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Alain Badiou on love and threats to love.

The Book by Alain Badiou called in Praise of love is one I think everyone should read, it’s short concise and explains in a non-reductive but thoughtful way what love is and why it is important, not from a Christian standpoint, but in fact from a French Atheist Marxist’s standpoint, which in fact happens to coincide with the Christian standpoint in many respects. 1,764 more words


Jerry Mander's Political Corner: Rand Paul Gets It Right On Abortion

Rand Paul Exposes Democrat Anti-Woman, Anti-Choice Death Culture
Democrats are not pro-choice. They want women to be slaves to a debased culture

(Adapted from the 9 April 2015 article at Red State by Steve Berman) 1,262 more words

Jerry Mander

"Jesus wept"

When I was praying about starting this blog for the glory of God; I was trying to think of a “tagline” and Jesus wept came to my mind which made sense that I would also make this scripture the subject of my first blog. 1,091 more words


Is There A Christian Revival Starting in France?

By Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry

This article was published in The Week on 15 January 2015 near the time of the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry is a writer and fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center. 1,352 more words

Radical Islam

Boy meets Girl...

My children’s elementary school celebrated twenty years of existence yesterday with a school wide Carnival.
We were getting ready to head out the door when Faith excitedly said, “I am meeting Caitlyn in the library at the Carnival.” Not to be outdone by his sister, Joshua quickly countered with, “I am meeting someone too at the library.” Faith’s natural follow-up question brought the crickets out in the room. 1,158 more words


The Tao Te Ching and God: Does Tao = God?

Now I’m not technically (whatever that means) a Taoist, and Taoism has gone through many changes (PERVERSIONS, if you ask me) since the earliest conception of the philosophy/religion which existed even before Lao Tzu, but if you read a good translation of the Tao Te Ching (which is Taoism’s core text–I suggest the translation by Johnathan Starr to begin with) it sure does seem that TAO = GOD. 243 more words


Our Journey

Our journey began with a miracle.  It is not the sort of miracle that you normally think of that comes as an end to some problem or that is an answer that everyone can see such as the lame man that is healed and can suddenly walk. 1,545 more words