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“It’s A Scandal” -Daryl Hall on Doctors Denying Chronic Lyme – https://wp.me/pFTo7-XA

Chronic Lyme

Malibu & Cream Soda

I’m cruising down memory lane today, rocking out with a classic rock station, just thinking about life after a great hard day of household chores. I have still been working on moving furniture, cleaning area rugs, but the piano I saved for tomorrow. 1,086 more words


Focusing the Lens

Marriage, children, home schooling, farm, church, grocery shopping, bill paying, phone calls, texts, emails…all wrapped in the shroud of chronic illness…it makes me want to go back to bed after just typing it.  715 more words


Could hypothyroidism be the cause of your random health symptoms?

If you’re a woman experiencing random health issues but your doctor keeps telling you that you’re in perfect health, you may need to have your… 754 more words

Health And Wellness

What Chronic Fatigue Feels Like 

My fatigue has been chronic for 6 years now, at least. I had tremendous amounts of fatigue in high school, but you know, things were different then. 484 more words


Everyday Denial and the Battle it Brings....

It’s funny to me how I come across these quotes dealing with Fibromyalgia and they always seem to hit me in the face! There is always that one on a particular day that stops me dead in my tracks!! 401 more words