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Light Bulb Moments

I totally logged in to write up some earth shattering revelations, but I got distracted by some posts by fellow bloggers and awaaay flies the insights of light bulb moments. 757 more words

20 Hours and a Baby

The great experiment of finding my new work/life balance has actually gone well. Despite the job not being for me, the hours are working.

Why four shorter days works for me… 303 more words


Bank Holiday Exhaustion

So this weekend was a Bank Holiday, and what’s more we actually had some sunshine, unheard of! To most people what that means is an extra day off work, an extra day to spend time with friends and family, maybe an extra day spent in the garden or doing a big spring clean. 323 more words


Support Me On Patreon

I’ve been blogging here on bluchickenninja.com for 2 and a half years now. Its something that I’ve come to really enjoy and spend lots of time on. 578 more words


Is Your Mouth Full of Poison?

by Dr. Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND

It is astounding to think that there is still controversy surrounding whether mercury amalgams (the mercury fillings in your teeth) are dangerous or safe for your health. 763 more words


Chronic Pain As It's Own Disease

Pain is typically considered to be a symptom of an injury, disease or condition; it is simply the transmission of information through nerves about damage to the body. 363 more words

Chronic Illness

Chronic Fatigue and Children - Let them Lead the Way!

When we are really in our power we are at our strongest and most resilient.

What is our power? Just being true to ourselves.

Luca (7) who has chronic fatigue had such a good few days I really thought we could see the end of the tunnel. 144 more words