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Time to Adjust.....

And Time To Fight

28th May 2018

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So i first noticed something wasn’t right with my knees around June 2014. This is the swelling I have to deal with everyday. 183 more words

Chronic Pain

Food planning and sunshine

Sun is yet again shining beautifully in the sky and I find myself sitting quite lost for what to do. I would like to clean up, but cannot really bring myself to do it. 434 more words

Ten Things I've Learned From Life With EDS

As you may already know, May is Ehlers Danlos Syndrome awareness month. I haven’t had the time or energy this month to do a super in-depth post about EDS for May, but I did want to do something. 1,647 more words

Are limits meant to be... nudged?

Sometimes we exceed our limits to have an adventure… and we pay the price. But we plan for the consequences of our actions and are willing to pay the price. 1,146 more words


What is this new feeling I have lately? It seems to be a new flavor, a mixture of several. I’m feeling calmer, not exactly at peace, but not so turbulent either. 1,670 more words


Chronic Pain and Mind-Body Strategies

Those of us who are lucky enough to be Survivors of Life past the age of 50 are probably way too familiar with the kind of daily aches and pains that our doctors tell us are part and parcel of the privilege of aging.  837 more words

General Happiness

The Fibromyalgia Years

Health brings a freedom very few realise, until they no longer have it.

It’s true. Most of don’t appreciate our health until it’s gone. It’s only when we become ill, that we understand what a humongous loss it really is.

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