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Using Essential Oil for Pain

In the coming weeks, I plan to post about “Eliminating Chemicals in Your Life”, but this post is simply a starting point.

Last year, my sister gave me one of the greatest gifts… a starter kit with essential oils. 131 more words


Finding Purpose in Suffering - Part 1

This blog post is my biggest take away from the women’s conference I attended in Colorado Springs last weekend where Nancy Guthrie was the speaker. I only was able to attend Saturday and each of those sessions were grounded in the Word of God and both convicted and encouraged. 1,068 more words

They Had Told Me That I Was Well.

It’s crazy how much chronic illness can mess with your mind, both in the physiological and psychological sense.

I’ve been reflecting a lot lately as my overall health has worsened and spun far out of my control. 874 more words


Baseball and Bad Ideas

The Cubs are in the World Series. This is a time for extraordinary feats, for crying manly tears, for breaking curses. Real life is pretty much an inspirational sports movie right about now. 993 more words

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

InkTober: Day 24 - One Dozen

One of the hardest things to cope with in life is knowing that you’re not being heard. Knowing that your voice is drowned out because others believe they know what you feel better than you do. 473 more words

Chronic Pain

Court Appointed by Priscilla Audette

It got preachy in places, but it was preaching to the choir to this reader, so it’s all good. Patricia Audette chose a subject that isn’t easy to deal with in fiction or in life. 128 more words

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