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Harry Styles-- music therapy 💜

🎵“Same lips red, same eyes blue… But it’s not you and it’s not me.. we’re not who we used to be…”🎵

Y’all, this song gets me on a DEEP level… 547 more words

Chronic Fatigue

Day 1

Ive been diagnosed with CFS about 2 weeks ago now. It means chronic fatigue syndrome.

Today I had my first English GCSE mock which was 2hrs and 15min long. 164 more words


Insomnia nights

Insomnia is a normal thing for me.

When insomnia steals your sleep at night, it usually means that your day is going to be filled with a ton of pain, brain fog, and fatigue. 364 more words

Chronic Fatigue

Well, first day of my new project and I was determined to make my first post full of sparkle, motivation, energy and general positiveness. However, I apologise now, I have been hit with a flare up; no sleep for several nights, a long journey home from holiday, to which I feel I need another already. 192 more words

All about… being an imposter.

If it walks like a zebra and talks like a zebra…

When I was diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome, I found myself part of a global community. 453 more words

Chronic Fatigue


Waiting, for appointments, for test, and for results, is another part of living long term illness is that cannot be avoid.

I think I am actually better at it than I used to be. 540 more words


Motivation? What's That?

My fellow Spoonies will know the struggle of needing to lose weight in order to help with your conditions, but being too exhausted to do anything about it.  367 more words