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Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 17)

It’s been a long road, but we’ve finally made it to the end of Chrono Cross.  Serge and friends are ready to confront the Devourer of Time and use the Chrono Cross (I may not have mentioned this, but the eponymous item is necessary in order to get the good ending, and of course it’s not acquired through the course of the main plot, so you could overlook getting it) to weave the various broken timelines together into a cohesive whole that ensures Lavos’s destruction in the future and frees Schala from her prison in the Darkness Beyond Time. 1,038 more words


Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 16)

After the exposition bomb that is Chronopolis, Terra Tower is almost a welcome change of pace in terms of story as we get some time to process all the revelations that we got in the last couple hours of gameplay.  1,003 more words


[NOT FOR SALE] Chrono Cross Chronopolis SEIKO Watch Limited II # 0237 / 1000

Few months ago I sold my Chronopolis watch. I love that watch, but seeing it without box and other accessories included really hurts me, so I’d prefer to let it go. 190 more words


Top Ten Games By Square That Aren't Final Fantasy

Every so often I write a piece for a website and it doesn’t get accepted for whatever reason. Luckily, I get those pieces back to do with what I will, so I may as well post them on here. 3,105 more words

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Revisiting Chrono Cross (Part 15)

Now that Serge has his body back (after a curious minute long gestation period inside Home World’s Dragon Tear that leaves him reborn as his seventeen-year-old self), he’s finally able to enter the Sea of Eden. 1,208 more words


Check out the first episode of my new weekly video series Wade's Games!

This week’s episode is my all time favorite Playstation videogames. Let me know what you guys think in the comments and what are some of your favorite games throughout Playstation’s history.