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Moving To Amsterdam

Okay, we did it.  We left all of our friends…our family…the apartment complex where we met…the college we attended…the first house we had together…the town where we eloped…the hospital where we had our daughter…our favorite restaurants, and parks, and people, and pets.   24 more words


Windy Monday

Is it because it was a Monday? That’s my excuse. Hassles at work. Discombobulation at home. It felt like what Mondays are always being accused of feeling like. 441 more words


Digital Storytelling Workshop

After a successful event where we learned the power of our family stories last week, we hope to take you one step further to capturing your own story. 126 more words

During my entire life I’ve had something for east Asia, maybe we can call it an epic crush. I don’t know what it is. If it’s the tiny gods that guards the forest, neon lit alleys, mystical mythical animals, raven haired people, the food, the alphabets or that underlying anger that is often portrait in Asian pop culture. 884 more words


Too Warm

I was not entirely prepared in my mind for the temperature to be as warm as it was yesterday. It turned out to be the second day in a row with temperatures around 40° (F). 342 more words


Grooming Trails

In response to a suggestion from George about making a trail groomer, I dug out a piece of goat fence and a pallet to see if something that simple might do the trick. 351 more words



Three Seattle based high school seniors, Andrew, the introverted outcast, Matt the philosophical moral center of the group, and Steve the popular future politico, stumble upon a mysterious phenomenon deep within the ground that imbues them with telekinetic powers. 150 more words