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The Moon Dragon

I’ve still been working on the Seven Crystal Saga and I’ll be honest, I’m not so sure on system anymore. I like Savage Worlds. It’s Fast, Furious, and Fun! 452 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 11)

I confess that at this point in the game, the narrative starts to get a little disjointed.  I know that Lynx wants to get to the Dead Sea because Harle has made some cryptic remarks about that being where he’ll find the answers he seeks, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why before we can go there we have to stop off in Marbule and sleep in an abandoned house. 970 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 9)

I’ve played a lot of RPGs since I was a kid.  Mostly it’s been stuff by Square, but I do like to think that I’m pretty well read in terms of the breadth of games from other developers too.  856 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 10)

Following his escape from the dimensional vortex, Lynx finds himself back in Serge’s Home World.  A whole lot of stuff is about to open up to us to explore, and we’re about to learn more about the climate in El Nido in the world where Serge didn’t die. 695 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 8)

Alright, we’re finally going to tackle Mt. Pyre.  It’s… brief.  The high points here are that the party gets a tutorial on how to use summon elements (which are unnecessarily complicated most of the time; they can only be equipped by characters with a matching innate color, and can only be cast when the entire field matches the element color; naturally this means that in future boss battles where summons will be most useful, the conditions for using them will be extremely difficult to set up since most bosses like to screw with the field color in addition to beating up your party) and we get into a fight with a small dragon who carries around a spear like he owns the place.  971 more words


Being So Obsessed With Convincing the World That Video Games Are "Art" Just Makes Us Look Insecure, So We Should Knock It Off

Deciding what officially constitutes “art” is a lot like trying to reach a universal agreement as to what love feels like. Both concepts are completely subjective. 1,504 more words

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Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 7)

The next episode is kind of a strange one in Chrono Cross‘s narrative, but I found that I really enjoyed it on this playthrough.  After saving the S.S. 1,213 more words