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Hamster Face

Today I lowered my dose of prednisolone from 15mg to 10mg a day. I haven’t been able to sleep properly for the last two weeks; I’ve been tired (understatement) all day, everyday and then unable to wind down at bedtime. 310 more words


Wordless Wednesday

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Poem: To Begin Again

To Begin Again

After years of mental pain,

After years of physical pain,

I am finally ready,

To begin again.

I am ready to live again. 260 more words

Mental Illness

The Mighty Niagara

The above picture, this porkchop shaped island, is where I grew up. It is surrounded by the waters of the Niagara River. At each end of “The Island”, as it is referred to by locals, is a bridge. 1,886 more words


The Best Products For Chronic Pain 🖤

When you are diagnosed with a chronic illness managing it can be a nightmare especially since many who have been/ wil be diagnosed in the future may not Have the money on hand to spend on medication, treatments etc. 1,685 more words

Chronic Illness

3 unexpected gifts of Lupus

I’ve written before about what I’ve lost to Lupus. Now I want to share a little of what Lupus has offered me:


Lovely Little Rascal

It took time but I was able to capture a sweet little hummingbird feeding at our feeder today. This may be a female. She’s such a clever quick little beauty isn’t she? 30 more words

Brain Injury