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Top Ten Games By Square That Aren't Final Fantasy

Every so often I write a piece for a website and it doesn’t get accepted for whatever reason. Luckily, I get those pieces back to do with what I will, so I may as well post them on here. 3,105 more words

Chrono Cross

Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 15)

Now that Serge has his body back (after a curious minute long gestation period inside Home World’s Dragon Tear that leaves him reborn as his seventeen-year-old self), he’s finally able to enter the Sea of Eden. 1,208 more words


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Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 14)

Harle’s departure is a pretty significant turning point in the story, although that doesn’t really become apparent for a while yet.  In the short term, it’s important to remember that Harle has a crush on Serge, but has also sworn to serve Lynx (or at least his body), and the meeting with Dark Serge and Kid at Hermit’s Hideaway has pushed circumstances to a point where Lynx needs to enter the Sea of Eden, Another World’s version of the Dead Sea. 1,266 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 13)

So after the party is saved by a giant white dragon swooping in and carrying them away as the Dead Sea collapses on itself we’re left with a few odds and ends to tie up before jumping into the newly reopened portal at Opassa Beach and following after Serge to find out what he’s been doing in our absence.  1,335 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 12)

I’m going to cover two story beats in this post, and we’re all going to savor the first one, because it’s one of those rare times in this game where a character gets some extra development after they join your party. 1,069 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 11)

I confess that at this point in the game, the narrative starts to get a little disjointed.  I know that Lynx wants to get to the Dead Sea because Harle has made some cryptic remarks about that being where he’ll find the answers he seeks, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why before we can go there we have to stop off in Marbule and sleep in an abandoned house. 970 more words