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Chrome Beta 45 introduces improved media playback controls, timed install banners to Android version

As the Google Chrome web browser and web-based Chrome OS operating system continue on their ever quickening path towards divergence and feature parity with the native Android smartphone operating system, all of which are overseen by Google CEO Larry Page’s number two, Sundar Pichai, Chrome for Android is getting some new functionality that brings it closer to what developers can get out of native apps. 676 more words


Touchscreen + Chrome OS: Do they work together? [Video]

Acer did something a little unusual last month when it announced an all-in-one Chromebase desktop with a touchscreen. It’s the first of its kind, and the company hopes it can bring something unique to the market. 516 more words


Want your Gmail messages to self-destruct? There's a Chrome extension for that...

Dmail is a Chrome extension which allows you to un-send, or revoke any emails you send through your Gmail account. The service was launched by the same brainiacs… 702 more words


Acer Chromebase Touch: Unboxing the all-in-one Chrome OS touchscreen desktop [Video]

Acer recently unveiled a new range of all-in-one desktop computers running Chrome OS. The Acer Chromebase Touch is one of the company’s most recent models, and it has a 21.5-inch, full HD touchscreen. 258 more words


Google's 'Safe Browsing' alerts to become more prominent as deceptive software detection improves

If you’ve ever been browsing the web and seen the above warning, you’ve probably done one of two things. You either quickly click the “Back to safety” button, or you navigate into the “Details” section to tell Chrome that it’s being a helicopter mom — and go about your “dangerous” browsing. 220 more words

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Television Academy switches from DVDs to Google’s Chromecast for Emmy voting

In an effort to update the old DVD mailer experience, the Television Academy has teamed up with Google to distribute Emmy-nominated films to voting members for this year’s awards.  259 more words