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It is important to take some time for yourself. The hustle and bustle can make you focus on others and forget about yourself.
Can you think of something to do for yourself that will make your day a little easier or a little better? 107 more words
Mental Illness

On This Thanksgiving Eve

On this Thanksgiving Eve I find myself in more need than I was in even a couple days ago;test results that say I have a longer treatment protocol ahead, loss of a job that turned a small income into zero…. 145 more words


Sugar craving day

Some days you eat healthy, some days you just need to eat chemist Jellybeans in bed.


Isolation V solitude

As time goes on with this illness I think we all start to feel a bit isolated and even lonely. People try their very best to understand but sadly often offer blasé comments such as, ‘you need to be more positive’, or ‘have you tried exercising more!’. 530 more words

Chronic Illness & Humour

Taking the Leap

On the outside, everything looked just right. I was living in a super flat, surrounded by good friends and I’d landed my dream job. And I’m not referring to the so-called ‘corporate dream’… My job was genuinely great. 781 more words

Chronic Fatigue

Winter Symptoms Start 

November 23, 2015 7AM
It has started everyone the winter symptoms. All symptoms are a pain but for me winter can be more painful especially my mornings. 146 more words



It is funny to me how fibro moves and changes with time. For the longest time my biggest issue was pain. I also dealt with being tired, depression, sleep issues, fibrofog, muscle spasms and more. 416 more words