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Tonal drawing and a favourite non-Internet resource

We live in a digital age. For teachers the Internet is awash with ideas, lesson plans, didactic advice and useful resources. I also contribute to this chaotic library of material by posting to this blog. 593 more words

Why Simple Is So Complicated (Analyzing Comics 101: Abstraction)

I’m teaching “Superhero Comics” this semester, and so I’m once again pulling out Scott McCloud’s abstraction scale:

It begins with a photograph of a face and ends with a face comprised only of an oval, two dots, and a straight line. 839 more words

Analyzing Comics 101

Why Collect Art?

Buying or collecting works of art is about much more than purchasing things we find to be aesthetically pleasing from time to time. It’s about actively supporting the arts and playing an important part in the art world. 429 more words

Night Arching Womb

Chuck Close
look down down down
a second simply layer
Murphy Oil Soap
at reality masterfully 
aftermarket wheels
a precise daub of Reynolds Wrap
works on John
a vaseline claw 1992
grasps a brush impossibly
spring clamp reference 
stone triangles — first feathers 
& then — god
no art without
stone god the palette, 
the scale, the carousel
counteroffensive rather
than approaching his point
from a theoretical perspective —

Now, here, upon the Donald Trump
of night arching, arching, gray then black
with phallic observations, a widening womb
tribal almost organic as in seeing 
for the first time a psychedelic intoxicant
metadata: the hand that colossal wreck, bound them. 7 more words


I’ve written lately about the funk that I was in, how I was experiencing a crisis of confidence.  This has made approaching my work difficult and I have been wracking my brain trying to find inspiration or some new catalyst to drive me forward.   497 more words

Favorite Things

Chuck Close

…everything comes out of the work itself – every idea comes out of something you’re already doing.