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Round and Round the Illness Goes

Same problems with this job and every job I have. Do good for awhile then my illness comes back and i have to look for a new job because I’m too dumb or slow to keep going, and I feel like everyone just makes fun of me because I talk slow and cant go into work because I’m too messed up in the head… Oh well, time for a new job…Just gonna have to do this all my life I guess.  148 more words

Illness Adaptation

Dear Eren,

I’m not the same without you, but you seem to be great without me. That’s good. I’m glad you can be happy without me. 248 more words


I’m so confused right now. I had an appointment with my gastroenterologist this morning. It was my follow-up appointment from my gastric emptying study back in August. 283 more words

Grateful in ALL things??

It’s easy to be thankful for your home and your family. Most people are thankful for their health and their careers or education. We should always treasure the people who are good to us, the comforts of home and our abilities, as life is so fragile.  277 more words

Chronic Illness

Socioeconomic factors involved in chronic illness

Socioeconomic factors involved in chronic illness

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator


I have discussed a number of features of the health care system that are available to individuals and are becoming integrated over the last decade to a much greater extent than at the end of the last century. 704 more words


To Tat Or Not To Tat?

I think I surprised a few people at my last appointment. I asked about getting a tattoo as the appointment was winding down. I had wanted one for years, & thought maybe during the period that I was finally off the immunosuppressant I could maybe get one safely. 448 more words

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The Uncommon Cold

For most people having a cold is nothing more than annoying but to someone with pre-existing pain and health conditions it FEELS like the end of the world. 189 more words