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16. Secret of the Wing

Ida let the kids sleep in her attic for the rest of the night, then, after a quick breakfast, they piled into her boat and she drove to the north side of Venice. 1,476 more words

Bridge To Terabithia

15. Spavento Serenade

Riccio gasped for breath as soon as they got back out into the light, making Nico worried that he shouldn’t have done it after all. But the grin on Riccio’s face soon proved him wrong. 2,346 more words

Bridge To Terabithia

14. Scipio's Secret

“Where is he? He’s never late,” muttered Riccio as the four waited outside Ida Spavento’s house, standing so inconspicuously in front of a magazine stand. Nico merely watched the house as the others moved about restlessly, trying to blend in by glancing at the magazines now and then. 1,233 more words

Death & The Lion

13. The Getz Guest

“So, aren’t we going to go scout out the place?”

“That eager to go, huh, Nic?”
“Not really, I just want to get it over with.” 597 more words

Death & The Lion

On Best Book-to-Film Adaptations & Top 10

I can’t have a worst book-to-film list without also recognizing directors who get their book-to-film adaptations right. Here’s my Top 10 Book-to-Film List:

  1. Scott Pilgrim vs.
  2. 748 more words
Harry Potter

12. Bo & Prop

After counting to fifty like the Conte told them, they left their side of the confessional and walked to the other side, where the Conte had sat during their meeting. 919 more words

Bridge To Terabithia

11. Church Meeting

There was silence after the gasps uttered by everyone else while Nico and Scipio continued to lock eyes. Riccio reluctantly broke the silence.

“Uh, Scip, we do have that meeting today, shouldn’t we get going?” Scip glanced at Riccio, then back at Nico, a grin tugging on his face. 730 more words

Bridge To Terabithia