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On the Brink

This last week we celebrated the first day of Spring! How I long for this time every year. I have struggled with depression or more like extreme melancholia, for as long as I can remember. 681 more words

My Chronic Back Pain

I have spent years of my life living with chronic back pain. I have found a way out of it through eastern medicine and will power. 7 more words


His Glory Revealed

I don’t cry very often, thanks to some well-dosed antidepressants, but every now and then I still have my moments. What landed me in that place the other night might surprise you. 618 more words

Christian Living

Does central sensitisation matter?

In my last post I discussed some of the mechanisms thought to be involved in central sensitisation, and while many of the details remain pretty unknown, I think the general conclusion is that yes, it really is a thing. 1,115 more words

Chronic Pain

Strong Enough to Endure

I miss….

Taking long walks without any pain, and weakness in my legs

I hate….

Trying to hide my pain, my natural melancholiness, and limping from other people… 93 more words


Aloha! And less writing than I thought.

Today is Sunday, we arrived in Maui at 3am Wednesday, or Thursday depending on how you view stoopidly early in the morning vs stoopidly late at night. 478 more words


First Post- Who Am I?

I started this blog so I could vent what was going through my mind. Talk about how the world is going to shit and how I want to make it better through more natural and kind methods than most people like to take. 540 more words