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Brett Jolly's Daily Thought ("If I could visit the past to talk to myself")

If you could go back in time to actually “have a discussion with yourself,” what would you say? I took a walk yesterday and actually pondered this question. 624 more words

TUESDAY TUNES: "Tunic" and "Kool Thing", Sonic Youth

Like pretty much every other white girl of a certain age, I braved the sleet and snow last Tuesday to get a copy of Girl in a Band,  523 more words

Tuesday Tunes

Because I have to

It’s 9:15. I’m going to bed in the next hour or so, and I just wrote a post about heroes, and I can’t have this song in my head all damn night.


Zeke Thomas Teams Up with Chuck D!

In honor of Black History month, official NBA All Star DJ Zeke Thomas has teamed up with Hip Hop legend Chuck D (Public Enemy) and… 183 more words


8 Rappers with Honorary College Degrees

With hip-hop being born in the streets, it still comes as a surprise to some people that many of today’s highest selling rap stars are college educated. 127 more words


Bring the Noise: Bestival 2011, Friday

Most of your plans evaporate at festivals. The so-called ‘early’ night on Thursday turns into a wake-up call on Friday morning with my face stuck to a plastic bag in the corner of a mate’s tent, eyeballs sewn in with red thread. 1,176 more words