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When White Masculinity Comes into Power

The isolated, antisocial, and white maleness of Andrew Detmer from the film Chronicle bares a horrifyingly striking resemblance to the American mass shooter (Newyorktimes.com). Vivid, short-lived and relegated into societies macrocosm of psychological issues, a movie that speaks to the demographic well known for its sense of entitlement and need for accommodation, like its target audience, has been over-looked. 663 more words

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Making Changes

On Sunday, in our 4th spring on this property, I took on the annual re-installation of the pump and filter in our landscape pond. For the first time in all those years, I went so far as to re-engineer the tubing that had been left by the previous owners, which is what I had used all the other times. 397 more words



We left Playas de Villamil behind, excited to explore Salinas. This town has a great reputation as a resort community, and it does not disappoint. Miles of beautiful Pacific beaches lined with luxury homes and high-rise condominiums greet the eye. 2,423 more words


Teaching Manners

This weekend I was blessed to witness a brief moment of unmistakable horse-communication between three members of our herd, and Hunter had me laughing out loud. 460 more words


Facebook の8年:売上を 65倍に伸ばした Sheryl Sandberg の実績を1枚のチャートで!

Look at how much Sheryl Sandberg has done for Facebook

Matt Rosoff – Mar. 23, 2016




In 2008, Facebook was still a startup. Early investors were excited about its user growth — Microsoft had put $240 million into the company at a crazy-seeming $15 billion valuation the year before — but it was far from the powerhouse it is today. 196 more words


Rebalancing Act

We are checking off a string of spring chores this weekend, and it has given me a chance to replace the rock that months ago toppled from its delicately balanced perch atop another on the tall stump of a pine tree. 261 more words