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Woes of a Babyface

Guy at the restaurant I worked at: “Why are you carrying those beers? Aren’t you like 18?”

Me: “Nope, actually I’m 22.”

Him: “No way! You could pass for 16.” 296 more words


A Look That Goes Well With Everything Makeup Tutorial PART 3: Finishing Touches

Hello Everyone!

I was supposed to publish this post last sunday but due to my busy work schedule and unexpected circumstances, I was not able to. 815 more words


A Look That Goes Well With Everything Makeup Tutorial PART 1: Prepping The Canvas

Late last year, I have finally embraced the fact that I am indeed so much in love with makeup and decided to  share my feelings to the world through a blog.  572 more words



Knocking on neighbours door for no good reason,

Letting fingers play with mummy’s hair,

Press a button when it’s coloured red,

Unlock smart phone within seconds of locking it, 80 more words


Chubby Cheeks

Yang said to his dream wife, “Baby, please don’t look at another MAN… EVER!!!”

His dream wife (Yin) said, “Once I am on Earth, what if I forget?” 184 more words

Advice About Twin Flames

This little cutie is Georgia

She is the nearly-8months old baby girl of Robyn and Mark (Elaine and Bryan’s good friends) and I have a playdate most Thursdays with her and coffee with her Granny Sandy :)  Last Thursday I remembered to take my camera in order to get better photos than those taken with my cellphone which end up on Instagram and Facebook. 120 more words


She's quite a Contortionist.

If you’re fat or large, it doesn’t mean you can’t twist, bend or touch your toes. Lexi, in several instances, has proven so. I think it’s all in the determination. 84 more words