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Where Can A Girl Get Some Insurance Around Here...

Once again, I haven’t been writing very much because I have been in a flare from hell!  Much like my last flare, this one was also induced by my menacing medication changes…initially anyway.   749 more words

Chronic Pain

Coping with Age-Related Pains

If all the other things about getting older weren’t bad enough, we can expect more aches and pains too.

Usually serious, age-related pain doesn’t start until we are in our 30’s. 396 more words

Pain Management

To the woman who tutted at me using the disabled toilets...

Dear lady who loudly tutted at me using the disabled loos,

I know you saw me running in, with my able bodied legs and all. You saw me opening the door with my two working arms. 672 more words


Tina Miller reblogged this on Living With Limited Spoons and commented:

Just another fine example of how people don't understand invisible illnesses/disabilities. The embarrassment and guilt is not necessary from the general public, trust me, most of us get it enough from ourselves.

Virtual Doctor Visits are Helpful and Convenient

Sometimes we are in pain but can’t take time off to visit the doctor.

Luckily with communication technology such as it is today, you can reach a physician via smart phone, tablet or laptop, in order to address your condition. 390 more words

Pain Management


When you’ve had chronic pain for many years whining becomes an art form, a sacred ritual while also becoming a bit repetitive. That’s why you have to jazz it a bit by coming up with new ways to whine. 914 more words

Chronic Pain

My Reluctant Surgeon

I saw my surgeon first thing this morning.

In her words I am “a complicated case” and she “wants the best” for me.

Her best is not to rush into surgery. 249 more words


How to Work and Manage Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia can be painful.

The fatigue can also act as a barrier between you and the life you want. Regardless, many who have the condition still continue to work part-time or even full-time jobs. 323 more words

Pain Management