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Hydrotherapy and feelings of worthlessness.

The worst thing about hydrotherapy is that unlike actually working out, where you get better and healthier and stronger as you go, all you are doing is trying to keep feeling awful at bay. 28 more words

Dealing with a Setback

As you know, I am struggling with my Fibromyalgia and Polyarthralgia. I am working the 5 hour days at work and taking the extra time to rest or have the chance for down time before I need to take care of dinner or other things for my family. 342 more words

Medial Patellafemoral Ligament Knee Reconstruction

Quick update ~ tomorrow I am having medial patella femoral ligament knee reconstruction on my left knee. In layman’s terms- its an arthroscopic surgery to hopefully fix my left patella (kneecap) from dislocating anymore. 250 more words



“Do not confuse my bad days as a sign of weakness. Those are actually the days I’m fighting my hardest.” – Unknown


Endometriosis Awareness Month

When I decided to share our experiences with infertility and gestational surrogacy through a blog, it was met with mixed reviews. Some people thought it was a crazy idea, some people thought it was stupid, and some thought it was both.  972 more words

Vegan Gluten Free, Sugar Free Black Bean Brownies: Vietom Approved

I’ve had a week from hell.

My dad (affectionately known as Vietom by myself and my close friends) went in for a colonoscopy and they wound up putting a hole in his colon in the process. 746 more words



So as I read through some of my last few posts.. I realize a few things… I’m  horrible blogger for one. There are also a lot of things that I never mentioned the outcome of. 1,345 more words