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STM32F411 RC Calibration Using a DS3231 TCXO 1HZ Signal

STM32 RC oscillator frequency varies from one chip to another due to manufacturing process variations. ST claim each device is factory calibrated for 1% accuracy at 25°C. 3,518 more words

Adafruit builds the Back to the Future time circuit display

If you were growing up in the ’80s this display panel will be instantly recognizable. It’s the time circuit display which built into his 88 mph per hour DeLoren time machine. 171 more words

Clock Hacks

Playing with bluetooth GPS for fun and profit

I am recently fiddling with an old Bluetooth receiver to use it as a time source for my Arduino chrondot clock. Please note it’s already been… 191 more words


Codingcolor Arduino RTC LCD clock with Chronodot

I recently started experimenting again with Arduino and must say I am having a lot of fun.

I had the idea to implement an RTC clock with arduino and excellent… 733 more words

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind

Modified DS3231 ChronotDot

Version 1.0 of the ChronoDot has a critical flaw. It does not fit on a standard breadboard. Because of it’s round shape, one can’t use pins outboard of the PCB. 117 more words

Arduino Crystal vs. DS3231 TXCO

I tested the accuracy of a crystal on one of my Arduino Duemilanove (ATmega168 version) boards. I compared the crystal against a TXCO (ChronoDot… 471 more words