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...Sleep Whats That ? ....

Rays of moonlight shining through my windowpane ,
With a brain that’s raceing driving me insane ,

With muddled up thoughts that make no sence, 144 more words

Enjoy the little things- Tips on what helps me cope. 

1) LUSH- Lush bath bombs are basically a gift from the gods. Nothing can beat a bath accompanied by candles and a Bob Dylan album. … 171 more words

Chronic Pain

Red hot...face...

So in addition to all the pain my face is red hot…or at least feels like it’s burning up. Now wifey seems to disagree with me on this, but I feel like my face is burning up, but I do agree that to the touch it does not feel as hot as I feel internally…if that makes sense. 301 more words

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What I have learnt from having a chronic illness...

What I have learnt from having a chronic illness…
1. True friends wait. My true, lifelong friends will be there when I’m finally able to see them. 406 more words

My Revolting Body

Oh, chill. I’m not body shaming. Well, not like that anyway.

The last week or so, my body has revolted against me. Again. I had a glimmer of hope of a few months ago (ah, hell…is it already APRIL?? 343 more words

Chronic Illness

Another Missed Opportunity

I didn’t write or do much of anything in the blogosphere this weekend. I somehow picked up another flu bug and was extremely ill. I am feeling a little better now; however, I am very frustrated that every time I have plans, I seem to get something that keeps me from going. 441 more words


Being A Teen With Fibromyalgia

Being a teen with Fibromyalgia can be hard. None of your friends understand what you are going through. You probably miss a lot of school. You also probably feel really alone because it feels like no one understands what you are going through. 460 more words