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On Holiness

It’s strange how the use of language changes. During the English Language portion of my degree, we listened to a lecture arguing that the word ‘nice’ originated from the Native American word for ‘blunt’. 1,063 more words


The Real Story of Santa Claus

FROM CHRISTIANITY TODAY (I disagree with some of their views in history.)


The Real Saint Nicholas

The story of Santa Claus’s namesake.

Ted Olsen | posted 8/08/2008 12:33PM… 663 more words


Monumental "Lies'' In Search of America's National Treasure (Film Review)

Recently, I viewed a “historical” documentary about the supposed, “Christian Nation” in which I live. It was probably one of the most misleading films I’ve ever seen. 754 more words


Jerry Mander's Political Corner - Yellow Ribbon Projects Edition

Left Behind: Administration Urges Iran to Release Four Americans,
But Deal Struck Without Hostages Being Released

By Bridget Johnson at PJ Media

As the final nuclear deal with Iran was announced with concessions and trade-offs, four names were noticeably absent from the administration’s lips: Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini, Jason Rezaian, and Bob Levinson. 1,641 more words

Jerry Mander

Jerry Mander's Political Corner: Rand Paul Gets It Right On Abortion

Rand Paul Exposes Democrat Anti-Woman, Anti-Choice Death Culture
Democrats are not pro-choice. They want women to be slaves to a debased culture

(Adapted from the 9 April 2015 article at Red State by Steve Berman) 1,262 more words

Jerry Mander

Is There A Christian Revival Starting in France?

By Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

This article was published in The Week on 15 January 2015 near the time of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry is a writer and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. 1,352 more words

Radical Islam

Boy meets Girl...

My children’s elementary school celebrated twenty years of existence yesterday with a school wide Carnival.
We were getting ready to head out the door when Faith excitedly said, “I am meeting Caitlyn in the library at the Carnival.” Not to be outdone by his sister, Joshua quickly countered with, “I am meeting someone too at the library.” Faith’s natural follow-up question brought the crickets out in the room. 1,158 more words