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This post contains more discussion on mental health issues including suicidal thoughts. If you’re not comfortable this I wouldn’t read on.

Now we are into February of 2016 I finally feel the New Year is starting. 374 more words

A Plank a Day...

A plank a day keeps the doctor away!

Planks are probably one of my favourite exercises. Not only to they work our core, they can teach us how to move with an active, stable core. 501 more words


I may have the balls, but I don't have the guts

To shorten the story, my liver enzymes are way up, creatine kinase is way up, my potassium is elevated again, and I’ve got walking pneumonia.  Pneumonia?   186 more words

A View from the Bench

Put me in coach!

The memory of hearing those words echoed in my head as I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. A memory prompted by the television camera scanning the sidelines of the Denver Broncos; so many football players standing there on the team but not playing the game. 1,175 more words

Life Journey

7 Reasons for Pain During Sex

Sex should not hurt. Period. I repeat: sex should not hurt.

So then, why does it hurt?

This is part of a series I’m writing in search of expanding my sexuality towards the vaginal orgasm. 949 more words

Chronic Pain

In my search terms

“will medical marajuana hurt my unum disability claim”

No one really knows the answer to that question. I asked Unum for “all documentation which shows Unum’s position on medical cannabis.” But the corporation refused to respond. 163 more words

Chronic Pain

The bad days...

Days like today are hard. As I lay awake last night, counting my symptoms, feeling extreme stabbing pain in the back of my head and neck every time I laid on my right side, and shoulder pain every time I laid on the left;  I experienced brief intervals of sleep on my back (which I can’t ever seem to stay on while I’m sleeping and inevitably turn to one of my painful sides, a never ending cycle)….I thought I had the pain/insomnia cycle beat, but it’s not done with me yet I suppose. 1,023 more words

Lyme Disease