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Is It Really That Bad?

Yesterday before bed I told The Hubs that I was most likely going to head out to the Urgent Care Clinic with the intent to be there before they opened so that I would be in and out quickly. 1,100 more words

Chronic Pain

Here We Go Again

It all happened so fast I forgot to think about it until it was already done. On the 8th I was sitting in a room with a Family Practice Doctor asking her to take a peek at my back because it was sore (again). 533 more words

Chronic Pain

Picture/saying of the day

This goes with my poem “A Friend” and as a statement, its very very profound to me.

Not everyone’s pain is visible, especially when it comes to cases of mental health, fibromyalgia and Chronic pain Syndrome. 49 more words


Chronic Pain

I was half listening to my latest audible book on the way to my first day of orientation at the new job. I say half because it is probably the 3rd time through those last few chapters. 494 more words


Alogophobia, Kinesiophobia and Chronic Pain

This morning I fell at work. Hard.  I was in a hurry, putting my purse down in the provider charting area, grabbing my Starbucks red coffee mug and stepped quickly out into the freshly waxed hallway. 578 more words


I'm lacking..

A couple of things….

I’d like to start with motivation. I love to write but I just haven’t been motivated to post anything on here. And it’s horrible because I had a goal in mind when I created this wordpress.   193 more words