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Today is Rare Disease Day and this year’s theme is: Day-by-day, hand-in-hand. I personally love that there is a strong movement of many coming together, from all corners, representing thousands of different diseases, all raising their voice together. 565 more words

Rett Syndrome

Hemochromatosis or Temporomandibular Joint Disorders or Chrohn's Disease

Quick post because I have been very quite lately!!

I have been on steroids for the past 6 weeks, this time not for Crohn’s Disease.  I become very ill before Christmas which started with a stabbing pain in my left ear, high temperature, joint pain, dizzy spells and extreme fatigue.   268 more words

Days 1 and 2

Yesterday, my husband and I had our Valentine’s Day date night. It was really nice, and since it was a special day, we allowed ourselves to take the diet a little more easily than the guidelines suggested. 204 more words


During my 20’s, if you had told me that a romantic evening would look like me dressed as the Michelin tire man in layers of flannel and fleece, highlighted by (yet another) night at home and (yet another) movie rented, I would have been absolutely terrified of the future that lay ahead. 1,023 more words


A Song by The Byrds, A Verse from Ecclesiastes and A few Lessons Learned

Wednesday we saw the oncologist and got the results we have hoped and prayed for: the leukemia which was in remission for 7 years had figured out how to work around Gleevec  and started building those leukemia cells again. 1,175 more words

The Hard Days

A Feel Good Day

Today has been a feel good day; the first that I have had in quite a while. It has not been a grand day, but it has been special to me and to us because we had glimpses of normalcy. 234 more words

Chron's Disease

Finding Peace

No denying it, things have been tough ever since the bone marrow biopsy  & aspiration.

Friday’s procedure left me curled up in a tiny little ball physically, emotionally and spiritually. 2,284 more words

The Hard Days