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By Dr Mercola

From an evolutionary standpoint, any creature, including plants, has a built-in imperative to grow, thrive and propagate. Plants, being rooted into the ground, cannot outrun a predatory insect. 4,540 more words


Let's Talk About Chronic Illness

Chronic illness affects millions of people. It is not “all in their head”. It’s very real and it really sucks……Let me guide you into a better understanding of it, and help you be a better friend or family member to someone who has a chronic illness. 581 more words

Living With Lupus

On Vacation

Hi Riley here my mom told me we are on something called vacation. I don’t really know what it is all about but after today I think I am going to like it. 405 more words

Christian Living

Eric Hesch: Symptoms of Chron’s Disease

Eric Hesch is working  for more than a decade, in which time he’s interacted with patients dealing with Crohn’s disease.  Here he is sharing some of less known symptoms of Chron’s disease: 9 more words

Eric Hesch

Grundle Rumble, Air Tulip, What?!?!

Yes, gas is common, but it is not normal. You should be able to digest your food without letting others know about it. Gas, indicates a poor digestive system. 155 more words


Zine Review: Chronic Illhouse

Chronic Illhouse
Timothy Andrew, Ayla Brett, Lydia Mcilhone, Rose Mcilhone, Nik Ranger

Chronic Illhouse is a collection of stories, art, and poetry from young people dealing with chronic illnesss. 452 more words


Interview With Laetitia

Join Laetitia as she talks about her journey living with EDS, Chrons Disease, Dysautonomia, general anxiety, and fibromyalgia. Please be respectful of her and her journey. 918 more words