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My Top-5 'Live from Daryl's House' episodes

For any of you who know me even the slightest bit, you know that my favorite band of all time is Hall and Oates.

For a duo, they made a ton of hits and had a ton of complex sounds merging pretty flawlessly from the 70s to the 80s. 660 more words


It's lazy playlist day: let's party!

Wait, my party is not like a techno-party or kitsch-party (the italian way). I like to slight party, you know, with some fancy music you can listen to and also dance with sketchy moves. 121 more words


Chromeo-White Women

This album takes me the fuck back.

Chromeo emotes out such positive and  comical vibes on this album it could make Donald J. Trump himself not take himself too seriously for a few hours. 289 more words



Music is soul-food. Whether it’s feeding your ambition, your motivation, your questionable dance moves or those tears that needed to fall, it has the ability to touch parts of your being nothing else can reach. 215 more words