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Word Censor App

I need someone to write me an extension for Chrome that’s essentially a word censor. There are none that exist and lots of groups who would use this, so you’ll own the market if you make it. 292 more words

Google today released the latest Beta channel release for Chrome OS users and with it comes a few new features that should arrive for all soon. 94 more words


You can now play and pause content on Chromecast with a TV remote

According to several users on the Chromecast Subreddit, and corroborated by TechCrunch, you can now play and pause video content on the Chromecast… 132 more words


10 things the BlackBerry (yep!) is better at than any iPhone or Android device

Nowadays, you no longer need to be locked into one cloud, social media service or ecosystem. Be it Apple (OS X, iOS), Google (Android), Amazon or something else (Windows?). 1,331 more words


Chrome Beta 42 adds website push notifications, banners for saving web apps to Android home screens

Google released Chrome 42 this week¬†through its beta channel for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS. The latest Chrome beta previews¬†a couple of interesting features that make web apps more like native apps including push notifications and saving web apps to your Android home screen faster… 226 more words


Laptops - two wrongs, who can make a right?


Apple and Google have both launched laptops in the past few days that are both amazing and seriously flawed. If only somebody could make a machine that has the best of both worlds. 967 more words


Google announces a new Chromebook Pixel: A $999 Laptop that cannot do Much

Chromebooks are low-cost Laptops that are made for Web Browsing. They run ChromeOS, meaning that your traditional suite of programs won’t run on Chromebooks and you have to make do with only a Web Browser. 319 more words

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