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Kill Them All and Come Back Alone

This is an Italian/Spanish 1968 spaghetti western starring Chuck Connors, he of the manly chin. Again I am presuming most people will not watch this, so there are spoilers galore. 471 more words


The Big Country

A huge hit with audiences and a favorite of many critics, The Big Country (1958) is a sprawling epic western adventure directed by three-time Oscar winner William Wyler (“Ben-Hur,” 1959). 370 more words

Full Movie

"The Rifleman" (1958-1963)

I don’t remember how or when I first came across “The Rifleman,” but I saw plenty of repeats of the show during my childhood.  I vividly remember being charmed by the unique Western with heart at its core and today I revisit it in honor of its star, … 810 more words

Classic TV

Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (1969)

While I’m always looking for an inspiration on what film of yesteryear to write about, I settled on this tale aimed at the kiddies thanks to locating a colorful original one sheet film poster from a reputable dealer that I frequently do business with. 647 more words

Daily Take

The Rifleman and Job

From the second episode of The Rifleman television series entitled Home Ranch, first broadcast on October 7, 1958.  Lucas McCain and his son are taking possession of their ranch outside of North Fork that McCain purchased in the first episode.  98 more words

Tourist Trap (1979)

About a year or so ago, Brandon sent me a movie trailer for Tourist Trap, and it was one of the most bizarre film trailers I ever laid eyes on. 620 more words


The Birdmen (1971)

Just ten miles separates American P.O.W.’s from the Swiss Alps during the second world war in 1943. It’s a castle top prison where the only way out for any prisoners looking to escape is straight down a cliff face. 590 more words

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