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Diagnosing the Great Man's Disease @Chronicle

Blaming cultural studies for much of the ills of undergraduate learning continues to be a popular hobby among those who profess to favor great thinkers in the academy. 1,496 more words


The Bible, Science, and Higher Education

The story of my 24-hour employment at Liberty University, and  The Bible, Science, and Higher Education

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Badges May Provide Job Credentials For College Graduates

By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Employers say they are “sick of encountering” new college grads without job skills. And colleges are “sick of hearing” that their alumni aren’t employable. 147 more words

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Drawn to Learn — Part 2, SXSW edu 2015

Let’s continue with my sketchnotes from 2015 SXSWedu. As noted before, maybe I’ll write more about these sessions later, maybe not. Here’s what I heard Tuesday looks like: 60 more words


Women in Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Gender Divide in Academe is worth a read.  Info graph excerpt below (click for larger image).  Full report includes case studies of efforts to increase representation of women in business education and the sciences, as well as a pay parity analysis. 39 more words


Small Colleges Creating New Marketing Plans

By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - An article in The Chronicle of Higher Education describes strategies small colleges have devised to survive low enrollments in the aftermath of the recession. 135 more words

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Something I recently learned

The reason Chinese students have the highest test scores in the world is because they cheat.

If that is not entirely true, it is at least partially true. 681 more words