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Planks are for pirates, not exercise! (Day 22)

The fat to phat program Day 22!

I would have liked to have jumped out of bed, if I were able, but instead, I practically crawled to the weight scale this morning. 674 more words

I'm so so so tired

I started work 3 days ago, and since have done 3x 7-hour shifts. My feet are killing me and just hurt constantly, my hips are ridiculously painful and everything else hurts. 120 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Organic burgers don't have calories, right? (Day 21)

The fat to phat program day 21

Well it was a good mini holiday. I managed to get my workout in but I opted out of waking up the poor souls beneath us in the hotel, for a more traditional workout at home. 655 more words

Joy comes from

Joy, joy comes from an unbroken spirit! We fight so hard every day, sometimes just opening our eyes takes everything that we have. Sometimes the doctor appointments leave us more broken with less answers and less hope. 414 more words

My Daily Randomness

Tonight I’m going to have a sleep over with some friends…45 billion of them.  I decided I needed to do something today to combat this bad taste in my mouth and now I have some probiotic friends – UltraBiotic 45.   76 more words

Chronic Fatigue

Traveling tips wanted (Day 20) 

I found my workout today REALLY Hard! It took every bit of energy I had to complete my 40 minutes. I tried the treadmill, which lasted only 20 minutes, before I had to stop. 473 more words

Row row row your boat, but it's not that gentle and merrily, I think not! (Day 19)

    The fat to phat program continues…

    So today things slowed down a bit, well actually a whole lot, but that happens when you borrow tommorrows spoons. 570 more words