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Me First (A Repost)

A recent study of “Millennials” summarized in the Chronicle of Higher Education is disquieting at best. The study was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology and was conducted by Jean M. 802 more words

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Double Spaced Stupidity

Double Spaced Stupidity

More than forty colleges and universities will be denied Upward Bound funds for violating strict technical rules on spacing, fonts or the like. 451 more words

Business Ethics

Can testing be ... fun?

“Writing a good test is hard. I think it is reasonable to ask how we can make test-taking as interesting a learning experience as we try to make lectures, essay assignments, and other components of our courses.

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CARTOON: The Chronicle Review

Heads up: I have a new cartoon in next week’s Chronicle Review. You might like it…

Don't Be Judgmental!

So often these days we hear that we mustn’t be “judgmental.” This is an admonition that we not make moral judgments about people. Moral judgments seem to scare the bejesus out of us. 930 more words

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When Brilliant Minds Err...

Why do great critics make disastrous judgments? Find out here.