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Disability - managing overweight and obesity | Better Health Channel

“Healthy diet suggestions for people who want to lose weight

It’s a good idea to see a dietitian for advice on how to achieve a slow, healthy weight loss.

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Chronic Pain

Don't Self-Sabotage - "We Believe What We Tell Ourselves"

I was “moved” when I saw this graphic today on twitter:

  And in the words of fellow blogger and chronic migraine fighter Happyiihgirl, “I/You got this!”

– Skylar


One Week Post Op

One week ago today, I had my revision surgery for my L3 right hand DRG implant.

I can remember a week ago, being very tired from the morphine, and feeling that came from knowing that the wire had been replaced successfully. 1,183 more words


My Sympathies

I tend to find that a lot of people don’t really know what to say to me concerning my disease. I know they want to be supportive or encouraging, but often it comes out misconstrued, and sometimes condescending. 1,040 more words

The Journey

Cefaly Unboxing by My Brain Hates Me

I recently received my Cefaly space princess tiara. The Cefaly is a medical device that is intended to act as prophylactic migraine treatment. I have an intractable migraine that never goes away. 35 more words

Chronic Pain

Arthrocentesis and new hope

Almost two weeks ago I had a minor procedure known as arthrocentesis to help relieve TMJ pain- usually pain related to displaced discs. For those of you who don’t know about this procedure, it involves being under IV sedation while the oral surgeon inserts needles into the jaw joint just in front of the ear and needles into the temples. 400 more words

Chronic Pain

Dear able-bodied neurotypicals: validation =/= attention.

It can be really, really hard constantly being surrounded by able-bodied neurotypicals. Especially those who have had relatively easy lives. It always seems like they think I want people to feel sorry for me or that I’m always trying to one-up them in a game of “whose problems are the worst,” which I’m not. 489 more words