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So tired

One of those days when just getting up is a battle, but then I see that I have 20 new followers on Instagram and 30 on Twitter. 6 more words

Chronic Pain


I did some baking today and successfully made (for the first time) cinnamon scrolls.

And good lord they were good, and gluten free.

Baking is my happy place. 44 more words

Keto: a new hope for CFS?

I’ve been on a downward spiral since Christmas and all of the worst CFS symptoms have reared their ugly heads, including a few new additions: lightheadedness/dizziness and frequent motion sickness. 979 more words


A letter to my fellow chronic illness sufferers.

Hey there, hi there, ho there!

Recently I’ve read posts from fellow chronic illness sufferers about having to endure ignorant comments from strangers and sadly, friends and family about how how hard it must be for those in their life caring for them without their own difficulties being acknowledged. 1,232 more words


Finding Relief from Chronic Fatigue with Ayurveda

Chronic Fatigue syndrome is an illness that consists of a constellation of symptoms lasting for many months. These symptoms are fatigue, joint problems, muscle tissue pain, trouble focusing, and trouble concentrating. 334 more words


Drama Queen

So I may have been a bit over-dramatic about the burning cream. It did hurt, but I’ve had worse.

I’ve been on the exer-cycle every day for the past week, just for 5 minutes and I feel good. 75 more words

When Family minimizes your pain ...

Any Chronic Pain Warrior knows this struggle,

It doesn’t matter how many doctors, nurses, specialists, or tests you get, you always have that one (or more) family members that completely refuse to see that you may have something actually wrong with you. 298 more words

Chronic Illness