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Everything Old is Still Old, Yet Depressingly Contemporary

Hello there, slugs! I haven’t forgotten about you in my absence from weblogging, in fact, quite the opposite. Every time I have absorbed a wad of culture, be it comic or film or book or Taylor Swift song, I have thought “aw I should maybe write about this on my blog, eh”. 1,394 more words


Chuck Austen's X-Men: Day of the Atom

After a brief respite to push out Grant Morrison’s ideas, New X-Men has been switched back to its original Adjectiveless form for the ReLoad and Chuck Austen’s mess has been pushed over, giving hope that Uncanny could eventually get some of its long-gone prestige under Chris Claremont. 4,390 more words


Chuck Austen's X-Men: Bright New Mourning

Still in epilogue mode so we have another two-issue wrap-up.

Took Place In
New X-Men #155-156

Team Line-Up
Cyclops (leader), Beast, Emma Frost

Others You Should Be Aware Of… 2,394 more words


Chuck Austen's X-Men: Of Darkest Nights

A quick note before we begin.  The remaining chapters of Chuck Austen’s X-Men have been COMPLETED.  As in written (with images) and ready to post.  That means no more delays in further updates – there will be two updates next week and then the final chapter and a wrap-up the following week.   2,999 more words


Subtlety, Craft, and a Well-Intentioned Wrong Note: MIRACLEMANINREVIEWISGO!!!

So! After a rejuvenating, if unannounced, vacation, we’re back, and–

Hold on there, big guy! Calm down! I know I’ve fallen behind a bit on my Miracleman retro reviews, but that’s no reason to shout. 2,410 more words


Gods and Eternals

I’ve been thinking about gods a bit recently, after hearing Neil Gaiman’s American Gods has been greenlit for television by STARZ, and the way they’re rather underused in pop culture.   683 more words

What I thought of Miracleman #8

Thoughts about #1#2#3#4#5#6 and #7.

The Marvel reprints of Alan Moore’s Marvelman/Miracleman stories hit issue 8, and we no longer have average Alan Davis covers, but now have an average John Romita Jr. 824 more words