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A monster lives inside my head

I think sometimes that a monster lives inside my head. He sits behind my eyes. His control sticks are drumsticks he uses to keep time to the pulse in my temple. 163 more words

MHAM blogging challenge - Day 1.

So this month is Migraine & Headache Awareness month, so I have decided to participate in the blogging challenge, so expect daily posts (hopefully!).

Today’s MHAM challenge is your favourite quote about hope, my favourite quote is as follows: 84 more words

Chronic Pain

The Grind of Chronic Daily Headaches

I get the same headache nearly every day, behind my right eye and right side of the head.  It feels like my brain is pulsating.  They feel like a mini version of the full on migraine that I occasionally get.   491 more words



I really think the more I learn the less I understand.

Histamine gives me headaches.

My body makes histamine.

NSAIDS, opiates and some antibiotics force the body to release histamine. 51 more words

"What Everyone Should Know About People Living With Chronic Pain"

I desperately want to share this essay. Either via email to my parents, or as a general post on Facebook. I want my girlfriend to read it. 131 more words

Chronic Pain

Introspection: New Pain

Searing, burning pain in my abdomen. Cramps crashing down in waves, coming in and going out like the tide. Relentless ache in my thighs. The stabbing of a knife in my back when I bend. 102 more words

Chronic Pain

Introspection: Misdirected Concern

Tomorrow marks the first day of my fourth semester of college. There’s a lot to do this semester. I’m taking four or five classes (half of which I am currently waitlisted for, hence the ambiguity), mentoring for another course, and working the same job I had last semester. 275 more words

Chronic Pain