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Totally Tubular

After almost 4 years of blogging, I have many older posts that I feel deserve resharing. Occasionally, I will do a Rerun Sunday. This is one of my favorites from two years ago. 702 more words


New Routine

So we’re halfway through the first week of school – hooray! My husband got a sub position for one of the three days, which isn’t too bad considering it’s week one and a bit early for teachers to be calling out in droves. 703 more words

Aches and Rains

So yeah. Today hasn’t been great. It started with day 3 of torrential rain. (And I describe this for those of you far-flung. Anyone living here knows already, but is too busy sand-bagging to care about reading my stupid blog.). 867 more words


Riyadh life and a little family video!

Its been almost a month for us in Riyadh now and we are getting used to the dry dessert environment and the cautious set of rules that govern this part of Middle East. 508 more words


Vegas For Kids

This might be kind of a throw away post, but hey, at least Iā€™m writing.

A few years ago I went with my family to take my grandson to Chuck E. 687 more words


The horror was in the cheese

Looking back to a season seven episode of ā€˜Supernaturalā€™ we found out that sometimes the horror is in the cheese. The Winchester brothers came face to face with Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magical Menagerie and discovered new types of terror. 195 more words

1988 Two Holiday Catalogs

Merry Christmas in July! Treat yourself to a 200 dollar sweatsuit!

These high fashion outfits were featured in the 1988 Holiday Charles Keath, Limited Catalogue. 196 more words