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Tips To Become More Mindful

Life can be extremely difficult when you aren’t getting enough sleep at night. And, when those restless nights begin to add up, the cumulative effects can be even worse. 281 more words


I’m Not Sorry…Anymore

I still mourn over breakfast. I used to make elaborate breakfasts and invite family and friends over. I loved cooking early in the morning. It is a remarkable confidence boost to pull off a delicious breakfast. 805 more words

Emotional Stuff

The Mental Health Benefits of Art Are for Everyone

Oh my gosh y’all! I just found this amazing article! I was researching the reason why coloring takes my pain away for my series on Alleviating my Fibromyalgia pain and I found this spectacular article on it! 52 more words

General Hoopla

I can't catch a break

Or maybe I’m just not giving myself a break.

Yesterday, I fell at work. I tripped over something, I’m just not sure what. It might have been the dustpan, it might have been the pig, it might have been my own two fucking feet for all I know. 405 more words

Faith in Pain 

Today makes 4 months of nerve pain, muscle fasciculations, and the inability to live my previously active lifestyle. Thanks to one long run, I’m always on the edge of having shocking, shooting and throbbing pain my lower leg. 877 more words


I'm on my way ....

At the end of April, exactly a year since my hip was removed completely, we moved our bedroom back upstairs. The week before, buoyed by being able to get over the front doorstep on my own, I decided to try the stairs. 395 more words

Hip Replacement