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Canadian Smoke

Could this cloud edge pass for a lightning bolt? I was thinking I should use the photo for a “Words on Images” creation, but my muse has totally vanished. 322 more words


Paseo Chapultepec: recreación y cultura

Por: Priscila Macías


Imagina un espacio destinado a disfrutar. Imagínalo sin techo. Ahora agrega que dependiendo por donde camine uno, es lo que se puede encontrar. 248 more words


Wild Game

What a day that was. I initially chose the title of this post as a reference to Delilah’s diet yesterday, but the US Women’s soccer team decided to play the final match of the 2015 World Cup tournament in such a way as to steal the meaning. 656 more words


Side Yard

I was out trimming the grass beneath our double swing yesterday and paused to absorb the special space that is our side yard on the opposite end of the house from our driveway. 221 more words


NTT Docomo が IoT で動き出す:ここでも Gemalto を採用するようだ!

NTT Docomo selects Gemalto for IoT applications

M2M MAGAZINE+ – July 2, 2015




Gemalto, the world leader in digital security, announces that NTT Docomo, the largest mobile operator in Japan with about 65 million subscribers, has selected Gemalto to enable connectivity for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. 241 more words


Peaceful Here

Today is the 4th of July and right now I am basking in the leisurely luxury of a lazy Saturday morning with Delilah asleep on the floor under the dining room table and the hazy low sunrays painting everything in orange hues through the smoky white sky that we’ve been experiencing for days. 545 more words


Barely Here

Compared to my time on the ranch when Cyndie was working and I was home every day, it now feels like I am barely here. Not only have my days transitioned back to spending over 2-hours a day in a commute, but there has been a somewhat traumatic shift of attention from the tasks on our property, to the demands of industrial manufacturing and customer requests. 200 more words