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Next Phase

Picking up where the tree trimmers left off, I pulled the tractor out of the garage yesterday and we started the process of turning the piles of branches into wood chips. 479 more words


New Experiences

TG and I went to an Asian market. While I chronicle through words, she chronicles via images. Below is the fruit of her chronicling.

Adventures Of The Girl And The Boy


It’s a thing of shame, to be furious at nothing. Something to be concerned about, when fury maddeningly makes its way onto your bed, shorting a 3 second memory into a neverending replay- prompting you to ask yourself the question, will it ever end? 346 more words


Additional Artistry

Day two of tree trimming picked up right where they left off the day before. They breezed through the tasks I had planned so efficiently that I was able to add a few bonus trees to what I originally expected possible. 386 more words


Tree Artistry

These guys are good. I got worn out just watching them work.

The weather turned out to be pretty good for the work we had planned. 281 more words


Going off-heap to improve latency and reduce AWS bill

Great read – shows you the power of Java and Chronicle Map.

Describing how going off-heap with the help of Chronicle Map helped us to get rid of the latency hiccups and cut our Amazon AWS bill in half. 173 more words


Project Begins

I’m home from work today to guide tree trimming work on our property. It has been over a year since we wanted this to happen, so we are very pleased the project will finally be getting underway. 398 more words