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What Is God Waiting For?

Sometimes I think that God wants to lavish God’s goodness on us more than we want to seek God out but God withholds such extended grace until we are ready to receive that grace as individuals and as the corporate people of God, until that grace works effectively in God’s world for God’s glory and for our good. 621 more words

A blunt assessment

As I prepared for our church’s Tenebrae service last week, I read some of the homilies of John Chrysostom on the passion narratives in Matthew. Oddly, what struck me most forcefully was not his exposition of the events of the trial, suffering, and crucifixion of Christ, but his blunt criticism of the congregants to whom he preached. 352 more words

Reformed Commentary on Job: Chapter 37

In 37th chapter of Job, Elihu prepares the stage for God’s dialogue. Included in the commentary of this chapter is a lengthy reflection on the nature of free will and the sovereignty of God. 2,697 more words


Chrysostom Quote

“Wheresoever ungodly songs are sung

there will the devils be gathered together.”

– Chrysostom


Chemnitz’ Patristic Extravaganza (2)

Chemnitz’ Examen replete with patristic quotations. Continuing my highlights from last time:

Chrysostom, in Homily 49, on Matt. 24, says: “When you shall see the wicked heresy, which is the army of the Antichrist, standing in the holy places of the church, then let those who are in Judea head for the mountains, that is, those who are Christians should head for the Scriptures.

247 more words
Sola Scriptura

Exegetical dialogue: talking to Moses, David, & Paul

Whereas Augustine talks with God as he exegetes the scriptures (see previous post), John Chrysostom talks with the human authors, inquisitively seeking answers from the text itself: 202 more words


Chemnitz' Patristic Extravaganza (1)

One of the portions in Chemnitz’ Examination is titled, “Testimonies of the Ancient Church Concerning the Scriptures.” Here are a few, very few, of these patristic testimonies. 237 more words

Sola Scriptura