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...because I've still got a lot of fight left in me!


“Sometimes all you need is someone else to remind you that you are stronger than you feel and that you can do anything you put your mind to.”

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CRPS - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

AZSPORT Kinesiology Tape Review

I had never thought to use this kind of thing before and now I am glad that I have. I have RA and Chronic Pain Syndrome, so this tape is a no brainer for me. 175 more words

Product Review

Treatment Options for Knee Pain

Our knees work a lot for us. We use them for just about everything—walking, running, climbing stairs and more.  It’s easy enough to take them for granted.  365 more words

Pain Management

Calmare NJ finally rids Colorado teen of CRPS pain and symptoms

It’s simply not right for someone whose life is just beginning to be sidelined by chronic pain, particularly the debilitating symptoms brought on by a severe case of… 389 more words

Calmare Pain Treatment Therapy

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I was wondering if any of my CRPS/RSD followers had tried this therapy and if so what are your views? Does it work? Did it give the pain relief expected? Have you remained pain free from the treatment? Please comment if you have any knowledge of this therapy - thanking you in advance.

And it goes on and on and on and on.......

These Oxycodone I’ve started taking are turning my brain into mush – I start to write a blog post and struggle to string a sentence together, forgetting simple words – I wouldn’t mind but they seem to do nothing for the pain – the pain that continues to get worse, the pain that’s leaving me more and more sedentary and the pain that’s trying to destroy me… 282 more words


The Positivity Fairytale.

I hear the phrase “you just have to stay positive” or “be more positive” on a daily basis, and more than once.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for positivity and having hope in management, recovery and learning to love myself and live with this illness. 963 more words


Painfully yours (2)

“Hello, is it Geet?” Samar’s voice almost choked, as he asked to speak with Geet. Two years and ten months has flown by, since he had last spoken to her. 879 more words