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Fibromyalgia, what you need to know!

I wrote this blog post from an article that was no longer needed, so I thought I would share it with you :)

Fibromyalgia is said to be trigger by an event, and with the death of a close friend 5 years ago, nothing could have prepared me for the pain and upset that it caused and clearly my body couldn’t cope ether, and having already being low I picked up glandular fever as well, I wont go into that story haha. 904 more words


Club day.

I’m part of a club that meets for two hours on the first Wednesday of each month. It is about cake decorating, which is another hobby of mine. 45 more words

"How are you?"

It’s a question most of us ask or are asked multiple times a day. Usually there’s a simple “fine, you?” Reply and that’s all that’s needed. 225 more words


Is the protagonist of Stardew Valley suffering from chronic illness?

By Geoffrey Bunting

For the past two years I have suffered from chronic illness. It’s a hard road; it makes pretty much everything ten times more difficult than it should be – and that’s on a good day. 1,030 more words


Surprising but good news

I wasn’t expecting it today but I got the marks back for the latest semester at uni. I passed! And better than I thought I would. 411 more words

Manifesting Soul Desires

I have had one strong desire for over 20 years: to be healthy and pain-free. But it’s been such a struggle, sometimes feeling better and then worse again, never able to reach that energy and sense of strength that I used to have in my active healthy days. 790 more words

Chronic Pain

Sound sensitive.

Today I’ve been quite sound sensitive. It’s been exhausting and I just want to block it all out. It almost feels like everything is overly loud, like normally it’s at a volume of 7 it now feels like 11. 64 more words