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Chromium is where it's  at!

​Who loves broccoli?!

I DO but NOT 9 Cups at one sitting!!!

Did you know?

1 STICK of the Plexus pink drink is equivalent to 9 CUPS of BROCCOLI when it comes to chromium. 48 more words

Cara terbebas dari Chromium

Ternyata ada beberapa cara untuk terbebas dari Chromium. Sudah dua hari ini, tiba-tiba entah dari mana ada browser baru muncul di komputer kantor berbasis Operating System Windows 7 yang biasa saya pakai. 459 more words


Electron. Asynchrony, Modules and C/C++

There are a lot of posts about NodeJS describing innovative solutions about JavaScript on server side. However there is another place where JavaScript, V8 and Chrome HTML engine can be applied. 961 more words


Chromium 54?

On an older post I commented to tell you I expected a Chromium 54 in Ubuntu Repositories in the next few weeks. Those few weeks have gone so fast! 37 more words

Raspberry Pi

Oxidative stress and metal catalysts in depression, aging and cancer

Reactive oxygen species (ROS), byproducts of oxygen metabolism, are present in the cells as a consequence of living in an oxygen-rich atmosphere. ROS can be generated by both endogenous and exogenous sources, such as mitochondria and carcinogens, respectively. 777 more words


Chromium What is it?




Chromium: What is it?

Chromium is a mineral that humans require in trace amounts, although its mechanisms of action in the body and the amounts needed for optimal health are not well defined. 2,319 more words

Chrome doesn't take no for an answer

And the series continues…

This time it’s Chrome. Chrome is an excellent browser, but some dialogs are weird… And some are not taking no for an answer. 147 more words