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Chromebooks: The Mystery Revealed

Google are great.  Fact.  They are innovative, revolutionary, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology, and capture the imagination in a way that other brands simply haven’t been able to do. 921 more words


Acer has a new Chromebox, and it is a beefy one

You don’t see a lot of ChromeOS Desktops, and that’s because the whole concept of a light Web-dependent OS just seems suited for Laptops, but it seems Google thinks that ChromeOS has matured enough for Desktops, which is why we are seeing Chromeboxes popping up, which are essentially small little boxes packed with low-end innards running ChromeOS. 93 more words

Company Announcement

Acer Chromebox CXI es una propuesta no muy barata de $350

Acer Chromebox CXI desea reparar, con su procesador Intel Core i3 4030U a ciento noventa GHz. Acompañado de cuatro o bien ocho GB de memoria RAM, es toda la potencia que vamos a poder precisar con las webapps de Google Chrome, aun utilizando múltiples al tiempo. 180 more words


Acer's newest Chromebox packs more power, 4k video support

When you think of using a computer with a 4k video monitor, a Chromebox probably doesn’t come to mind. After all, those little boxes are just wimpy little browsers, right? 270 more words

Google makes it easier to back up media from Chromebooks to Drive

It’s no secret that Chromebooks rely heavily on Google Drive cloud storage. The devices have the capability to store data locally, of course, but Google provides far more capacity in the cloud and even integrates Google Drive into the Files app on Chromebooks. 274 more words

HP Chromebox CB1020 Desktop Smoke Silver

Samsung and Google have unveiled the chromebox and Series 5 550Chromebook, two new computers running Chrome OS, Google’s owncloud-based Android competitor. The first Chromebooks debuted about a year ago . 151 more words