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The Rise of the Chuggers

The Rise of the Chuggers

The news that Olive Cook, someone who I hadn’t heard of before until 2 days ago, had killed herself is tragic in itself. 463 more words

Greenpeace collectors say they're not harassing people

Iona Pannet has a name as a bit of a Watermelon in Wellington council so its somewhat strange that she would comment as she did and imply Greenpeace collectors were harassing passers by in Wellington streets. 290 more words

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A Monday Moan: Not So Sweet Charity...

Moan One

I’m all for charity and people giving up their time to do fundraising for good causes etc. However, there are good ways and not so good ways for this to be carried out. 401 more words


EDITORIAL: Charities and disaster relief - prime candidates for contactless technology?

This post was first released on Monday 16th February. Contactless Intelligence Weekly News Review Editorial – Week 08 2015:

The UK, in my opinion, is a very charitable nation. 1,310 more words


Charity Begins at Home (but not at tea-time please)

Having just received yet another unsolicited telephone call from a charity I’m pondering the ethics of collecting money for good causes.

I give money to charity. 997 more words

The Words Most Expensive Retired MP Daycare *Terrible Language*

Sleeping Lords

Link: http://www.parliament.uk/…/holallowa…/hol-expenses04/201314/

This is a document detailing how much of our money the house of lords wastes. If you don’t know what the house of lords is: It’s a big room, with brown sofas, where elderly politicians go and fall asleep, and fart, and drool, and ultimately fuck us all over. 176 more words

The dark side of charity

What comes to mind when you think of charity? For me, the word used to conjure up images of parents selling cakes to raise money for their local school, or people running a race to raise money and awareness for a cause close to their heart. 1,052 more words