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"Melt in Your Mouth" Pot Roast

In honor, of the first day, of Fall I thought I’d prepare my first pot roast recipe but without doing all of the work lol. I thankfully found one using the crockpot. 482 more words


Perfect Chuck Roast

I call this “Perfect Chuck Roast” because it comes out perfectly every time. Each time I make it, my husband says it’s the best one I’ve ever made. 210 more words

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Another good use for chuck roast

Y’all all remember my fondness for the chuck roast, whether it be in pot roast, beef stew, or carbonnades a la flamande form.

Well, I found another way to use it, and this one may become another one of the favorites. 425 more words


Chipotle's (Crockpot) Barbacoa

Prep Time: ~20 minutes

Feeds: 6-8 people. Yields 6-8 cups of shredded beef and 2-3 cups of adobo seasoned broth.

Crockpot Barbacoa Ingredients:

Garlic-Stuffed Chuck Roast

This will be known as the pièce de résistance of Nomenom.

My Mom’s Pot Roast is my absolute favorite meal of all time. I have tried to match her on most everything I cook because she cooks better than anyone I know!

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Herb Crusted Chuck Roast, Cheesy Stuffed Potatoes with Bacon & Corn on the Cob (NuWave Oven)

We cooked everything in the NuWave tonight. We are loving that a lot. I would love the Air Fryer and the NuWave Induction but I can’t afford either so I am going to just be happy with what I have. 342 more words


Poor Man's Burnt Ends

Normally burnt ends are made from the point of a whole brisket. Once it has reached a certain temperature, it is removed from the smoker and the meat is cut into cubes and tossed in a little sauce and some extra rub in a pan and placed back onto the smoker or grill to get all caramelized and tender. 394 more words