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“Do you see the clouds over the mountains?”, he asks me and points towards the cordillera.

“Do you see how bright orange they are?”

“How close they are to the peak?” 32 more words


Patagonian scents 

If only the wind could transport the smell of the pine trees and the lake to you tonight.


Patagonia for life 

She closes her eyes to the sirens and honking cars in Buenos Aires and hear his words in her head.

“This is why we travel, for this exact reason. 261 more words

Pingus and snorkels.

On a hill in Puerto Madryn stands a native Tehuelche, in what look like his pants, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. He’s been stood there for a long time. 1,368 more words

Puerto Madrin, Chubut, Arg. Ruta de Murales ( Lion - Mart - Pedro ) OCT 2016

Pared de un dia junto a Lion y Mart. // One day wall with Lion and MArt. // Teatro del Muelle.

Otra pared de un dia. 15 more words


Y Dyffryn.

Much like Sacha Baron Cohen’s Staines, I like to divide Welsh Patagonia into East side and West side. I’m East side, based in Gaiman, a short distance from the Atlantic coast where the first Welsh settlers started this story. 1,224 more words

My first five minutes in Trevelin, Chubut, Patagonia

David is half Argentine and half Japanese and not a mix I would expect to find in the tourism office of a town with 9,000 people in Patagonia in the Futaleufú district in Chubut province. 21 more words