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Old Yeller, Happy Anniversary! Opened Christmas Day, 1957?


Old Yeller, did not actually have its world premiere on Christmas Day, 1957, it was seen instead on Tuesday night, December 17, in two different cities. 432 more words

Film Premiers

The Deserter (1971)

As a freshman in college, I stumbled across the cast listing. That jumped to Amazon to see if the movie was available. Sure enough, a beat-up VHS tape was there and fairly cheap. 871 more words

Soylent Green (1973)

In a near future where the world is vastly over-populated and nature’s resources have become decimated, a cop investigating the murder of a rich executive uncovers his globe-spanning ubercorporation’s dirty little secret. 179 more words


Some Television Notes

In an attempt to get away from the World Series and any sports, some brief notes while watching some old and older television shows.

A detective on “Murder She Wrote,” an terrific approximately 35 year old show starring the great Angela Lansbury, is named Gerard, in fact Lieutenant Gerard, I believe. 119 more words

Coward of Bitter Creek, The

Pejorative nickname given to Cavalry Captain Jason McCord (Chuck Connors) on the western adventure BRANDED/NBC/1965-66. As the series theme song intoned, “What do you do when your branded (a coward) and you know you’re a man?” 153 more words

Insulting Nicknames

Baseball Playoffs ....... My Starting Line Up

It’s that time of year when the cream rises to the top of the baseball world and in just a few short weeks, a World Series Champion will be crowned. 276 more words


SavageHippie Podcast Episode 15 B – Mr. Death Meets Quincy

Some people have asked if we hold anything sacred.  The answer is: of course!  Do you think that we don’t consider the greatest atrocity of the twentieth/twenty-first century sacred?!   211 more words