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A New Era of Frankensoftware Is Upon Us | WIRED

… Big-name device makers are looking closely at the technologies running on their most successful hardware offerings and finding ways to incorporate that magic into the rest of their products.

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ASUS X207NA と CloudReady (ChromeOS)

前の Post に書いたラップトップに CloudReady をインストールした。Fedora と Gnome の環境だと起動後にブラウザ (Firefox) とターミナルを開いた状態で 1GB くらいメモリを使っていたが、CloudReady にしたら同じ状況で 550MB くらいしか使わなかった。Windows の時どうだったかは見てなかったが、他のマシンの Windows 10 では起動後にブラウザを開いた状態で (タスクトレイに入っている余分なアプリを終了させて)、2GB くらい使用していた。

CloudReady はインストール直後から Developer Mode になっていて、特別なことをしなくても shell が起動できるし、Chromebrew をインストールして node.js やら何やらを使うことができた。 6 more words


Useful Chrome Extensions: May 2018

A brief overview of useful new and updated Chrome Extensions for May 2018.  317 more words

The Second Guide to Ubuntu

In the first article, The Guide to Using Ubuntu, we introduced you to the basics of using the Ubuntu command line. This is the second installment to a series of articles to help familiarize yourself with Ubuntu. 552 more words


Chromebooks and the future of ChromeOS

ChromeOS is dead – LONG Live ChromeOS!!

In 2009 Google announced Chrome OS the vision was to build a cloud based operating system that would be secure and fast. 1,051 more words



Bypassing Google security (forced enrollment).

I purchased a laptop from a large lot. The laptop, running ChromeOS, was known to be locked to an enterprise account and after reading much about this on the many websites I decided to go with my intuition. 472 more words