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It is 6am. I have had a grand total of 1 hour sleep since getting in from the wedding.

It was a glorious hour. The subsequent hours since 4 am have not been fun. 251 more words

No Fun Night

So my show is over and everybody is at the cast party tonight. I however, am stuck at home. I feel like absolute crap and I am also having a million panic attacks. 143 more words

Chronic Illness

Ready for Sleep

I love my bed, and I love putting on my jammies, shortly after the dogs have their after dinner walk. So yes, bedtime starts right after dinner!!   459 more words

I'm Just Fine (My First Rap)

People ask me “Why you don’t talk” all the time.

Well here’s your damn answer,

My body’s decaying, it’s breaking.

But no one gives two craps unless it’s cancer. 650 more words


Are the warnings on drugs real?

Asking for a friend who may have drank a bottle of wine, taken 60mg of codeine and is still wide awake and in a boat load of pain. 72 more words

Not the Real Me

When you have a chronic illness, it can feel like people don’t know the real you. I remember when one of my flatmates made a passing comment about how I wasn’t a particularly sociable person – she wasn’t being rude or mean, just making an observation. 417 more words

Chronic Illness


It’s not been an easy week, for some reason.  I’ve needed long naps a couple of times ( yes I know, after mentioning I didn’t need them anymore). 513 more words