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Mortification of Sin

If I am being completely open and honest with you I am a sinner. I hate that fact, I hate that I am a sinner. This hatred of my sinfulness has led me to attempt to quash sin in my life. 1,192 more words


Lost in Translations

Did you ever try to explain something to someone who doesn’t seem to be understanding and say “You just had to be there”?  This is because without a first hand experience to what you are saying the other person doesn’t fully understand or could care less.   572 more words

Biblical Interpretation

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Comparison is the thief of joy. We’re not meant to covet the lives of other people but instead learn to love and celebrate our own life. 740 more words

The "Return To Prayer in Public School" Myth

By Susan Kuebler

Many well-meaning and sincere Christians have been calling for a return of public prayer in public schools for decades. Whether it be a “time of silence” or a non-denominational prayer, they somehow equate this to a miraculous return of virtue to America.  552 more words


In about three weeks a celebration of a very special event in life of Jesus Christ takes place.
Just about everyone in this nation knows about Easter, but for a lot of different reasons. 670 more words
Jesus Christ

Tyrian and Bastian

There once lived two brothers, sheep herders, on a small island made of cliffs off the coast of Ireland. Having grown up so close to the water, the brothers found themselves obsessed with the sea. 1,091 more words


Love came down...

Ten more days until Christmas!!

When was the last time you read the Christmas story from Luke’s perspective?

Here it is…

Luke 2  English Standard Version (ESV) 632 more words