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Good Intentions

I had meant to blog everyday while I was on my trip to the Grand Canyon. Even while I was “off the grid” for four days I had meant to write and then just post it once I had access to the internet. 973 more words

Not Today

This can’t be what breaks me… I wrote the Sunday after I lost Noah. I wrote on Mother’s Day. I wrote two days after Natalie died. 323 more words

Redundancy Shmundancy

On Friday J found out he wasn’t being made redundant after 3 weeks of torment and worry. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but he works in the oil and gas industry which is an absolute car crash right now. 401 more words

Something New - Burning Mouth Syndrome Support

8 years of chronic burning pain. The anniversary has passed, and so we start on the 9th year. 

I have always had this feeling that something good just might come out of all of this mess, and with the help of my friend Dennis from the Facebook Support Group for BMS, I think that “something good” may have made its appearance. 607 more words

Burning Mouth Syndrome

And the results are in!

Hey all! It’s been quite a while since I’ve written. The last written post I made on here, I was still waiting to receive the report on my neck MRI. 412 more words

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