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1. How to decipher egg carton labels: The truth behind what “cage-free,” “free-range” and other common terms mean (and don’t mean) for animal welfare. 80 more words

Christie boasts N.J. Medicaid expansion success under Obamacare


Gov. Chris Christie on Monday boasted the success of expanding the Medicaid program in the state, arguing the “naysayers” have been “proven wrong” and that 566,000 additional New Jerseyans have insurance coverage. 89 more words

Always hungry and dizzy

I’ve been saying yes to fewer things recently, but I can always seem to say yes to sleep. I’ve been doing my dental treatments and have really bad gag reflexes so on days when I have appointments I make my own juices or smoothies, and have coffee and water. 328 more words

The Joys Of Chronic Injuries

Sometimes the look on your dog’s face says it all.

Hi Guys,

     Another Saturday is almost in the books, and I find myself lying on my bed again, trying to recover from the activities of the day. 1,093 more words

Spoonie Film Club

As a chronically ill person who is bed/chair bound for 95% of the day I have lost all semblance of a social life. Between the obvious effects of illness such as pain and disability, there is also not a lot of energy/time what with doctors appointments, therapies and self care taking a large portion of the my life’s pie chart. 1,223 more words

Chronic Illness


Having a chronic illness sucks. Having people constantly not understand you sucks, or those that think that they’re helping you by giving you a list as long as your arm with information that won’t ever help *sigh*. 440 more words

Chronic Illness