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Chronic Fatigue Is Real And Needs Your Attention Now!

At some point in our lives, we all get too tired. People suffering from arthritis have experienced attacks of depression in their lives. All of us get tired at one time or another. 462 more words


Coping with an Invisible Illness

It isn’t something I particularly talk about…mostly because I don’t see the point but after thinking about it; it is important to talk about it. I have a type of arthritis in my lower back called ankylosing spondylitis. 686 more words


Not Candida

This post contains content of a gynaecological nature. 

I saw the doctor on Thursday. It seems that what has constantly been written off, treated by doctors and self-treated by me wasn’t candida. 452 more words


On chronic fatigue, sex, and anxiety

So my partner, J, has just reminded me that we have Smoked Peri-Peri hummus in the fridge. I’m now way more excited about breakfast than I was before. 642 more words

Straight lines

Today I read a quote about creativity …

“The creative process does not travel in straight lines. It thrives in the undefined spaces in between.” 212 more words

You Know You Have Endometriosis When

You know you have endometriosis when…

1. Your life revolves around your heating pad, especially at night

2. You’ve tried all the anti-inflammatories and pain relievers, and they all do nothing, so you give up on NSAIDs and any prescription(s) … 1,313 more words


When life becomes cluttered

It turns out that studying for exams while trying to stay on top of SU meetings, society prep and having a bare minimum of a social life is no easy task. 427 more words