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How I Toppled the Capitalistic Banking Oligarchy by Investing in 0.0018 Bitcoin

Yeah, I was that guy who got removed from eighth grade geometry class to work on algebra with the high schoolers.  I’m a numbers guy.  Every morning, I wake up and play my daily sudoku puzzle, except I fill in the numbers… with roman numerals.  688 more words


Ideas for Kid's Birthday Parties on a Budget

Between our 2 kids, we have thrown plenty of birthday parties. The price of parties depends largely on the amount of people we invite and how extravagant of a party we want to throw. 447 more words

Celebrating Oliver’s 4th Birthday at the Monster Truck Jam!

Our trip to Grand Junction for a few days had been a welcome sojourn from being stuck in Moab, but it was time to return for my follow appointment with the doctor. 901 more words

Art Work from Chuck E Cheese

In moving through the various items laying around the house, I uncovered some family artwork from a niece’s birthday visit to Chuck E Cheese. It is a neat pencil-drawing capture of the family, showing how much has changed in the past 12 years.

Chuck e Cheese

Today was our first time going to Chuck e Cheese. It was fun for the girls but very crowded. The party looked like it was stress free so that’s a huge perk for parents. 89 more words

Ed Helms’ Childhood Nickname Was Chuck E. Cheese - CONAN on TBS

Ed’s gigantic teeth reminded his classmates of a certain pizza franchise mascot.

This video is from CONAN with Conan O’Brien.
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