your First Look at Google's Stunning New Pixelbook Laptop

Google unveiled a new version of its premium Pixel laptop after discontinuing the previous model more than a year ago, the company announced on Wednesday. It’s called the Pixelbook, and it starts at $999. 143 more words

Mac or PC, does it really matter today?

As operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux have all matured, the differences are getting smaller, so small that your choice can often boil down to simple personal preference. 1,180 more words