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The Toxicity of Unsolicited Advice

I’ve found myself in relationships throughout my life that are openly hostile to my emotional needs.  Where it becomes the imperative truth that if I talk about myself, my feelings or problems, it is seen as an invitation for attack, not an invitation to connection or intimacy.   1,310 more words

Atypical Flare Day

Itchy. Everything is itchy. The burning itchy kind of itchy. The under the skin kind of itchy. The normal itchy. EVERYTHING itches!!!!!

It’s been like this for hours now. 239 more words


What Makes You Happy?

I am somebody who, in the face of serious trials, can become easily overwhelmed. My health problems can be low in pain on one day and cause me a lot of pain the other day, which greatly affects my mental health (depression is a side affect to chronic pain, and while it is not an everyday occurrence, it can be pretty brutal when it does come). 352 more words


Why fighting for my life made me start to live it

I lost my ability to walk, could hardly talk. I couldn’t write. I couldn’t draw or play football or doing anything I used to do before around Easter 2014. 417 more words

Tattoos and Chronic Illnesses

Tattoos and piercings used to be considered taboos almost in the United States, but are now approaching a relative norm. Typically people pick something that means a lot to them to put on their skin forever, other just pick pretty things, or there are the occasional inebriated decision that leads to you picking the name of that ex you missed at 2am that you will inevitably regret and get covered up in a month. 1,482 more words

Recovery room redemption

After the major surgery I just went through, I am sure that most people felt my first post afterward on the blog would be different than this. 1,330 more words

It is no one's fault.


I was born with it

I am trying my best not to die with it