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Fergie and Cilantro

When I give the chubs no (or very little) cilantro, Fergie will smell every side of the plate, and come to me standing to ask for it. 45 more words

Season Closes With New PB Chub

My final outing of the river season was to the Upper Benyons stretch of the Kennet, in search of a last-gasp barbel. The river was running high, coloured and was flowing quite fast following recent heavy rains, though it had apparently dropped levels a bit since the day before. 340 more words


the chub

Today, I’m going to tell you a story about my ongoing battle against my greatest nemesis: The Chub.

Growing up, I was always pretty thin. An athletic tomboy from an early age, I was and still am a finicky eater.  1,429 more words


Fergie: Chopper, what is daddy feeding us?
Chopper: *excited* DILL!
Fergie: Chopper why are you cursing? What is daddy feeding us?
Chopper: *excited* DILL!
Fergie: I am a girl, you know.  15 more words

Busy Busy

I like to reflect at the end of the fishing season, and enjoy a mildly indulgent reminisce. I don’t diary my catches and nor do I keep tallies of the fish I have taken, so it can be pleasantly surprising to look back and remind myself of some of the finer moments. 390 more words


Return to the scene of the crime.

I hadn’t planned on having a session yesterday but as I had nothing else planned I popped down to the river after i’d done the school run.   552 more words

Simon Brough