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The Great Comeback

There’s nothing quite as exciting as a comeback – seeing someone with dreams, watching them fail and break down, and then seeing them get their second chance. 671 more words

Selective exposure and when helping isn't really helping

This is an issue I’ve wanted to write about for a while now, but due to circumstances on my end I’ve been unable to either find the time to do it, been in no headspace to write about it or haven’t physically been capable of doing it. 1,528 more words

I have a vision! I have a heart!

Over the last number of weeks, i have had a chance to reflect and work on my ever moving forward journey!

In doing so, i have realised i am capable of doing anything and everything if i really put my mind to it – I have already moved mountains , but through reflecting i know that i am only halfway up that mountain. 175 more words

It's Not Easy Being Home/How I Lost My Job

February 28th, 2015
It’s funny, being out of work due to illness. Spending so much time indoors changes you. When working I was guaranteed to be out and about every day, however now I sometimes spend weeks without starting up my car. 972 more words
Living With Lyme Disease

The Faces of Endo

I am honored for the opportunity to participate in this amazing project.

Let’s help this video go viral in March for Endometriosis Awareness Month.

Can you spot our photo? 8 more words

Chronic Pain

Chronic Illness: My Story

Hey Warriors!

We all know its sometimes difficult to share our personal stories and trials we face in life. However, I have recently realized that by doing so, we can find strength in the support of others and encourage them in return. 2,160 more words

Chronic Illness