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"What Everyone Should Know About People Living With Chronic Pain"

I desperately want to share this essay. Either via email to my parents, or as a general post on Facebook. I want my girlfriend to read it. 131 more words

Chronic Pain

Introspection: New Pain

Searing, burning pain in my abdomen. Cramps crashing down in waves, coming in and going out like the tide. Relentless ache in my thighs. The stabbing of a knife in my back when I bend. 102 more words

Chronic Pain

Introspection: Misdirected Concern

Tomorrow marks the first day of my fourth semester of college. There’s a lot to do this semester. I’m taking four or five classes (half of which I am currently waitlisted for, hence the ambiguity), mentoring for another course, and working the same job I had last semester. 275 more words

Chronic Pain

Interlude #3

I have lived in varying degrees of pain for nearly five years. I have taken medications that left me depressed, manic, anxious, nauseous, exhausted, anorexic, dizzy, cold, numb, and in pain. 317 more words

Chronic Pain

Introspection: Pain Scales

Am I the only one who is chronically confused by pain scales?

When this first started consulting with doctors, I was always asked what my pain rating was. 753 more words

Chronic Pain

Headache Disorders

Headache itself is a painful and often disabling feature of a relatively small number of primary headache disorders. It also occurs secondarily to a considerable number of other conditions. 334 more words


I have a headache

I forgot my pill last night. Now I am going to suffer. I just need a quite place or maybe a padded room to rock in with signs plastered everywhere that say… 6 more words