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"I Can't Help You"

“I can’t help you, there’s nothing I can do for you”

Those are some of the most discouraging words someone with an undiagnosed chronic illness can hear. 564 more words

bad mood most of the day

Bad mood most of the day

I’ve been in a bad mood most of the day so I just decided to sleep it off. It didn’t help. 175 more words


Gym Class Hero

I’ve just joined a new gym, I know what you’re thinking, it’s January EVERYONE just joined a gym. Well, I was already a gym member elsewhere so I sort of don’t count. 743 more words


Insomnia Myths

Not getting restorative sleep at night will take its toll on anyone. The consequences from a lack of quality sleep occur at both short term and long term durations, so it is important to try to get your issue under control. 302 more words


Google Doodle Alert!

Today’s Google Doodle in the U.S. celebrates the birthday of one of the first warriors in the fight for disability rights. Check out the story behind the doodle at https://www.google.com/doodles/ed-robertss-78th-birthday.


Repealing opioids when there are no replacements is ignorant and barbaric


(January 21, 2017) Central Maine patients fear weaning off opioids as they struggle with chronic pain

And while patients concerned about medication limits may be able to qualify for exceptions, two of the people interviewed weren’t aware of exceptions and already were being tapered off their medications by doctors. 984 more words

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