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Chrome 51 now in stable channel with new Credential Management API for improved sign in

Chrome 51 is rolling out now to Mac, Windows, and soon Linux. The latest version of Google’s browser contains the usual bug and security fixes, but also features a new Credential Management API that improves the website login experience. 175 more words

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The future of Chromebooks is Android

I’ve written about this speculation in the past, and today Google announced the change publicly. Coming this Fall, you’ll be able to run most Android apps natively on ChromeOS. 411 more words


Opinion: Google’s future is in AI, but Chrome OS getting the Play Store is a big deal today

This year’s I/O was a big one. Maybe not the largest in terms of new products and services, but definitely not the smallest either. Among other things, the Mountain View, California company announced its… 1,298 more words


Starting with Chrome 52, Google will disable the use of Backspace as a shortcut to go back

Power users love shortcuts. Especially when managing multiple operations across several apps, keyboards allow quick access to specific actions with handy combinations of buttons, and some have become so common and used even among regular people that it’d be hard to think of software that doesn’t take advantage of them. 358 more words


IDC: Chromebook sales in US outpaced Mac for the first time in Q1

Shipments of Chromebooks outpaced Macs in the US for the first time in Q1 2016, that’s according to data from IDC shared during a session at Google’s I/O developer conference today. 258 more words


It's official: Android apps and the Play Store are coming to Chrome

It looks like there’s a little tidbit of information that might have been originally planned for the keynote (pulled because of time restraints, maybe?). According to a… 193 more words