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How to setup Hypothesis locally for development on Arch Linux

What is Hypothesis

Hypothesis is a web annotator. It allows users to create notes on any web page and PDF. As it says on the project… 511 more words

Open Source

Visual Studio Code - A Cross Platform Code Editor built with Chromium

Microsoft has launched VSCode few weeks back for Cross Platform (Linux/Mac,Windows) and 55% download was Non-Windows. Shocking , right ?

HackerNews had a post on this and had really lot of comments/traffic on it. 233 more words

Shahjada Talukdar

Supplements to fight depression and anxiety

I ordered my supplements online and started taking them straight away, last Friday 15th May .  I can’t wait to see if they will make a difference to me.  498 more words

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Towards halichondrins

I would call the vinyl halide coupling reaction with an aldehyde using chromium/nickel combination a Nozaki Hiyama Kishi coupling, but maybe because the author is one of the people in the named reaction, it wasn’t mentioned in the paper as the “NHK reaction”, but rather, a Ni/Cr-mediated reaction.

JACS paper

JACS paper 2