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As a chronically ill person who is bed/chair bound for 95% of the day I have lost all semblance of a social life. Between the obvious effects of illness such as pain and disability, there is also not a lot of energy/time what with doctors appointments, therapies and self care taking a large portion of the my life’s pie chart. 1,223 more words

Chronic Illness

OnlyinThisHead- My dark, lovely passenger over these years of living with chronic illness.


Only in this head is a phrase that came to me ten some years ago when I was going through a difficult time. I felt alone with my pain and unable to break out of my head space. 548 more words

Chronic Illness


Having a chronic illness sucks. Having people constantly not understand you sucks, or those that think that they’re helping you by giving you a list as long as your arm with information that won’t ever help *sigh*. 440 more words


How to think about chronic health conditions

I’ll be giving a public presentation on “What You Should Know About Diabetes” at the Bonsor Recreation Complex at 7 pm on Wednesday, November 25th. You’ll learn if you are at risk for diabetes and how you can prevent it; how diabetes can affect your heart, circulation, nervous system and brain; and what you would need to know to effectively manage your health and avoid these complications. 533 more words

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Chronic Pain Awareness: It's Ok to Not Be Ok.

September is chronic pain awareness month, and since I suffer from a few chronic conditions myself, I wanted to take the time to talk about it a bit. 418 more words


Allergies are really bad this year!

Since I am having difficulties breathing and have to constantly wipe my eyes and blow my nose, I know that this bothersome condition affects some of my seniors as well, so I decided to look into the best ways to help a senior safely survive allergy season. 179 more words

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