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Action 823 - Ma Kent speaks her mind

The battle with the repo man continues in Action 823 (March 2005), by Austen, Reis and Campos.

The repo man just keeps growing larger and larger, much too big for either Superman or Superboy to deal with.  127 more words

Action 822 - the big bad repo man

Austen, Reis and Campos relate an uncomfortable Christmas dinner in Action 822 (Feb. 05).

Lois, who is recovering from being shot, joins the Kents, Superboy and Lana Lang for Christmas dinner in Smallville. 100 more words

Action 821 - Preus finds supporters

Preus emerges from Kandor in Action 821 (Jan. 05), by Chuck Austen, and another battery of artists.  Luke Ross, Renato Guedes, Shane Davis, Cliff Richards, Fabio Laguna, Larry Stucker and Will Conrad all work on this issue. 81 more words

Action 820 - Silver Banshee takes a new body

The Silver Banshee returns to cause trouble for Superman in Action 820 (Dec.04), by Chuck Austen and Carlos D’Anda.

The Silver Banshee had last appeared in the Ending Battle storyline, and appears to have had her body destroyed in the explosion that took her down.  114 more words

Action 819 - Lana lays it on the line

Austen, Reis and Campos are joined by Joe Prado and Jonathan Sibal in an unusual tale.  The story jumps back and forth between a conversation Superman has with Lana Lang, and a fight he has with a couple, called Sodom and Gomorrah, in Action 819 (Nov. 203 more words

Action 818 - Superman vs the Weapons Master

Austen, Reis and Campos keep Superman running, even without Gog in the story, in Action 818 (Oct. 04).

The battle between Superman and the Weapons Master sends both of them into a well.  77 more words

Action 817 - chaos in the streets

Superman gets operated on at STAR Labs as Austen, Reis and Campos open Action 817 (Sept. 04).

We meet a new scientist as STAR, Dr. Mohlman, who has an enjoyable level of incompetence, and sure is excited about things.  128 more words