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A dark horse (or is it a cow?)

I’ve always had the sort of health and body that just worked without too much trouble.  I could push it to extremes of stress and endurance (although not physical) and it ran on empty quite well.   653 more words

Chronic Fatigue

Etsy Shop Opens, Essential Oil Boxes

Excited as I have officially opened the Essential Oil Box store on Etsy.

This is truly a labor of love as I have poured myself into creating. 19 more words


R.S.V.P - If my MS allows

Imagine not having control of your body. Your day to day activities are always questionable. Just like your cell phone, once your battery gets too low, your body shuts off. 168 more words

Multiple Sclerosis

Learning From Bloggers

Hey guys! So it’s been way too long. Life has been crazy, as always. We had been spending a lot of time with a friend of ours who is having a bit of a sad streak while dealing with some paternity and child support issues. 519 more words


I feel like I should pretend

I had a day off work yesterday because I was too tired to drive. I slept for another solid 8 hours before I got out of bed. 107 more words


When your pants fall off, it's time to shop! (Day 47)

Sometimes the best part of losing weight is getting to shop for new clothes. Although for me, I can pretty much shop from my own closet. 326 more words

Weight Loss

Up Again

the last few days I have been feeling better having ended cycle two of my progesterone a few days ago…phew.

I am set for round 3 during my trip to Disneyland in September (!), i am going to have to talk to my doctor about possibly skipping or if there is something else I can do to counteract the fatigue and other effects so I don’t spend my vacation lying on my face in the hotel room 😒 563 more words