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let's (not) get physical

I write this post frustrated, but hopeful at the same time. I just received news from one of my doctors that I will be undergoing a new treatment for the Chronic Pain that is a combination of acupuncture and trigger point therapy. 547 more words

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Central Pain Syndrome (also known as thalamic pain syndrome) flares

Lots of people suffer from CPS and sadly, most of us are directly affected by weather.  I can remember my grandmother claiming that she could predict the weather the amount of pain she felt in her arthritis riddled knees, I would laugh and say SURE YOU CAN Nanny:-) :-) Over the past four years I have learned just how right she was.   147 more words

But You...

As many of you know I have an autoimmune disease called Fibromyalgia. I get up each day no matter my pain level and go to work. 108 more words


Doctor, Doctor, Doctor

In these past three days I have seen three different doctors. Why? Because I have this nebulous, new, not-a-lot-of-studies-done condition called Chronic Pain Syndrome. To have Chronic Pain, you need to have constant muscular pain for a long period of time (think months…in my case it’s years). 757 more words

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Virginia man with CRPS finally finds pain relief after seven long years

Mr. Socol lived and worked with a consistent pain level of 7/8 as a result of CRPS after a knee replacement surgery.

Understandably skeptical after trying several pain treatments without success, Ira leaves Calmare Therapy NJ at a pain level of 2 for the first time in more than 5 years. 56 more words

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A Little Pet Therapy Never Hurts

Last week my family was away so I brought Murphy, my own little pet therapy, to the office.

As many of you know, I’m a big proponent of pets and their ability to calm the mind and lessen the pain. 38 more words

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"LOSS" a poem


Deterioration of friendships and mislead feelings

Damaged beyond repair, never to see more Springs

Flound’ring and trying to make the bad work

But you’re always the one who gets called the jerk… 200 more words