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It's Mah Eeeeds!

We don’t have an official diagnosis for any of my children yet and probably won’t for a while as we are not having any of them tested yet. 427 more words


Chapter One

It was an early morning wakeup as I trudged away on some courses for work I am trying to complete. They are very good, I just seem to have too many in my brain, and my head is trying to grow larger… 799 more words


Reclaiming My Morning

I was the ultimate morning person. Mornings belonged to me – they were the most peaceful and productive part of my day. There’s nothing else quite like waking to a red sky burning along the horizon, the staccato rhythm of rain drumming on the roof, the chipper melodies of the birds and whisper of light breezes stroking the leaves. 590 more words

The Old Lady In My Bones

Stop and smell the flowers...

Lately I’ve been fighting this internal battle, it’s not new to me, but it’s still hard. The usual thoughts…why me, why us, where is the good, why can’t I get to where I want to be, how many more sacrifices, why God? 1,235 more words

Fără Categorie

My Joyful Valentine's Day

I’m really happy right now <3 ! Although there has been a lot of hardship in my life in the recent months, I’m grateful for all the good things that have happened to me :). 381 more words

I love myself! (Repost)

I keep getting comments about how brave I am for writing this blog and for fighting my illness. I do think of myself as a fighter, but brave? 1,493 more words

Is homelessness their choice?

I had an interesting confrontation yesterday with a man in a wheelchair as I was waiting to meet friends for breakfast. I was standing on the sidewalk looking for my friends, as I had arrived early to request a table as they didn’t take reservations. 1,354 more words

The Journey