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Old Wounds & New Scars

Old Wounds

Four winters ago, I found myself hanging from a cliff, dangling and desperate to climb up. I survived that winter, allowing myself to believe I’d never slide off the cliff again. 694 more words

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What is Scoliosis?

Your spine is made up of 24 bones that stack on top of each other- normally in a straight line. “Scoliosis” means that your spine is curving from side to side, rather than being straight. 452 more words


Limitless or Limited?

May 31, 2017…Limits. We all have them. The number of drinks you can consume while out with friends, the number plates you can fill and eat at a buffet, speed limits…we are surrounded by limits everyday. 374 more words

Lyme Disease

BP Thorns

BP Thorns ~ 3.16.18 ~

So, I read someone else’s FB post, and it got my mind spinning.

I think it was about our trials in life actually being a gift from God, and if I understood the writer, some events are basically engineered by God to lead us back to Him. 344 more words

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Megan from The Front Butt Youtuber channel started the #IBDAdvocacyTag, so this week I am answering her five questions to help spread awareness & challenge you to answer them too! 521 more words

Chronic Illness/Autoimmune

Making Straight Paths For My Feet (or brain)

Last night at Bible study, before we dug into the book of Hebrews, we each shared our “Red Dot” – where we are right now, as it pertains to our Christian walk and to life in general. 539 more words



I love being a massage therapist.  It’s killing me.  Now what?

Okay, so I’ve been dealing with pain and dysfunction for a while. I finally went to a neurologist/chiropractor. 401 more words