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When your Chronic Illness flares and doesn't ask your permission

My current physical status can be summarized in one word- Pain. Intense, debilitating pain. I’m confined to  my couch, fighting a war against my body that decided that today was a perfect day for a horrible Fibromyalgia flare up and possible kindly infection (I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow to confirm my suspicions of the later). 519 more words

Chronic Illness

Medicine Costly, Where's the Gain?

It’s been seven years since starting this blog April 2009.


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Chronic Pain

Hiding Place

The trouble with fatigue is it takes over all of your life. It’s not just the physical exhaustion that leaves your body is drained of all strength. 745 more words


Why do these thoughts come to me so late?  Often, I’m getting ready to go to bed, I’ve shut down the computer and suddenly a blog post thought arrives. 520 more words

Chronic Fatigue


A year ago my health was horrible. I was in pain, and exhausted all the time. I had difficulty, and pain when I would lay down, sit, stand, and walk. 149 more words


The big introduction...

So, now I’ve made a few tweaks, it’s time to get this show on the road!

First things first, to tell you all about my history, and how I’ve come about starting a blog. 310 more words

Chronic Illness


I don’t want to be mind controlled but I need it to stop. The constant battle in my head.
Having all the potential in the world to do what you want and need to do but can’t. 648 more words