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Standing Corrected

I stand corrected. My neighbor finally got my message and stopped by yesterday to discuss the soil eroding from his corn field. In my angst over the mess, I had jumped to the conclusion that he had neglected to leave a patch of un-tilled grass waterway. 419 more words


Two Techniques

There are multiple methods to achieve a goal. I tend towards the concrete sequential, while Cyndie is gifted at abstract random. We appear to have spiders of both method types residing in our midst. 113 more words


Nature Wins

This round goes to Mother Nature.

I’ve heard tell that our warmer climate allows the atmosphere to hold more moisture. With a pattern of increasing frequency, our anecdotal evidence of the years we have lived here is that downpours are increasingly bringing multi-inch totals that overwhelm the old drainage paths. 350 more words


Review of "The Keatyn Chronicles" Books 1-3 by Jillian Dodd

The Keatyn Chronicles Book 1-Stalk Me, Book 2-Kiss Me, Book 3-Date Me
Author: Jillian Dodd
Series: The Keatyn Chronicles… 736 more words


Surat Celoteh Untuk Pak Proklamator

Assalamualaikum Wr.Wb

Yang terhormat,

almarhum bapak proklamator dan wakilnya di alam barzakh.

Pak, tepat tujuh puluh dua tahun semenjak anda naik di podium dengan setelan putih sembari membawa kertas putih berisikan teks proklamasi, Masih ingat kan?. 403 more words


Oh My

Anyone need some August rain? We have extra. I’d be happy to share.

Unfortunately, all that water fell in a very short amount of time yesterday morning, so the result was something of a flash-flood type of runoff. 169 more words


Live Ball

I was out late in the big city last night at a Twins game. All the lights and pageantry of Major League Baseball, but not much to cheer about for the home team. 83 more words