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When Your Friends Disappear — Pain News Network

I lost many things during my diagnostic process and beyond, and friendships had the highest casualty rate. Pat Ackerberg had a similar experience and has some wisdom to share: 61 more words

Chronic Pain

13 Darkly Motivational Quotes

When getting through the day is my goal, a sappy quote about success and achievement doesn’t motivate me to keep going until tomorrow. I prefer the comfort of bittersweet words that ring true. 294 more words

Chronic Pain

Trending Downward

I had a shaky day post-meltdown, which is to be expected. Great energy was expended, problems were not solved, resultant sense of fragility must be nursed through the day. 993 more words

Ehler's Danlos

Freedom Friday - Week Four: Mindfulness and Meditation Practices

Yesterday, ended Week 4 of the 8-Week Mindfulness and Mediation Program; and, I am half-way to the finish line.

The practices for Week 4… 537 more words

Post-Chronic Pain

Just to clarify, I am no longer in pain. The pain is gone. The suffering is gone.

I mention this to clear up any residual confusion after my last post. 304 more words



I keep forgetting that TIME causes stress. Living life as much as possible without time, reduces stress for me. When you feel tired, it doesn’t matter what time it is, go to bed. 580 more words

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Maybe I'm Allergic to July

If my husband were writing this, he’d likely say that my sudden descent into fury and then hysterical, ugly sobbing for over an hour last night came right out of the blue. 1,306 more words

Ehler's Danlos