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River Mignone: fishing in the middle of nowhere...

Scouting is one of the most important components of a guide’s activities and already visited spots should be re-visited from time to time. The hottest summer days are the best for a trip to river Mignone where I already had had some great experiences. 442 more words

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Barbed wire, stingers, flies & heat - summer river chubbing

The first signs of a heatwave hit England on Sunday and I was in the West Midlands seeking to winkle out a chub from the river Mease, a tiny meandering river that can be fished on a Birmingham Anglers Association day ticket. 485 more words


A Good Start on the Wye

With a little extra water in the river and the first month of the river season generally seeing cloudy, blustery days – it’s been a great start on the Wye. 181 more words

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Freelined Chips

Ah, June the… well, 20th. Surely the time to hit the Wye and bag up on barbel? No! Time to hit the M4 and the M25, in the relentless rain and travel to… Hemel Hempstead. 774 more words

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Fergie and Cilantro

When I give the chubs no (or very little) cilantro, Fergie will smell every side of the plate, and come to me standing to ask for it. 45 more words

Season Closes With New PB Chub

My final outing of the river season was to the Upper Benyons stretch of the Kennet, in search of a last-gasp barbel. The river was running high, coloured and was flowing quite fast following recent heavy rains, though it had apparently dropped levels a bit since the day before. 340 more words