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August 2017 Linkup Party with A Chronic Voice: Missing, Appreciating, Striving, Releasing, Eating

One of my favourite chronic illness bloggers, Sheryl from ‘A Chronic Voice’ has started a link up party! These parties are a monthly get together for any bloggers who live with or have experience with a chronic illness.   645 more words


I’m sure many of you back pain sufferers are similar to me when staying away from home. The mattress that you sleep on can either make or break your holiday. 439 more words


Living with Chronic Migraine: Tips and Tricks

My migraines follow a fairly predictable pattern.

I get an episode where I have tingly lips and legs, and then, sometimes my one leg will go numb. 451 more words

Coping Skills

Mum Guilt (pain guilt, so many types of guilt)

I really wanted to title this post Parent Guilt as I’m sure there are dads out there who feel guilt, but is it really the same as mum guilt?  392 more words

Chronic Pain

Crash and burn!

Today is one of those days when I’m having to deal with a flare up of fibromyalgia. After an intense week where I’ve started a new job, taken up two new activities (netball and Nordic walking), as well as enjoying baking and my allotment, as well as having a spike in anxiety, my body has decided that enough is enough! 166 more words


Med review pt. 2

Apri/Estrace/Enskyce: this is the oral contraceptive/hormone pill I take every night between 9pm and midnight. I know very little about it, other than it prevents my periods pretty much perfectly. 524 more words

thoughts pt. 4?

I’m really proud of myself for what I’ve accomplished lately despite my body playing havoc with me.