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Importance of Gut Health

I remember when I was diagnosed with Chron’s in 1998 it was described to me as an irritable bowel disease. It was only until a few years ago that I became familiar with the term autoimmune disease. 271 more words

Autoimmune Disease

Just Tired

Well the storm came. Just as I sensed that it would. At Least she waited until after her birthday to get sick.

We just spent three very frustrating days in the hospital. 680 more words

21 marathons in 21 days

Here it is…

21 marathons in 21 days

March 2018

One catch…

I’ll be doing it using a wheelchair!!

Yep, that’s right!! In March 2018, I’ll be taking on 21 marathons in 21 days, in support of… 24 more words


Bravery - It Doesn't Exist When There's No Opt-In

For all my little cronies out there that have been plagued with a chronic illness and burdened with social sympathy. I’ll keep it short because you almost definitely have something/someone better to do/read/eat/see. 324 more words


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Lectin, gluten, stomach, fasting, toxins, wheat, and foods

By Dr Mercola

From an evolutionary standpoint, any creature, including plants, has a built-in imperative to grow, thrive and propagate. Plants, being rooted into the ground, cannot outrun a predatory insect. 4,587 more words

Let's Talk About Chronic Illness

Chronic illness affects millions of people. It is not “all in their head”. It’s very real and it really sucks……Let me guide you into a better understanding of it, and help you be a better friend or family member to someone who has a chronic illness. 599 more words

Living With Lupus