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ADHD Drugs for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (2010)


Using ADHD drugs for chronic fatigue treatment may help improve the cognitive problems caused by CFS patients’ extreme fatigue. Some studies have also found evidence that the off-label use of ADHD drugs, specifically Ritalin (methylphenidate) and Adderall and Dexedrine (dextroamphetamine), help with cognitive symptoms and chronic pain in people with chronic fatigue syndrome, although extensive research has not yet been done…

Chronic Pain

Chronic Fatigue In-Depth Report by NY Times (2008)


Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), sometimes called immune dysfunction syndrome or myalgic encephalomyelitis (in Europe), is not a new disorder. In the 19th century the term neurasthenia, or nervous exhaustion, was applied to symptoms resembling CFS. 137 more words

Chronic Pain

EP3 2015 reading list

EP3 is over for another year but whether you were there or not, it doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. During the three days each of the four speakers referred to, cited, or otherwise mentioned a whole bunch of papers, books and other resources. 824 more words

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How to Bend a Back

How to Bend a Back

        Bending a back can be an extremely difficult thing to accomplish, because the spine always possesses characteristics of wanting to be straight all of the time. 562 more words


Pain Diary

I started a pain diary again today.  I have not been asked to do one for years.  Yep, it still makes me feel like a piece of shit.   50 more words


My dad literally laughed at me just now when I explained that something horribly uncomfortable for a normal person would be dangerous for me to risk because of my fibromyalgia. 62 more words