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Tail Feathers

Our chicks were born a week ago yesterday, shipped a week ago today, and arrived to us a week ago tomorrow. In this past week we have gone from knowing nothing about chickens to understanding and nurturing these ten to a successful adjustment where they are thriving in the new home we have provided. 230 more words


Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review

I didn’t exactly grow up with the “Power Rangers”, I wasn’t really a fan but I did grow up with it around it.  My friends were into them, I always saw commercials for them on TV, I saw the movies and I saw a few episodes, it just never was my thing.  1,188 more words

Movie Review

The Power Rangers Breakfast Club? (No Spoilers ...Almost)

Don’t worry; I’ll throw out a warning before the spoilers.

Anyway, I liked the new Power Rangers film, I really did; however, there was something oddly familiar about it. 346 more words


Animal Progress

Things are progressing nicely with both our horses and our new chickens. This time of year, the horses are in the process of shedding their winter coats. 253 more words


Tired of let them do it because they are better

Letting everyone have their way has just slowed me down, filled with anger and sadness.

And in a way I’m the one responsible for their success and my failure.


Empowering Love

Editorial cartoon by James T. Pendergrast for Rolling Stone, June 2002

Imagine replacing the negative with the opposite:

Let fearlessness enhance enlightenment to fill our crucibles with love!  23 more words


4th Wall has been broken, gotchya!

Gears really started working since my first post here.

Someone said to make a physical diary, WordPress was mainstream unfortunately.

Now I ask myself, where did this all started from?