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One Year Blog Anniversary!

Hello everyone! As you can probably tell from the title of this post, its been ONE YEAR since I first started my blog! It feels like such a long time ago in some ways but in other ways it feels like no time at all! 519 more words


We Don't Have A Opioid Epidemic - We Have A Chronic Pain & Illness Epidemic - HELP US don't HURT US!

I’ve been rewriting this blog over and over again, and to be blunt there is no other way to write it, but to get straight to the point – so here I go. 1,279 more words

Chronic Illness

Eczema Week: Snapshots of a life with eczema

I’m five years old, and I’ve been in an isolation ward for a week.

Not because I’m contagious, but because the right side of my body is an open wound and the last thing I need is to be exposed to other kids’ diseases and infections. 1,895 more words

Adelaide Writes

10 things you should know if you're thinking about having ileostomy reversal surgery

I had my ileostomy reversed in October 2015 after previously having my large bowel removed when a nasty bout of Ulcerative colitis, a form of Inflammatory bowel disease, attacked it. 876 more words

Chronic Illness

30 Days of Chronic Illness

Day 25 – Name 5 activities you have managed to pursue while being ill, and 5 activities you have done you wouldn’t have pursued if you hadn’t become ill. 153 more words

Chronic Illness

FAQs September 2016

 Why do I get pain during ovulation?

No-one is sure but one theory is that the pain is the egg breaking through the ovary wall, which releases a small amount of fluid or sometimes a small amount of blood that irritates nearby nerves. 442 more words


Despite Nothing

“You were so ill.”

“You got 3 hours of sleep in a week.”

“You sat an exam with bloods that should have had you in resus.” 2,792 more words