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The 5 most magical places in Patagonia, Argentina

There are beautiful places and there are magical places. Here’s a list on towns, cabins, hosterías and B&B:s that have good vibes in Argentina.

  1. Epuyén, Chubut, Patagonia…
  2. 459 more words

Tending landscapes

He tends to the huerta

whilst the trees grow wild

on the other side of the river

Mina is two metres wide

and runs slowly beneath the bridge… 21 more words


Esquel by @pfsuarez

Sunset in Esquel after little summer rain that cleans the environment of dust.

Atardecer en Esquel después de un chaparrón veraniego que sirvió para limpiar el ambiente. 8 more words


Sampling Beautiful and Enigmatic Lizards

This post is going to be a bit heavy on the photos, which is probably better for most members of society these days who hate to read and just swipe. 858 more words

Los pingüinos de la Patagonia no festejan el año nuevo

A los pingüinos de Punta Tombo -el rincón de Patagonia donde estuve en diciembre del 2013- no les importa que existan 365 días en un año y que hoy se gire la última página de nuestras agendas del 2015. 154 more words


Heading West to Collect Liolaemus

My advisor Adam Leaché was in town for ~8 days, and he of course wanted to see some of the lizards I study for my dissertation. 439 more words


A Day on the Valdes Peninsula

We took an overnight bus from Esquel that got us to Puerto Madryn at 7:30am on Sunday Nov. 15th. Later that day, we found housing, then spent the rest of the day and Monday getting adjusted back to the non-fishing life. 603 more words