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Doing College With CFS

So I did an update post a few weeks ago where I said that I was doing fine and wasn’t having any problems with my CFS… yeah I spoke too soon. 358 more words


How did I get here? Part two: Come what may.

So now you have a name, and a script with the instructions take one a day for well ever. You think to yourself that isn’t so bad until you still have to do all those symptom maintainance for preventative and quality of life. 1,499 more words


Chronic fatigue is like a hangover..

One of my flat mates tried to compare CFS to a hang over the other day. He’s like you know how like you’re hung over and feel like shit, and im like yeah, then he’s like well when im hung over and I feel like shit I just think I don’t feel like shit, I tell myself I feel fine, and then I do. 400 more words

Generic questionaire..does questionaire have one "n" or two...

1. How are you feeling today?
I felt okay earlier. Then I started feeling not okay.

2. What’s your illness?
M.E/CFS, Alopecia Areata..plus whatever lame DSM labels you want to throw me under. 202 more words

Education // Studying with chronic fatigue

Education // Studying with chronic fatigue

I have been dealing with fatigue for almost a year now. We haven’t found the cause of it yet, and even though I hope it will disappear as magically as it appeared someday,  I still have to find a way to deal with it in my everyday life. 645 more words


My way back to work..

Hello beautiful people <3

In the past, I prefered publishing tips & tricks rather than personal stories on my blog. However, this time, I’m sharing a personal story… 718 more words

Adrenal Fatigue

Joy and Pain

There are those rare moments when you actually feel happy, feel joy, that you are light and there is no weight on your shoulders. Maybe people feel that everyday, like a choice that they just make. 315 more words