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I surrender

Now and then I get one of those extremely challenging days when I just want to throw in the towel at life. I feel discouraged, angry, hopeless, trapped, and confused. 273 more words

Chronic Pain

There is no spoon

I’m fairly sure I’ve written on this topic before.

Life.  Seems to be full of ridiculous contradictions.  Well mine is anyway.  I need to sleep but I can’t.   399 more words

Chronic Fatigue

First blog post


This is my very first Blog. I’ve seen that lots of people I know do these and I thought I’d give it a whirl. I’ve  never been much of a writer but have always found writing to be a positive outlet for me. 278 more words


A *lightweight* workout

I made it to the gym today and yawned my way through a very slow bike warm up.   I had the bike set to a really low setting and pedalled slowly – even lowered my head to the handle bars at one point and almost dosed off. 130 more words


4 Natural Ways To Fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

People who are suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome know that how it feels on some days, and even brushing your teeth can become a marathon. The best treatment for chronic fatigue is to take medicines and follow the instructions prescribed by the doctor. 421 more words

Achy, Anxious, and Fatigued

This picture couldn’t describe my daily life any better.  I generally wake up, shower, and then feel the need to go back and take a nap.   292 more words


Turning impossible into possible

Today marks an exceptionally important day for me. Let me tell you why –  Not many of you know my story as I’ve kinda been avoiding it a little, cause to be honest, it’s not a very pretty one………not to mention, that my lessons learnt may be confronting to some. 1,642 more words

Chronic Fatigue