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Last things

“The only thing that is constant is change” –¬†Heraclitus

Doing the luggage can be challenging, but I found myself puzzled by doing the last things before going to The Hague – First because it is far, oh damn so far.

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Autumn Ambiance

I stepped outside to search for some fall scenery to photograph after I got home from work yesterday and was rewarded well beyond my expectations. It helps to never grow too accustomed to the beautiful surroundings we enjoy here. 259 more words


Coop Foundation

Just in case we someday get chickens, I have continued to chip away at a snails pace to design and construct a homemade coop out of mostly found materials. 263 more words


Boot Treatment

Last Christmas, Julian gave us a gift of a two-step “hydrophobic” water-proofing spray. I didn’t use it right away because I wanted to wait for warm weather before applying it on my boots. 242 more words


Episode #2 - The Brown Coder Podcast: Available Monday, September 26th 2016

The next episode of The Brown Coder Podcast is finished and will be available for listening on Monday September 26th…This week I will be attending some Meetups in the greater RTP area, and I look forward to discussing what groups I’m part of, and the technologies I am currently learning in each group, . 13 more words


Newer Tricks

Our dear Delilah is getting another year older and we are looking at adding some newer tricks to her repertoire, like behaving well around other dogs and not showing her fangs and snapping at others unprovoked. 223 more words


Watching the Joust

There are a lot of ‘no’s that maketh a thesis. You have to say ‘no’ to many people often when you want to say ‘yes, count me in.’ The St Ives Medieval Faire is one of those events I’ve had to miss out on for the last couple of years until today. 240 more words

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