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Medical Mystery

When I first became sick I thought the most important thing was getting a diagnosis, as if that would solve all my problems. I have been diagnosed With a few things over the years reflex neuovascular dystrophy, leaky gut syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and few others. 103 more words


There's an Energy Crisis!

I have zero energy. Zero. None. I got up at 8:30am and now, at 8:30pm, I am completely tapped out. What have I done? I woke up, put make up on and got dressed, went to work, made dinner, went grocery shopping, and came home. 105 more words

Mental Health

Finished blanket!

I CANNOT believe I didn’t post the finished result. It will be posted out this week and I cannot wait for them to receive it :) 27 more words

Beautifully Broken

The words have not been coming easily.  Over the last couple of months I’ve found it difficult to organize my thoughts and put them on paper.  661 more words


Pulling One's Self Together For the Next Level

And by one’s self, I mean me. And anyone in a similar place, of course.

I’m beginning to realize that, while I’m aware that I’m doing really well and have taken huge strides forward in my emotional health and stability, I still function as though I haven’t. 273 more words



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chronic condition…. chiari malformation.

Chiari Malformation

My Daily Battle

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I’ve been in quite the Battle the past few weeks.  My pain levels have limited my ability to complete most tasks that I do in my Daily Life.  391 more words