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Chrono Cross – Parallel Dimensions

Chrono Trigger was a magnificent game. Its characters were vibrant, the combat system was exciting. It even tied up most of the loose ends that come with a story about time travel. 481 more words


Favorite Songs: Chrono Cross Original Soundtrack

I have no idea how I came to be so interested in a game called Chrono Cross for the PlayStation One back in high school. I had never played or even heard of the original game (Chrono Trigger). 581 more words


Mission Chrono Trigger: Beginning at the Beginning

I’ve recently been re-watching/catching up on old episodes of Parks and Recreation, and I just watched an episode titled “The Bubble.” In the show, “the bubble” is described as that special time at the start of a new relationship when two stranded souls decide it’s time to get to know each other. 1,278 more words

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Soft Reset: Twenty Personal Gaming Fails Part II

Top Ten:

10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Ultimate Save File fail. I set out to make the ultimate Skyrim save file, with every major quest done. 565 more words

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Res Nullius

“There’s nothing in the world as ruthless or impartial as death. All living matter ages over time and eventually dies… No matter how mighty or tiny its life force… So being alive means you’re creeping closer to death with every second… But there’s none of that here.

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