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Are you B12 deficient?

Don’t Ignore These 7 Warning Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency!

B12 is a wonder vitamin. It’s a wonder what we’d do without it! Actually, its one that a deficiency of will get us into a bit of a mess.

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Cfs Recovery

F is For Fret

I am currently trying to create a timetable/weekly routine for everything in my life right now. Uni, work, resting, everything.

I am tired just making the damn timetable. 165 more words

Where'd my spoons go?

I am so exhausted lately that I feel like I can barely function. I can’t explain why I’m so tired; I’m sleeping better than ever, but my batteries are just not re-charging. 474 more words


Don't Dream It's Over

Good Monday morning, my people. What a most glorious weather weekend! Finally, we here in the bowels of Texas have had some fantastical temperatures. Way better than the 90+ temps from last weekend. 612 more words

The Present

That Time I Forgot About My Body's Limitations

The current town my husband and I live in is home to one of the state’s most popular universities with a very popular football team (unlike our tiny, football-less alma mater). 1,140 more words

Chronic Illness

Becoming a Social Butterfly!

I have often mentioned my connection with the butterfly – going from an ugly caterpillar to hiding in a cocoon, to battling my way out and turning into a beautiful butterfly! 377 more words

Chronic Pain

Dealing With Troublesome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Know Your Enemy

Envision that you are dragging throughout the day, consistently, regardless of how much rest and relaxation you get. There are various reasons an individual may feel in such a manner. 745 more words