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Spoonie Film Club

As a chronically ill person who is bed/chair bound for 95% of the day I have lost all semblance of a social life. Between the obvious effects of illness such as pain and disability, there is also not a lot of energy/time what with doctors appointments, therapies and self care taking a large portion of the my life’s pie chart. 1,223 more words

Chronic Illness

OnlyinThisHead- My dark, lovely passenger over these years of living with chronic illness.


Only in this head is a phrase that came to me ten some years ago when I was going through a difficult time. I felt alone with my pain and unable to break out of my head space. 548 more words

Chronic Illness

Wheelchairs PSA From Tumblr- So Good


friendly reminder that wheelchairs, canes, crutches, mobility scooters, walkers, etc. are not part of a dichotomy between being able to walk and unable to walk.

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Name Your Symptoms

Do you suffer from lightheadedness? Ringing in the ears? Do you sweat excessively? Do you have unexplained pain in your feet? How about difficulty concentrating? 423 more words

Life Lessons

Letter to Mayo Clinic to request put on waiting list (ignored)

You would think that people in the business of helping sick people would want to. I wrote this letter to Mayo Clinic, (who is not taking on new patients) to get on a waiting list and got no response. 281 more words

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When 90% of Us Share 12.3% of the Pie

I can’t get this out of my mind, as it really brings into focus why so many people have become chronically ill, and are dying younger from devastating new health problems and increasingly early  deaths (including suicides), because our true health and well-being is not profitable, and therefore what is needed is not available. 798 more words

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