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How to Understand Someone With Chronic Pain

How to Understand Someone With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain changes many things in life, most are invisible. Many people do not seem to understand chronic pain and its effects. 185 more words

Chronic Pain

Pain Clinic #2

Later today I have an appointment at the pain clinic.

The pain specialist I’ll be meeting with is the one who completed my intake last summer. 409 more words


Today’s Back Pain Treatment

Back pain is the number one complaint chronic pain sufferers have.

It’s common to have it at some point in your lifetime. Normal back pain lasts a day or two and goes away, for most people. 313 more words

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Natural Remedies for Trigeminal Neuralgia Pain

Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) is an extremely painful neuropathic disorder, which was actually nicknamed “Suicide Disease” due to the intense, stabbing and unbearable pain it causes the sufferer… 468 more words

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Taking Ibuprofen May Extend Your Lifespan

Periodic use of the common over-the-counter pain reliever ibuprofen has been found to extend the lifespan of multiple species, according to one study.

Yeast, flies and worms were the test subjects. 254 more words

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Feel the fear. Say it anyway.

Some stories have to be shared, no matter how scared it makes you feel.

I’m literally shaking at the thought of posting this, firstly because I’m unsure of the reaction I’ll get and secondly because it’s so important to me to raise awareness for this disease that I have suffered from for the past 4 years.

28 more words

Admitting You Feel Pain Does Not Make You Weak

Yesterday I read the post of a fellow traveller on the pain journey. The writer wrote that feeling pain made him feel weak and that he felt alone because he couldn’t tell anyone in his life what he is experiencing. 536 more words