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Just so you know...

I mentioned briefly in my “about me” section that I have a medical condition that causes me a lot of pain. I don’t like to talk about this much but I figured for you to understand some of the things I say in future blog posts, telling you about it could be quite important. 741 more words


How to Survive the Holidays Spoonie Style

My husband and I are very social and we love just about any reason to get the people we love together in a room, and the holiday season is great for that. 895 more words

Pelvic Pain

Warrior, Mom, and Fiance

Hello World. 

Just was playing around with this blogging site and thought I would blog about myself. Because I know their are plenty of individuals out there in my situation. 46 more words

Classified Research

Fibromyalgia. Chronic pain syndrome. Reflexive Sympathetic Dystrophy. Attention deficit disorder. Depression. Bipolar disorder. Even or maybe especially the autism/Asperger’s spectrum. What is behind the explosion in the diagnoses of these amorphous, hard to define conditions over the past 15-20 years? 194 more words

How Does a Spoonie Get Fit?

So before you leave because you think this is one of those posts about how to work out with chronic pain.


This is not that. 1,058 more words

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Straight, No Chaser: Your Questions About Chronic Pain and Management

Chronic pain and its management are complicated topics, both for sufferers and those who care for them. Thank you for your feedback on the previous post and appreciating the spirit in which the information was provided. 630 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Gotta GET it Done

I suppose there are worse things in the world than to hear you don’t have a disease. Typically, when a person gets the news that their body isn’t betraying them it is a happy occasion. 1,178 more words

Chronic Pelvic Pain