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The Rain is Back

There is hot lead in my bones. Nausea and dizziness inducing pain. I may need to up my T3 intake to three a day until I adjust. 24 more words

Chronic Illness

Judge halts lawsuit blaming Purdue, Endo and others for epidemic of drug abuse


Essentially, Judge Moss said that what California was asking of him was to regulate the marketing and determine the safety of certain prescription drugs, essentially taking on the authority similar to that of the FDA. 16 more words

Chronic Pain

Don't ask me how I am if you're not prepared for the answer.

I have a lot of issues, both physical and psychological. I have a number of conditions that mean I am in constant agonising pain. I seriously cannot remember the last time I wasn’t in pain. 224 more words

Mindfulness for Health: Week Three

Week three’s meditation practices were: a daily body scan meditation (as with previous weeks) and a new ‘mindful movement’ meditation. The mindful movement meditation involves coordinating some gentle movements with the breath. 525 more words

Chronic Pain

Thinking of you, David Covillion, on 9/11

I found Dr. DeLuca’s website through Zyp Czyk’s post:


The website is┬áno longer in operation, but it’s an excellent look at the history of the drug war and how it infiltrated the medical industry, especially State Medical Boards. 1,095 more words

Chronic Pain