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Cold hands. Warm back. I have dropped a plate. Crack!

Machine spins. Mind whirrs. A life of chronic pain; cursed!

Ambulance siren. A Robin’s cheep. Constant back pain. 12 more words


Why I Started Blogging - Blogtober #10

Everyone has their own blogging ‘story/journey’ and today I thought I’d share a little bit of mine.

I originally started blogging in 2014. I’d been ill a long time and while bed bound the Internet had become my main contact with the outside world, as well as a constant form of entertainment. 348 more words


Coming off meds - and worries

Hello! Did you miss me? No? Well, screw you.

I’m sorry for the lack of blogs. We still don’t have internet, and I’ve not been out to places that have WiFi much of late. 1,051 more words

A laundry list of my chronic illness symptoms

Even after nine years of living with my invisible chronic illnesses (Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis), I am still amazed at the multitude of seemingly unrelated symptoms that I experience. 154 more words


Is Chronic illness Live Art..?

A fairly recent, very light-hearted, conversation prompted a thought. And as my readers will know, that’s not unusual for me. 

The conversation…

I had been chatting with one of my children & reflecting on their recent visit to Tate Modern in London. 1,253 more words


The Fibro Fog Theory.

I feel like I am back in the 9th grade, in chemistry class, proudly proclaiming I have a theory that I want to test. Of course, the theory I am suggesting would best be left to physiology professors to prove or disprove…I am going to argue my point for proving my theory as fact; 699 more words

Chronic Pain

Did You Miss Me? Chronic Illness, Distractions, And Writing

Forgive me, Dear Reader, for I have neglected to write. It’s been three months since my last post. I created snippets of potential posts, but nothing worthy of publishing. 1,440 more words