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Turmeric - the pain-killer

Take a pinch of turmeric in warm water or milk twice daily to get relief from pain and inflammation. From both a neurological and inflammatory standpoint, in other words, turmeric is a powerful weapon in the fight against fibromyalgia.


How to be lost

I’ve been feeling lost at lot this week.  The work stuff plays on my mind, so much so that I’m sick of thinking about it.  I have to go to a celebration of the result on Saturday night and at the same time I feel happy but like I’m attending a funeral. 309 more words

More than fatigue

Feeling exhausted everyday, all day long is extremely draining physically, emotionally, and mentally. It is so much more than fatigue it is being exhausted after the simplest of  tasks. 25 more words


I'm Tired of Explaining

I just want others to remember what I’m going through. Other people don’t get questioned, if others say “I’m tired, hurting somewhere, I’m sick.” People think to themselves, “Oh must be the ( 230 more words


Running on Empty: Adrenal exhaustion and chronic fatigue

A mindfulness teacher recently asked me about this widely spread malaise in our hectic world. There are many signs and symptoms, listed below, that I see in my clinic that indicate the problem, but don’t get too hung up about them: In the holistic world, if you have any it doesn’t mean your body is faulty, they act as reminders that we have not aligned ourselves correctly towards life. 1,167 more words

The next step

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So far I’ve described how yeasts can get into the gut and then cause problems with the immune system, e.g. food intolerances, irritable bowel syndrome, hay fever and yes, restless leg syndrome too. 240 more words

Chronic Fatigue

The Highly Sensitive Child - They Know Their Power - Let's Honour That!

Luca (our 7 year old recovering from chronic fatigue) didn’t want to go in the garden last Thursday. It was a lovely day, as warm outside as inside, and so I asked him why not.   290 more words