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What If You Could Preach to the Whole World?

Chrysostom once said that if he were the fittest in the world to preach a sermon to the whole world, gathered together in one congregation, and had some high mountain for his pulpit, from whence he might have a prospect of all the world in his view, and were furnished with a voice of brass, a voice as loud as the trumpets of the archangel, that all the world might hear him, he would choose to preach upon no other text than that in the Psalms, “O men…how long will you love vain words and seek after lies?” (Psalm 4:2)

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A “Catholic” Flavored Commentary on Romans: Chapter 9

We finally cover the famous “predestination chapter” of the Bible. With the help of Augustine, Chyrsostom, and Aquinas we exegete how God has stayed true to his promises to Israel even though much of ethnic Israel has not been predestined. 3,181 more words


But How Do You Live?

From the beginning of the letter, Paul has been generally scolding the Corinthians. His tone changes at verse fourteen. Here he says he has been harsh with them because he sees them as his children who are guilty of bad behavior. 406 more words

1 Corinthians

A “Catholic” Flavored Commentary on Romans: Chapter 8

With the help of Augustine, Chyrsostom, and Aquinas we exegete how in fact there is no condemnation for those is Christ: they have been chosen by God before they were born and justified apart from any works of their own. 5,618 more words


Technique to advance education

Nothing so furthers education as loving and being loved (St. John Crysostom).

Dear All,
Have you ever taught to a big class of students? Have you managed to show your appreciation to each of them?

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Postsecondary Language Instruction

A “Catholic” Flavored Commentary on Romans: Chapter 7

With the help of Augustine, we undergo exegeting perhaps the most confusing chapter of the Bible. Does a Christian, who is dead to sin, still sin? 4,057 more words


Are the Gifts of the Spirit for Today? Part 4 – Tongues Will Cease

Well, at some point we were going to have  to deal with that passage on which the doctrine of cessationism is founded. I think that 1 Corinthians 13 is a simple passage that even a child will understand. 2,754 more words