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Naturals and Dyes

I laid this wall hanging out about a week or so before I got time to felt it, and I think it ended up being ‘upside down’. 332 more words

Wet Felting

Bahia Bustamante, Chubut Province, Argentina

You can  read my latest piece on my adventure at Bahía Bustamante in the Chubut province of Argentina here. 9 more words


Climbing Destination: Piedra Parada

Below is a re-post from a “How To” article I wrote for CruxCrush about climbing in Piedra Parada. Enjoy!

Piedra Parada means “standing rock” in Spanish. 940 more words

Travel Journal

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. chubutense JPR 92-62/142

Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. chubutense JPR 92-62/142 *

Argentina: Trelew to Gaiman, Chubut, 100m

* Gymnocalycium gibbosum ssp. chubutense (Spegazzini) Papsch 1996 = Gymnocalycium chubutense (Spegazzini) Spegazzini 1925 17 more words

2.1. Gymnocalycium - Gymnocalycia (aka Ovatiseminea)

Vacation Planning Around Disasters

Whenever one is traveling anywhere in the world, one must keep up with the news. When Martine and I went to Argentina in 2011, for example, there was a major Chilean volcanic eruption that spewed ash all over the State of Rio Negro, forcing us to remove San Carlos Bariloche from our itinerary and replace it with El Calafate. 83 more words