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My Chronic Migraines

I have Chronic Migraines.  I’ve been told this before, it was said once again yesterday.  I’ve met a number of Neurologist who thought they could make it better.   421 more words

Chronic Illness

My Body Hates Me

I hate my body sometimes.  Most of the time actually.

Not in a body dysmorphic kind of way, but in a “why are you giving up on me and hate me so much” kind of way. 271 more words

Chronic Illness

When will I become homeless?

A year and a half ago, I wrote to Social Security and CMS:


About three months later, I received a postcard saying my letter was being referred to another office (in New Mexico): 294 more words

Chronic Pain

Some scary shit now....

Over the last 48ish hours since my last blog post, life and illness have given me good reason to be a little (a lot) freaked out and frustrated. 1,079 more words

Chronic Illness

When your concern for my chronic FM pain shows up as frustration

#ThisIsChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness

In the last 10 years that I have been living with FM, I can positively say that I have heard/seen the gamut of reactions about my life with pain……disbelief, shock, encouragement, concern, feeling of being resigned, anger, frustration and finally impatience. 1,293 more words

FM Corner

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My fellow fibro warrior Lakshmi over at LGV wrote a great blog post earlier this week and I wanted to share. Two especially good points that I wanted to highlight: "I know that you are genuinely concerned about my health and feel bad that I am in pain everyday…you know what,  I appreciate and am thankful for your concern. But when my answer is not what you expected, your concern turns into something I don’t deserve." "Would you ever walk up to someone suffering from life-threatening illnesses or serious injuries and ask them the questions that you ask me in a frustrated and impatient tone? No of course not. Because you can see it and know that the person is either going to be cured or not and in your eyes, you can’t put me in either box so I am automatically imagining and not doing enough to get better."

Emotional nightmare

I sat in my wheelchair, staring into my kitchen with tears running down my face. Adam was at home and doing what he could, but there was water flowing in through our ceiling. 1,185 more words

Chronic Illness