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The rise of the $50,000 minivan

The news was little noticed outside Detroit, but it marks a shift in the future of a certain kind of vehicle – one that became established as suitable for one class of buyers but is morphing into something else entirely. 1,158 more words


Workers 'excited' about retooling at Windsor Assembly Plant

As the Windsor Assembly Plant gears up for one of the largest retoolings in its history, manager Michael Brieda views the challenge ahead with a mixture of excitement and pride. 893 more words


New vehicle sales off to strong start in 2015

Canada’s new vehicle market displayed “surprising resilience” last month as industry sales rose 3.4 per cent to 99,051 units compared to January 2013.

Of the Detroit Three carmakers, only General Motors grew faster than the overall market with a sales jump of 5.3 per cent, said auto industry analyst Dennis DesRosiers. 300 more words


Fiat Chrysler engineers 'sweat over' next-generation minivan

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles staff have been “sweating over” the details of the next-generation minivan, said Ralph Gilles, FCA’s senior vice-president of product design.

“I never worked on a program where we researched the customers so deeply and had conversations not only with the customer on the outside, but internal minivan owners inside the company,” said Gilles, who is overseeing the team redesigning the next-generation Chrysler Town and Country. 761 more words


Minivan Shake-Up Chrysler Town & Country vs. Toyota Sienna & Honda Odyssey

Minivan Shake-Up

What a difference a year makes.  Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan combined have been the best-selling minivan in America for 30 years, beginning in 1984 when Chrysler created the first minivan, the Dodge Caravan.  187 more words

The dual-minivan plan, revisited

Rumors from Windsor suggested first that the current “RT” minivan body would continue for some years alongside the new “RU,” and then that it would be dropped as soon as the new designs came out — in Chrysler form only. 170 more words

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New minivan, WAP get $2B overhaul: Marchionne

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is investing more than $2 billion in the “best possible minivan”  and one of the largest retoolings in the history of Windsor Assembly Plant, FCA CEO Sergio Marchionne said Monday. 915 more words