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Party Animal

On a dare, I once put a whole birthday cake in a blender and made a smoothie out of it, candles and all. Drank every last bit of it.  40 more words


Chuck. E. Cheese & The Gospel

Today I took my brothers to Chuck. E. Cheese. It was a fun experience, albeit it was a little crazy and hectic in this children’s casino. 989 more words

People trying to use Chuck E. Cheese tokens to pay library fines

DANVERS, Mass. — Librarians at a Danvers, Massachusetts, library say they’re getting Chuck E. Cheese tokens from people paying fines at the library.

The Peabody Institute Library took to Facebook last week to let its patrons know that the coins used as money at the children’s restaurant and arcade are not legal tender to be used to pay fines or printing fees. 19 more words


Dukes Rant: Chuck E. Cheese Retires Pizza Time Players

WASHINGTON — In 1977, the Pizza Time Players became a staple of Chuck E. Cheese locations across the country, delighting many children and scarring the minds of others with their animatronic singing and dancing. 105 more words


Library Asks People To Stop Paying Fines With Chuck E. Cheese Tokens

DANVERS (CBS) – Chuck E. Cheese tokens are for arcade games, not paying your overdue book fines, one local library is reminding its patrons.

The Peabody Institute Library, which is the public library for the town of Danvers, took to Facebook this week to spread the word. 125 more words


Our Lord and Savior, Chuck E. Cheese

A few years ago when I was blessed with only one child, my mother and grandmother came to visit.  My son was only 3 at the time, now 7. 364 more words