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Work Resumes

It was back to work for all of us yesterday, after our glorious weekend away. I returned to the day-job and Cyndie picked up where she left off with Hunter. 423 more words


The Bottom Line is: Myspace should be stripped from existence

We millennials who grew up with the great technological privileges that most 2 year old children have waiting at their finger tips as soon as they are able to say they’re first words. 787 more words

Precious Weekend

What a fabulous time we had at the Wilkus’ cabin north of Grand Rapids, MN over the weekend. We all marveled over the gift of a friendship connection that feels so natural that time and distance away from each other have no bearing on the comfort and ease we all feel when we are able to spend time together once again. 66 more words


Ten Shitz Of Grey, 20p dwarves and a dwarf king on a bear

Keeping the steady stream of Dwarf goodness coming (and returning to a better standard of picture quality!), here we have…

A Dwarf riding a bear! What’s not to love? 156 more words

Natural Forces

The sky failed to completely clear yesterday, which kept the day from getting uncomfortably warm, but the humidity had increased enough to remind us that summer is not gone yet. 413 more words


You Probably Had No Idea That 'Matilda' Was The Same Movie As 'Chronicle'

It’s no secret that Hollywood has a reliable list of themes when it comes to making movies: fish out of water, unlikely duo, Odysseyan journey, etc. 66 more words