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Relationship Depression

I think I am a bit depressed, today.

This online dating thing is really not working out.  99% of the guys will message you once and then disappear even if you respond.  168 more words

True Life

On Sacred Grounds

In his room, a place he calls his own.
This is his space and not for others to know.
For to even enter is to come upon Sacred Grounds.. 476 more words


This Time

this time

the never
ending pain is
so bad that life

becomes a
very bad movie
starring me but I

can’t walk out
because I want… 42 more words


In Some Small Way

I thought my story today would be about me. I thought I’d get to my appointment then go see my friend who was admitted to the same hospital as my procedure. 558 more words

God and I Have Plans

God, You and I have secret plans.

I pray that all will go well.

You know my heart is broken.

You know why it is… 115 more words


You Saved The Day

God, You saved me.

It was just another routine day

Of my running myself crazy

And getting in my own way,

But You saved the day. 176 more words


A Brief History of Lumps

This is not going to be a serious blog. I have enough of the seriousness in my life without writing about it here as well – this is a way for me to get everything out there that’s in my head (or happening with my body) without getting all upset. 889 more words

Hidradenitis Suppurativa