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Going Non-Linear In 5 Minutes-ish

A quick guide to adapting your current linear curriculum to a basic non-linear format.

I have written about my thoughts, intents, and justifications for reorganizing my traditional linear plans into a more non-linear format in a previous blog both on my site… 226 more words

Flipped Learning

Samsung Chromebook Plus, it has apps!

Chromebooks have been filling a fairly specific roll over the past few years. They’re cheap and they’re simple, both very good things, but not massively functional like a laptop, and not really tempting as a companion device like a tablet. 1,906 more words


Breaking Through The Lines: Non-linear Planning Provides Choice

Even in a highly structured content area like math non-linear organization provides choice and helps students make connections.

Math people love lines. High school and middle school teachers love straight lines.   892 more words

Flipped Learning

21st Century Classroom

What does a 21st Century Classroom look like? Here’s what I have found in my research (in no particular order):

  1. Paperless – not a reality unless you are 1:1.
  2. 86 more words

´╗┐Chromebooks: Google vs. Office365-Priniting and "Handheld" access

Hooray for printing! Our division office team has had me do some testing with printing from the Chromebooks and it seems like they have chosen/implemented an effective system. 353 more words

Trying Something New

Paperless Music Classroom

While doing research for my math and science classrooms, I came across this article titled “The Paperless Music Classroom” by Robin Giebelhausen. Giebelhausen, Robin. “The Paperless Music Classroom.” General Music Today29.2 (2016): 45-49. 171 more words


Going Paperless

Ok, you are 1:1 now what…my school is looking ahead and we are pushing our teachers to look at their copies and see where they can downsize. 314 more words